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By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online Season 13.5 review

There's nothing like the virtual equivalent of that new car smell. In the case of mmorpg games, this comes in the form of fresh new content for players to sink their teeth into. Star Trek Online Season 13.5 kicked off a few weeks ago with a new featured episode (Brushfire), a new Admiralty campaign (Ferengi), and the new Endeavor System. Will this new half-season be worthy of wagering buckets of quatloos on? Find out in our Star Trek Online Season 13.5 review.

Our Star Trek Online Season 13.5 review kicks off with the main component I think most players would find interesting - the new featured episode, Brushfire. I have to say that Cryptic has been killing it for the last season or two when it comes to their episodes. I love that STO (which you can play for free here) continues to dive into the rich history and lore of the franchise. Brushfire continues this trend but jacks it up a notch as the episode is essentially a crime caper mission as the player is tasked with breaking Martok, who had been presumed dead, out of an imposing prison. Complicating matters is that the prison is run by a degenerate Klingon house who are leasing the base from the Son'a, who were the bad guys in Star Trek: Insurrection. Players will have to venture to the dangerous Briar Patch area of space to fulfill their mission.

Overall, the Brushfire episode for STO Season 13.5 is one of the best episodes the mmo has released so far. There's a ton of action, a good deal of space combat, and the infiltration and escape from the prison are handled superbly. The playing out of the storyline is incredibly immersive, and there are two amazing cutscenes to be seen. An added bonus is having Tony Todd and J.G. Hertzler reprise their roles as Rodek and Martok. As a Trekkie, it's always a treat to hear an actor from the franchise giving voice to their character within the game. You can read our full review of Brushfire here but our Star Trek Online Season 13.5 review is looking pretty positive so far.

Star Trek Online Klingons

Now let's turn our STO Season 13.5 review to the new Endeavor System. This system is a limited-time challenge where the player has to meet a certain criteria in order to gain a reward. The first Endeavor challenge was killing 15 Borg ships, which was easily accomplished by doing the Borg Red Alert a few times. Other tasks could be having to amass a certain amount of fleet credits, finishing a number of R&D projects, doing a specific amount of damage with a particular type of energy weapon, and so on. These challenges change every few days, so there's a pretty good turnover rate in case you don't like the current one. I think the Endeavor System is a decent addition to the game. It could nudge players into doing something different from what they normally do. At the least, they provide a reward for the gamer playing the game. Completing an Endeavor System challenge will net the player a prize pack, which gives them a random selection of five entries from the following list: dilithium, energy credits, choice of a Mark box, R&D materials, and a specialization point (only one specialization point can be awarded while the others could be gained multiple times). I like the Endeavor System as it gives me something to do, but it's not monumental or earth-shattering.

Now let's turn our Star Trek Online Season 13.5 review to the new Ferengi campaign for the Admiralty system. This new campaign works like all the others. The player sends out ships on missions to gain XP for the campaign as well as progress through the ten overall tour of duty ranks. The one new factor is that a good number of Ferengi missions reward gold-pressed latinum, which isn't a bad thing. However, the end reward for completing all ten tour of duty ranks is 30,000 dilithium, which is the same as the Klingon campaign. This is a pretty big letdown, and I expected that the Ferengi campaign would have offered something new and different to make it stand apart. This does downgrade our STO Season 13.5 review a bit.

Overall, the final verdict in our Star Trek Online Season 13.5 review is that it's a mixed bag. The Brushfire featured episode is one of the best that the online rpg has done so far, and both Tony Todd and J.G. Hertzler were superb in their roles. The Endeavor System is a nice addition that rewards players for doing specific tasks, and this system might have them do something different from their normal daily grind. The new Ferengi campaign for the Admiralty system is disappointing as its tour of duty reward is the same as the Klingon campaign. In the end, STO Season 13.5 gives us some not-so-great (Ferengi Admiralty campaign), some decent (Endeavor System), and some great (Brushfire featured episode) gameplay.



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