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Top five eSports popularity study takeaways
Just a few years ago on one of the ESPN channels, a member of a sports journalists panel brought up the topic of eSports and its growing popularity. The reaction from the other journalists was laughter and utter condescension towards eSports and its fans. They refused to even consider that immensely popular mmo games and shooters of a competitive nature to be worthy of any attention at all. But, oh, how the tables are turning. ESPN is losing abou...
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Jun 24 2017
How the first Pokemon Go anniversary is being done right
Whether you're an online rpg or mobile game, reaching your first anniversary is always a reason to celebrate. Developing a video game takes tremendous effort, and quite a few games never reach their launch date. As there are now literally thousands of gaming options available to players, it's quite an achievement to have garnered a sufficient base to successfully get to being one year old. Niantic is celebrating the very first Pokemon Go annivers...
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Jun 20 2017
Wild West Online interview
The virtual worlds of online games offer plenty of choices for escaping the real world in order to have adventure. You can slay orcs by the thousands, cast powerful spells, or engage in epic space battles. Yet it's extremely rare to be able to face down a gang of desperadoes, take part in a saloon brawl, or walk down a street at high noon to engage in a gunfight. This is why we're really looking forward to Wild West Online, a sandbox mmo designed...
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Jun 16 2017
World of Tanks criticism by SirFoch
There are times when you just have to really love the world of online gaming. You would think that the virtual battles taking place in mmo games would be intense, but there are times when they pale to the fights being waged on the web between gamers and developers. A perfect case in point is the recent brouhaha over SirFoch, a World of Tanks community contributor, who brutally savaged the game's latest premium tank, the Chrysler K GF, in a YouTub...
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Jun 15 2017
Neverwinter Shroud of Souls review
There's nothing like the virtual equivalent of the new car smell for an online rpg. By this, I mean the release of new content and features for gamers to sink their teeth into. The Cloaked Ascendancy module introduced the River District zone to Neverwinter, along with a trio of powerful wizards seeking to wrest control of the city away from Lord Neverember. While the wizards have been defeated, a dangerous new foe arises to threaten the city of N...
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Jun 13 2017
Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury review
One of the most popular characters in the Marvel movies isn't a mutant or a god from another dimension. He's just a tough-as-nails man who sports an eye patch and who just happens to run SHIELD. Of course, we're talking about the iconic Nick Fury, ably played by Samuel L. Jackson. Now this tough guy is a playable hero in the Marvel Heroes Omega online rpg, and we decided to put him through our mmo boot camp to see how he plays. Find out if we're ...
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Jun 09 2017
How mmo comics enhance gaming
Most people associate comic books with superheroes, and it is true that comics are synonymous with the likes of Superman and Batman. Yet comics have been used for much more than masked vigilantes fighting crime. Individuals in the past have used the medium to highlight historical events or advocate for certain social issues. Lately, there has been an increasing connection between comics and mmorpg games. A number of online games have branched out...
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Jun 06 2017
Top five goofy mmo games
Many gamers view playing their favorite online games as serious business. A lot of time and effort is spent creating an optimal build, raids are carefully planned, and a good deal of focus is geared towards keeping a guild vibrant and functional. It's understandable to take mmorpg games so seriously as we spend so many hours within their virtual worlds, but there should also be some goofy fun as well. After all, games are supposed to be fun in th...
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Jun 01 2017
How the future of eSports may not be bright
Without a doubt, the popularity of eSports continues to rise. Tens of millions of gamers regularly watch tournaments being streamed online, and the prize pools for the largest tournaments often reach a million dollars or more. Some of the biggest mmo games on the market are heavy hitters in the eSports arena, and many fans figure that the sport will continue to get bigger and bigger. While some can say that the future of eSports looks quite rosy ...
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May 30 2017
Top five upcoming mmo games we have our eyes on
The wheel of online gaming always continues to turn as gamers eagerly wait for the eventual release of new titles that are currently in development. One of the best features of playing mmorpg games is that there's always something new over the horizon. In this day of Kickstarter and crowdfunding, game companies can go outside the box and work on games that cater to specific niches instead of just releasing another cookie-cutter mmo. There are ple...
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May 26 2017