Beam Me Up! Our Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland Review 2016

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland review 2016

You know the holiday season has arrived in Star Trek Online when Q appears to whisk you away to his Winter Wonderland. It's become a holiday tradition in the sci-fi online rpg for the sarcastic and narcissistic alien to invite all the starship captains to enjoy the fruits of his labors by partaking of holiday-themed activities on his specially created world. Does fighting off hordes of Borg-assimilated snowmen still provide some holiday cheer? Find out in our Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland review for 2016.

Before we go too deep into this Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland review for this year, I have to say that this particular event is probably my favorite one that STO (which you can play for free here) puts out. While there are always a few players who always seem to find something to complain about, I think Cryptic does a good job with putting on the event. First, the overall reward that players can get (a new starship) is easily obtained by just doing the daily event for just a few minutes per day. The holiday event lasts more than long enough for people to miss a good number of days and still be able to get the starship. Another reason why I enjoy the STO Q's Winter Wonderland event is that the developers have added something new each of the last few years.

Star Trek Online ice fishing

First, let's cover the basics in out STO Q's Winter Wonderland review. Players can easily get to the holiday-themed planet by talking to Q in one of the game's several hubs (Earth Spacedock, Qo'noS, and New Romulus). The reputation project takes 25 days to complete, although some players can do it faster as the cooldown is 20 hours. The daily mission for the reputation project is the Fastest Game on Ice race where the player has to outrun an NPC competitor, which will net them 40 vouchers. (It takes a total of 1000 vouchers to gain the new starship.) The race only takes a few minutes to do, and most players should easily be able to win even if they don't use the boots that boost speed that mmorpg players can acquire. As for all the events from previous years, such as the pie eating, defending the gingerbread village, the foot race to win epohh tags, and the Borg-assimilated snowmen are all back for players to enjoy. When the event first started, one event was left out in the proverbial cold: the Snowball Fight where all the snowmen in the zone come to life and attack the players. This event was turned off for the first week but was brought back in a patch. I was quite glad to see this event return as I always got a kick out of it.

A new activity has been added to the Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland event: Klingon Ice Fishing! Yes, players can now fish just like how the Klingons do, which entails wearing a spiked gauntlet that is rammed through the ice and used to snag the little fishies. As this is Q's domain of weird fun, the fish are actually candy fish. Players can pick up a basic gauntlet by talking to the Klingon Ice Fishing master who is on the frozen lake's shore. The ice fishing is pretty fun when it rolls around. Spots will light up on the frozen lake to show players where they can fish. When a player runs up to such a spot, you can actually see the fish moving beneath the ice (I think this was a pretty cool visual). The player then uses their gauntlet to punch through the ice and grab a fish. There are different sizes of fish that can be caught and nabbing one will earn a small reward (the trinkets used to buy the event rewards). There are four overall sizes of fish, with the two smallest able to be easily carried over to the collection basket that sits in the middle of the lake. The next largest fish roots the player in a spot, causing the player to have to either punch the fish or slam it down to the ground a few times to be able to start moving again. It cracks me up seeing other players (and myself) punching candy fish in the face on a regular basis. The largest candy fish literally almost swallows the player whole, and the player then slowly moves towards the collection basket to deposit it. When enough fish have been collected, the fierce Kos’karii (as fierce as a candy version can be) will erupt through the ice and begin attacking. I have to say that the Kos’karii packs a mean punch, and its attack will knock you back quite a distance. There have been a few times where it punched me to the top of the nearby tower. Once the Kos’karii has been defeated, the fishing then resumes in order to summon another one. Final rewards depend upon the number of Kos’karii creatures defeated. Overall, this is a pretty fun event that is quite unique. I love the Klingon take on ice fishing as just literally punching through the ice and grabbing a fish. You can buy better versions of the fishing gauntlet from the holiday vendor.

Star Trek Online candy fish

I have to say that I really love the design of the Q's Winter Wonderland event. Cryptic does a great job in adding something new for each of the last couple of years, and the eventual reward of the starship is well worth it. There are a nice number of new items that players can acquire from the holiday vendor, such as a pet, gear, kits, and vanity clothing. Grabbing all the new clothes is a personal mission of mine as I feel you can't have enough clothing options for your characters. Plus, it helps a great deal if you're into actual role-playing within the free mmo.

So, what's the final verdict in our Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland review for 2016? As is clearly evident, I give it a big thumbs up. The new Klingon Ice Fishing is a hoot, and I love being able to play all the familiar activities that I enjoyed in years past. Another strong facet of the holiday event is that there is literally always something to do. Once an activity ends, another one begins in just a minute or two. If you want to take a quick breather from the scheduled activities, then are those with cooldown times (pie eating and defending the gingerbread village) that you can always do instead. It's common for me to plan on just being on for ten to fifteen minutes for this event and yet somehow find myself typing Gorn jokes in chat an hour or two later. It's a fun event that features a ton of activities and some nifty items that can be picked up. Plus, you get to frolic in a picturesque world of gingerbread men and rampaging snowmen. What could be better?


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