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Sep 23 2016

Star Trek Online Ragnarok review

The climatic battle for the fate of the Star Trek Online timeline is finally at hand. The last few seasons of content for the sci-fi online rpg introduced the ability for players to time travel, which led to some dire consequences. The recent Agents of Yesterday expansion features a new story arc that had players joining the effort to protect the timeline from those who would change it (which means snuffing out the Federation). The events that be...
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Sep 21 2016

How to tell a pay-to-win mmo

Free-to-play has become the standard revenue model for the mmo games of today. Players just love being able to try out a new game for free and play it from beginning to end. A perfect example is League of Legends, which now boasts over 100 million players a month. Yet with all the f2p games in existence, nothing gets a gamer angrier faster than hearing that something is pay-to-win. It does not matter if the p2w aspect of an online game is big or ...
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Sep 20 2016

Top five old school mmo features we don't miss

Older gamers often comment that the mmorpg games of the past were far superior than the online games of today. They will argue that older games were more challenging, more immersive, and featured truly inclusive communities that current games seem to lack. There can be some arguments made for such viewpoints, but I do think that older gamers often look back at old school mmo games through rose-colored glasses quite a bit. While I enjoyed my playi...
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Sep 19 2016

How to survive an mmo pug

While an online adventurer thinks nothing of fighting powerful dragons or delving into a forbidden dungeon, there is something that can strike fear into their hearts: the thought of having to join an mmo pug. Every gamer has their own horror story of being stuck with a horrible pug (pickup group) that usually ends in disaster and boundless frustration. Insults are usually hurled between members of who sucks more and whose fault it is that there w...
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Sep 18 2016

Top five Blizzard games

To say that Blizzard Entertainment is one of the most successful game companies of all time is an understatement. A company founded in 1991 by three men who had just received their bachelor's degrees has gone on to be one of the most influential maker of computer and online games. They brought mmorpg games into popular culture via World of Warcraft, and they still continue to release monster hit after monster hit. Unlike other game companies, Bli...
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Sep 16 2016

How to survive as a solo mmo PvP player

One of the main changes to mmorpg games over the last few years is that solo gameplay is far more encouraged and catered to. It's possible in most online games to go from level one to end cap without ever having to group. Player opinion on this phenomenon is mixed, with some players happy with it while others say that it goes against the massively multiplayer aspect of mmo games. Yet there is one area of the game where a solo player cannot escape...
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Sep 15 2016

Top five kid-friendly mmo games

It's hard enough to be a parent in today's world. There are a lot of bad elements that a parent has to protect their children from, and then there are the standard tantrums and arguments that come with raising a child. Another issue is finding some appropriate online entertainment for them, especially as there are not that many kid-friendly mmo games out there. The last few years have seen a number of prominent games that cater to the younger cro...
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Sep 14 2016

Star Trek Online Temporal Reckoning review

The fight against the Envoy and his Temporal Liberation Front is almost reaching a climax in Star Trek Online. The storyline that began in the Yesterday's War story arc continues with two new missions for the Future Proof story arc that were added with the release of the Agents of Yesterday expansion. The player has jumped into multiple eras of time in an effort to stave off the Envoy from changing the timeline, and the last encounter even took p...
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Sep 13 2016

5 classes you should be playing in twin saga

The Twin Saga open beta has launched and the Korean import has five classes that caught our attention for their strong combat skills, unique playstyle and sheer fun factor. Read on to see why you will look forward to playing these Twin Saga classes. Berserker Berserkers can inflict massive damage with a single strike of their hammers. You can turn into a Berserker by using the class license that drops in Aurora Sanctum. Blessed with an imposing...
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Sep 12 2016

How to fight mmo addiction

Online games are a lot of things: fun, exciting, and addictive. Yes, mmorpg games are designed to be addictive in order to keep gamers logged in and playing for endless hours. While some may scoff, mmo addiction is a real problem and has caused many issues for thousands (or tens of thousands) of families. Yet there are ways to combat the scourge of mmo addiction and get oneself back on the path of normalcy. To that end, we offer some tips on how ...
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