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Nov 02 2016

How to get around mmo IP blocks

There are times when it can be incredibly frustrating to be an mmorpg player. You're excited about an online game being developed overseas, dig up every scrap of information that you can find, and can't wait for it to become available. Then disaster strikes as you hear that the game currently has no plans to expand to your region and that the game's developer has put up an IP block. What is there for a gamer to do in such a situation? Well, just ...
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Oct 31 2016

Top five ways to improve esports

The rise of eSports on a global scale has been nothing short of phenomenal. Who would have thought a few years ago that millions of fans would today be regularly following pro mmo teams and watching the many tournaments that are held every week? Still, the industry is in its infancy, which means that there have been some sharp and disheartening growing pains. While I foresee the industry continuing to grow, there are a number of ways to improve e...
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Oct 29 2016

Star Trek Online Echoes of Light review

Exploration has long been a hallmark of the Star Trek franchise, and recent updates to the Star Trek Online mmorpg have put a lot of focus on this core feature. Exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new civilizations really takes center stage in the latest featured episode, Echoes of Light, that is part of the new update for the Agents of Yesterday expansion. It seems that the Lukari, a new race that was recently introduced in a storyline,...
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Oct 27 2016

Top five reasons for looking forward to Tunnels and Trolls: Naked Doom

It's an amazing time to be an online gamer. While there are some who bemoan the lack of huge AAA mmorpg games being developed, the truth is that there are thousands of titles being created right now. More tools are being released to allow inspired individuals to create and release their own games, and one such tool is MetaArcade, who recently released an early version of Tunnels and Trolls: Naked Doom to lavish praise. MetaArcade is making the co...
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Oct 24 2016

Top five takeaways from the Amazon Games unboxing

A recent event concerning online rpg games caught our eye, especially as it could mean something big for online gaming in the future. Just like many of you, we were surprised to learn that Amazon has a game studio. Yes, the same Amazon that has been slowly creating a monopoly on online shopping is now dipping their toe in gaming. The event in question was an Amazon Games unboxing event that was held on Twitch in which their initial slate of games...
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Oct 21 2016

How to farm dilithium in Star Trek Online

In Star Trek lore, dilithium is the source of power used to fuel starships. I've watched countless times where Scotty talked about how problems with dilithium crystals arose due to the current crisis that was going on in the show. In the Star Trek Online mmorpg, dilithium is just as important as it was for Scotty and the engineering crew. Players use STO dilithium to buy many things, such as ships, duty officers, equipment, and more. For many pla...
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Oct 20 2016

Top five mmo conventions we wish existed

For a truly great fan experience, nothing beats going to a convention. While you will wait in long lines, sweat in crowded rooms and halls, and get the usual con crud at the end, there's nothing like hanging out with thousands of other people that share your hobby and passion. While there are plenty of pop culture, anime, and fantasy/sci-fi conventions, many gamers are unaware that there are a good number of mmo conventions as well. A number of m...
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Oct 18 2016

Top five RIFT Starfall Prophecy features

There's nothing like the release of a new expansion to liven up your favorite online rpg. People talk quite a bit about the joy of that new car smell, but I personally really enjoy the virtual equivalent of the new expansion smell. A really good mmo expansion ushers in not only a bunch of new content, but they also introduce new or updated features to the mix. RIFT has had several really intriguing expansions, and their latest, Starfall Prophecy,...
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Oct 17 2016

How to farm Neverwinter astral diamonds

There's an old saying that money makes the world go round. While some may argue the merits of such a statement, there is no denying the importance of currency. This is true for the virtual world of online games as it is for the real world. Adventurers need cold hard cash (or gold) to buy gear, potions, and a few tankards of ale down at the tavern. However, not all currency is the same in this era of free-to-play mmo games. A case in point is Neve...
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Oct 12 2016

How to create a successful mmo guild

It is true that mmorpg games have been focusing on becoming more solo-friendly over the last few years, but that does not mean that the "massively multiplayer" experience is dead and buried. Most players actively seek to group with other players, and this is definitely seen by the continued and hearty existence of the mmo guild. Every online game that's worth its salt has a guild system in place, with some games featuring more robust systems than...
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