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Top five non-free mmos we wish were f2p
In today's environment of online games, it seems that everything is free-to-play. This is especially true for mobile games as their hook is to entice gamers with free basic gameplay and then charging for extras. However, there are still quite a few non-free mmo games in existence that show that being buy-to-play or subscription-based is still very feasible if the game is of good quality. Gamers looking for a solid game that doesn't nickel-and-dim...
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Mar 29 2017
Heroes and Generals medics are done right
There are many facets to war, more so than just fighting on the battlefield. There are grand strategies to be considered and supply routes to be maintained in order to allow the grunts to physically push back the enemy. Heroes and Generals is one mmo fps that does a good job of showing WWII-era warfare on several fronts, both tactical and strategic, but there has been one element missing: the battlefield medic. As anyone who has watched countless...
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Mar 28 2017
How should players feel about LotRO Update 20?
The works of J.R.R. Tolkien have inspired generations of fans, and his books have served as a major influence on movies, games, and fantasy in general. Today's fans are lucky to be able to play in an online virtual world that has strived hard to emulate the Middle-Earth that Tolkien created. Lord of the Rings Online has served as a meeting ground for those who love The Hobbit and the ensuing trilogy. One of the hallmarks of the game is how hard t...
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Mar 24 2017
Faeria review
Gamers have been obsessed with card-based games since Magic: The Gathering launched over twenty years ago. While it was once necessary to buy lots of card packs and find someone to sit down and play with to enjoy a game, players today can just fire up their computer or tablet and instantly begin playing in the virtual worlds of online gaming. One CCG game that has been enthusiastically supported during its development is Faeria. After a successfu...
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Mar 23 2017
Top five mmo warning signs
In a perfect world, every online game would be wildly successful and give players untold hours of adventure and entertainment. However, we do not live in a perfect world, and many online games falter and fade away. The end result is that players are left bereft as their virtual worlds disappear, leaving only memories (and possibly carpal tunnel syndrome!). Games that are currently in development are even more susceptible to trouble and an eventua...
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Mar 21 2017
Marvel Heroes 2016 Black Bolt review
There are a lot of different groups populating the Marvel universe of comics, such as mutants, but few are as weirdly unique as the Inhumans. While quietly lurking in the dusty back issue bins of comic book shops, the Inhumans have had a massive resurgence in popularity due in great part to the current Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series on TV. Now they have began to emerge into the Marvel Heroes 2016 mmorpg with the introduction of Black Bolt. Will hi...
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Mar 17 2017
Top five ways to look at mmo layoffs
The virtual worlds of online games offer players both enjoyment and a welcome respite from the mundane reality of the real world. While gamers look upon online games as a source of fun, they are actually businesses in every sense of the word. A lot of people work on such games, and their continued employment is determined by how successful the game is as well as some other factors. Just like in the traditional business world, the realm of online ...
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Mar 16 2017
How should mmo free trials work?
A popular strategy used by salesmen and retailers is to offer the customer the chance to try something for free before deciding on whether to purchase it or not. What's the harm in trying out a new mattress or sofa set for a month when it costs you nothing? Then a few months later, you'll likely find yourself making payments even if you were not planning on buying in the first place. Allowing customers a free taste of something has found its way ...
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Mar 14 2017
How should players react to a $60 SWTOR platinum lightsaber?
In this day and age of mmorpg games, companies are looking to enhance their revenue streams in any way that they can. The old days of a game existing solely upon subscription fees is long past, and now every online game essentially has a cash shop. Almost every gamer is perfectly fine with an mmo cash shop, but the major bone of contention that can arise is over the question of what items are actually being sold in said cash shops. BioWare recent...
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Mar 10 2017
Star Trek Online The Breach review
One of the best features of the Star Trek Online mmorpg is flying around in your own personal starship, engaging in epic space battles. Cryptic has found a way to crank this feature up to eleven (for all you Spinal Tap fans) by having a team of players flying their ships through the interior of an insanely massive Voth ship as The Breach space queue returns for another engagement. Cryptic has made some changes to this unique battle in this latest...
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Mar 09 2017