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How Star Trek Online features maximize Trekkie fandom
One of the joys of being part of a major fandom is sharing your love of that particular franchise with others. This is normally done via social media, online forums, and at conventions. However, there are some great mmorpg games that allow fans of a franchise to have adventures within that franchise's universe. Two of these are Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but an absolute favorite of mine is Star Trek Online. There ar...
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Feb 09 2017
Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice review
The Storm King's Thunder expansion for the Neverwinter online rpg brought more icy adventures for players to undertake. New zones in Icewind Dale were introduced as well as the storyline featuring the frost giant Jarl Storvald planning on using the Ring of Winter to bring an icy doom to the Forgotten Realms. The fight against the frost giants continues in the follow-up expansion, Sea of Moving Ice, that opens up another frigid zone for players to...
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Feb 07 2017
Crowfall interview with J Todd Coleman
The vast majority of mmorpg games out on the market today seem to be carbon copies of one another, offering almost the exact same gameplay with some minor cosmetic differences. Which is why following the development of Crowfall has been so refreshing as it offers an interesting twist upon the online game. The number of unique Crowfall features, such as the campaign worlds, offer a compelling challenge for gamers looking for something more. We wer...
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Feb 03 2017
Top five console mmo ports
There was once a time where there was a definite line between PCs and consoles, especially in regards to mmorpg games. The PC was the exclusive domain for mmos while consoles were the realm of shooters and single-player rpgs. Another snag was that consoles were leery of offering free-to-play games on their platforms when players had already shown their willingness to shell out $50-60 a pop for a game. However, that line has been blurred and prett...
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Feb 02 2017
Getting the most of of your Neverwinter companions and mounts
One of the hallmarks of a good online game is that it boasts features that allow players a great deal of flexibility and tinkering. Like most mmorpg games, Neverwinter allows players to accumulate companions and mounts during their adventures, but Neverwinter does something a bit different with such systems that players can mess around with. The use of the Neverwinter mount and companion systems introduces additional layers to creating a useful c...
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Jan 31 2017
Star Trek Online Of Signs and Portents review
A mystery is afoot in Star Trek Online as Season 12 kicks off with the new Of Signs and Portents featured episode. The player is once again tasked to help the Lukari as they seek answers to the reasons behind the devastating protomatter bomb that destroyed an entire race. However, the player is not venturing out into the icy depths of space alone as the free mmo is giving the player an ally in the form of a Klingon warrior known to Star Trek fans...
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Jan 27 2017
Top five reasons looking forward to DDO 2017
Dungeons and Dragons Online is one of those mmo games that I love coming back to. One reason is that the design of the game is so strong, featuring instanced adventures with optional objectives and the possibility of traps. Another reason is that it's based upon the third edition rules of the D&D pen-and-paper role-playing game that I've spent countless hours playing. In fact, I've been playing D&D for over 35 years. As for DDO, a new Pro...
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Jan 26 2017
Crowfall resource harvesting a breath of fresh air
Crafting is one of the key components of any online rpg. The gathering of resources to be used to make items of wonder and great value is one task that many gamers do on a daily basis. (However, usually such crafted items tend to be vendor fodder when all is said and done!) The harvesting of said resources and how they are used are virtually the same across the entire mmo spectrum, but Crowfall is looking to handle their resource gathering a bit ...
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Jan 24 2017
How mmos should emulate the LotRO course
One of the main goals of mmo games when they first burst upon the scene was to give players the ability to experience the virtual worlds of the online realms with thousands of other players. Players would use the online game to forge deep connections with one another, despite the differences in location, language, and culture. The shared experience was set to be the heart of mmo immersion, but that sentiment has gone off the rails over the last d...
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Jan 20 2017
Top five anticipated mmo games of 2017
A new year brings the promise of new beginnings and exciting developments. The last couple of years have been pretty quiet on the online rpg front in that there hasn't been a massively huge mmo released that millions of players were clamoring for. The same could be said for 2017, but that does not mean that there aren't some really interesting games on the horizon that should keep us up to the wee hours as we try to grab one more level before hit...
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Jan 19 2017