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Nov 28 2016

Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder review

Things are getting chilly in Neverwinter. In fact, they're getting downright freezing. It seems that frost giants are wreaking havoc in Icewind Dale, and it's up to the players to figure out what's going on and to stop it. The online rpg not only draws inspiration from the vast history of the pen-and-paper Dungeons and Dragons rpg, but Cryptic works closely with Wizards of the Coast to follow along with the latest storyline for D&D. The Storm...
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Nov 23 2016

Top five favorite mmo games

The virtual worlds of online games are still comparatively young, but we've seen an incredible amount of games released since they first burst upon the scene. Gamers can play in practically every genre imaginable, even though fantasy still reigns supreme. There have been some terrible games released and quite a few good ones as well. Then there are those shining beacons of light that stand apart from the online horde, and we would like to pay som...
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Nov 21 2016

How to watch The Game Awards 2016

Video games have definitely become a major component of mainstream culture. In the past, the gamer label was put upon children and teenagers but now it seems that everybody is a gamer. Many games now generate more revenue that the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, and millions of people fire up their consoles or log into their favorite mmo on a daily basis. Video games even now have an awards ceremony, The Game Awards, to hand out accolades to the ...
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Nov 18 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 Doctor Strange review

The mystical Doctor Strange is definitely in the thoughts of superhero fans everywhere due to his recently released hit movie. The Marvel Heroes 2016 online rpg has always done a tremendous job in linking the game to the latest release from the Marvel universe, whether it be on TV, the movies, or on Netflix. With the release of the Doctor Strange movie, they not only launched the Dark Dimensions event, but they also gave away the Doctor Strange p...
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Nov 17 2016

How to support your favorite mmo

While it is tremendous to be a geek, there is the downside in that we're often cursed to see a beloved property wither and die. Whether it's a TV series, movie franchise, or line of action figures, we've become accustomed to seeing things we dearly love not get the recognition and popularity that we think is deserved, which means that it's cancelled before its time. (Firefly fans have never recovered to this very day.) This same premise holds tru...
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Nov 15 2016

Top five ways to improve Marvel Heroes 2016

Superhero mania has gripped popular culture over the last few years, and it shows no signs of letting go. This love of all things in capes and tights has carried over to the virtual worlds of online games, and one of the most dynamic and fun games is Marvel Heroes 2016. This mmo has worked hard since it first launched to add new features and heroes for the comic book-loving gaming masses. However, there's always room for improvement, something th...
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Nov 11 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 Dark Dimensions review

Doctor Strange his hit the movie theaters, so Marvel Heroes 2016 is celebrating with their Dark Dimensions event. Mystical mayhem comes to the superhero online rpg, and it's up to the player to help Doctor Strange and Mordo defeat the invading forces and the entity behind them. So can the Punisher's firepower put a stop to howling mobs of magical beings? Find out in our Marvel Heroes 2016 Dark Dimensions review.First, let me begin our Marvel ...
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Nov 09 2016

The top 5 features we want in Rangi

For someone as old as I am, the thought of being able to play mobile games on a cell phone or other devices was something that once could have been classified as science-fiction. Yet we now live in a world where players can enjoy their favorite online games no matter how far from home they wander. The one caveat is that many mobile games don't offer challenging gameplay, but the upcoming Rangi looks to alter that landscape. The 3D puzzle adventur...
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Nov 07 2016

Finding your place in the mmo trinity

The solo-friendly nature of mmorpg games is a recent development. There was once a time when it was essential for players to group with one another, whether it was for completing an important quest or just to travel safely from Point A to Point B. Over time, the mmo trinity was born that consisted of DPS, support, and a tank. This mix of player characters is still deeply ingrained in the virtual world of online games, which is clearly evident in ...
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Nov 04 2016

Project Genom impressions

While wielding a magic sword and exploring a lich's crypt is always fun, there are times when I want to explore an alien world and get into some tense firefights. Sci-fi has long been my favorite genre, so I'm always interested in checking out new sci-fi mmorpg games. One of the more promising titles being developed right now is Project Genom, an indie affair that is currently in alpha and available as part of the Steam Early Access program. An o...
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