Face Tremendous Odds in Our Star Trek Online Kobayashi Maru Review

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online Kobayashi Maru Review

One of the most iconic scenes in Star Trek lore takes place in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. At the beginning of the film, it appears that the Enterprise is destroyed while attempting to render aid to the Kobayashi Maru. Of course, we find out that it was just a simulation, but the legend of the Kobayashi Maru had now been firmly planted in every Trekkie's heart. The new movie series even used this scenario in its reboot, and it has now returned to the Star Trek Online free mmo. Will the player be able to emulate Kirk and achieve success? Find out in our Star Trek Online Kobayashi Maru review.

Star Trek Online Kobayashi Maru

Let's start our Star Trek Online Kobayashi Maru review with the basics. Players can choose two versions of the scenario: timed and untimed. The goal for each is the same: protect the Kobayashi Maru from enemy ships who seek to destroy it. There is a thirty minute cooldown on this scenario, but there are some interesting rewards. Players can gain a token once per day for successfully completing the Kobayashi Maru exercise, and three tokens can be exchanged for two special space weapons that get stronger the longer a fight lasts: the Prolonged Engagement Phaser Beam Array and the Prolonged Engagement Phaser Dual Cannons. The stipulation is that players can only equip one of these weapons at a time.

Now let's turn our Star Trek Online Kobayashi Maru review to the nuts and bolts of the exercise. The player and four others have to protect the Kobayashi Maru from successive waves of enemy ships. However, the sci-fi mmo throws in a few wrinkles in the form of hazards and affixes. Hazards (such as Bombardment, Doomsday Device, Iconian Probes, and more) are designed to inflict damage upon the player, such as the Doomsday Device that cannot be target or destroyed but will attack the players. Affixes (such as Acceleration, Weapon Recharge Affix, Systems Offline Bomb, and more) impact the player in specific ways, such as Acceleration increasing the player's speed and turn rate while Weapon Recharge Affix doubles the power cost of the player's weapons but reduces the recharge time by half. Enemy buffs will appear to the right of the UI right below the health status of the Kobayashi Maru.

Star Trek Online space combat

So how does the STO Kobayashi Maru play out? This event is pretty fun but stressful as the waves get harder and harder to deal with. It's important to realize that you only get the daily token for beating three waves of enemy combatants. Anything less will result in zero rewards, which means that you'll have to sit around and wait another thirty minutes to give it a try. If you get past three waves, you'll then get reputation marks of your choice. This is a really tough fight, and I would stand in awe if a group managed to beat all the challengers. I've regularly found myself getting through the first two rounds practically without a scratch, only to then find myself blowing up within the opening onslaught of the third wave.

My verdict for this Star Trek Online Kobayashi Maru review is a thumbs-up for several reasons. The first is that it's action-packed. There's only a few seconds between rounds to get your bearings and prepare for what's coming next, and then you'll see ships coming in from all sides. This is a challenging scenario, and the various hazards and affixes add changing tactical elements to the ongoing action. It's a hard fight, and panic starts to set in when you see the health of the Kobayashi Maru start going down. Another reason for why I like this event is that the enemies you face will change from wave to wave. You can be fighting Klingons one round and then the Borg in the next one. One final reason why I get a kick out of the STO Kobayashi Maru scenario is nostalgia. Hearing the same plea for help as I did in Wrath of Khan makes my geek heart very happy. The only negative that I can come up for the Kobayashi Maru is that I wish it wasn't just a weekend event. I would be pretty happy if it was a regular queue that players of the mmorpg could enjoy at any time. Overall, this scenario is quick, action-packed, and fun, so what more needs to be said?


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