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Dec 14 2016

Looking at the League of Legends deal with MLBAM

There is one aspect of eSports that perfectly coincides with traditional sports, which is seeking to gain as much revenue as possible through advertising and other means. While an online rpg like League of Legends makes over a billion dollars a year from its players, there is definitely an issue in monetizing the eSports tournament format. Regular sports, such as football and basketball, make hundreds of millions of dollars every year through adv...
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Dec 12 2016

Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland review 2016

You know the holiday season has arrived in Star Trek Online when Q appears to whisk you away to his Winter Wonderland. It's become a holiday tradition in the sci-fi online rpg for the sarcastic and narcissistic alien to invite all the starship captains to enjoy the fruits of his labors by partaking of holiday-themed activities on his specially created world. Does fighting off hordes of Borg-assimilated snowmen still provide some holiday cheer? Fi...
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Dec 09 2016

La Tale Demigod update preview

There are a lot of reasons for players to get excited about an update to their favorite online rpg. Usually players get to look forward to some challenging new content or the introduction of new features, but the best possible component of any update is a new class. There's just something about an online game getting a new class for players to try out. It's kind of like the virtual equivalent of that new car smell. The latest update for the La Ta...
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Dec 08 2016

Top five worst mmo features

There are a lot of compelling reasons to play an online rpg, such as escaping the drudgery of our daily lives and being able to adventure in fantastic worlds. Developers spend a lot of time crafting innovative and, hopefully, fun features to keep gamers playing, but not all mmo features are created equal. A number of systems that were once considered standard have been jettisoned while others have stood the test of time. We're here to take a look...
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Dec 06 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 Black Cat review

There has long been a connection between cats and criminals. This is due to several reasons, such as the nocturnal nature of cats and the stealth associated with successful thieves. Thus we get the notorious cat burglar, which is exemplified in the Marvel universe by Black Cat. Recently, Marvel Heroes 2016 offered mmo players the ability to get Black Cat for free for logging in during Black Friday. We snagged one to give the character a whirl wit...
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Dec 02 2016

How to improve mmo gameplay

Playing online games has changed dramatically over the last few decades. When I first started playing the earliest versions of mmo games, you had to use your imagination as all you saw was a wall of text. The text-based MUDs have given way to insanely lush graphics and fully-voiced NPCs. Games today strive to be as immersive as possible, and the introduction of 3D virtual reality is a perfect example of this. Yet there is always room to make onli...
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Dec 01 2016

Top five movies gamers love to watch

Movies and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly. They both feed the imagination with compelling stories, arresting visuals, and lots of action. It seems that mmorpg gamers are just as happy discussing the latest Marvel movie as they are talking about the latest build for their main online character. This visceral relationship has led to a number of games being made into movies, but the results have usually been very disappointing....
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Nov 30 2016

Looking forward to Rangi

The evolution of online games has been amazing to follow, especially as it concerns mobile games. For years, the standard bearer of online games has been the personal computer, which was then augmented by laptops and consoles. Now the biggest and most exciting growth sector is mobile gaming, and these games have proven to be massively popular and successful. One of the more intriguing titles that is currently in development is Rangi, which is bei...
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Nov 28 2016

Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder review

Things are getting chilly in Neverwinter. In fact, they're getting downright freezing. It seems that frost giants are wreaking havoc in Icewind Dale, and it's up to the players to figure out what's going on and to stop it. The online rpg not only draws inspiration from the vast history of the pen-and-paper Dungeons and Dragons rpg, but Cryptic works closely with Wizards of the Coast to follow along with the latest storyline for D&D. The Storm...
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Nov 23 2016

Top five favorite mmo games

The virtual worlds of online games are still comparatively young, but we've seen an incredible amount of games released since they first burst upon the scene. Gamers can play in practically every genre imaginable, even though fantasy still reigns supreme. There have been some terrible games released and quite a few good ones as well. Then there are those shining beacons of light that stand apart from the online horde, and we would like to pay som...
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