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Oct 11 2016

How to handle mmo trolls

One of the greatest facets of playing online games is the social interaction. While younger players may take such interaction for granted, older players like myself still marvel at the ability to instantly begin adventuring with thousands of other players from all over the world just by simply logging into an mmo. While the "massively multiplayer" aspect of mmorpg games is normally something to look forward to, there are times when the chat and t...
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Oct 10 2016

How to get ready for mmo Halloween events

It's finally October, which means that our thoughts turn towards all things spooky and macabre. Yes, it's Halloween season again, and many people spend the entire month celebrating this most creepy of holidays. One of the coolest aspects of this season is that there are a bevy of mmo Halloween events for players to take part in, ranging from World of Warcraft to Guild Wars 2 and everything in-between. We know that some people find it hard to get ...
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Oct 07 2016

Top five military mmo games

Warfare and military history have long been a favorite subject of video games. It seems gamers just can't get enough in trying to recreate famous battles of history or just blowing enemy forces into tiny, tiny bits. While fantasy dominates the mmorpg market, there are a good number of military-themed online games for players to express their inner general, tank commander, or battlefield grunt. Now, let's fall in and do a recon of our top five mil...
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Oct 06 2016

How to use your Guild's Neverwinter Stronghold

Guilds have long been a central feature of mmorpg games. Guilds allow players to band together for social companionship as well as working towards a common goal, such as end-game raiding or PvP. While most online games have a guild function, far less offer some form of guild housing. Neverwinter takes guild housing to a whole new level in the form of Strongholds. Not only does a guild have a place to call their own in Neverwinter, they actually h...
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Oct 05 2016

Mu Origin review

Webzen recently released Mu Origin, their mobile game based upon the incredibly popular Mu Online mmo that was released back in 2003. The PC mmorpg is still going strong, but Webzen saw the increasing popularity of mobile games and wanted to create a mobile version of their signature product. We decided to give Mu Origin a whirl and downloaded it from the Google Play store. Does the game offer fun and interesting gameplay? Find out in our Mu Orig...
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Oct 04 2016

how to watch league of legends worlds 2016

For the next few weeks, watching League of Legends Worlds 2016 will be the great pastime for many fans, so here are several tips so you know your viewing options and enhance your spectator experience.Watch the matches live There's nothing quite like watching League of Legends Worlds matches live either through the official League of Legends YouTube channel or through channels that air them simultaneously like Twitch. An audio only optio...
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Oct 02 2016

Top five upcoming mmo games we're excited about

There was a time when players eagerly looked forward to the next crop of mmorpg games coming out. It seemed that every game company had a huge AAA mmo being developed that would finally dethrone World of Warcraft. The development of such games were filled with lots of hype as online gaming websites offered a ton of press coverage and players fought for coveted alpha and beta testing slots. Those days are gone as the online gaming market has becom...
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Sep 30 2016

Top five features we want added to DDO

Like quite a few gamers, I came to the virtual world of online games through tabletop role-playing games. It became increasingly hard to find a good group that could game regularly, so the thought of being able to instantly log into an mmo and begin having adventures with people from all over the world was too good to pass up. Naturally, I gravitated to playing Dungeons and Dragons Online as I've been playing pen-and-paper D&D since 1981. I r...
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Sep 29 2016

How to pick a sci-fi mmo

In the virtual world of online gaming, sci-fi is a poor relation to the fantasy genre. There are literally hundreds of fantasy-based online games for players to choose from, which contrasts sharply with the much more meager offerings of the sci-fi variety. Still, there are a good number of sci-fi mmorpg games that offer differing styles of gameplay for players. The question then becomes: which sci-fi mmo is the right choice for you? To that end, ...
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Sep 28 2016

Top five Neverwinter VIP benefits

The days where a player had to buy a monthly subscription in order to play an online rpg are long gone. The free-to-play tsunami has swept across online gaming, leaving the subscription-based game an almost extinct breed. Yet there are quite a few games that do offer a subscription in addition to being free-to-play, and players are enticed to subscribe in order to enjoy some benefits that are denied to f2p players. Neverwinter has a subscription ...
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