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Top five Neverwinter events
There's a lot to enjoy about playing the Neverwinter mmo. One reason I spend many hours adventuring through the game's virtual world is the setting of the Forgotten Realms, the official world for Dungeons and Dragons. I've spent decades slinging dice on a table, running many different characters through epic adventures in Faerun, and it's nice to do the same in a virtual setting. In addition, the game is a solid adaptation of the fourth edition r...
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Aug 03 2017
Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage review
One of the interesting features of the Marvel comics is that it's comprised of individual pockets that are essentially their own universe. Just look at the Uncanny X-Men and how almost every mutant storyline and character falls within their range of comics. The same could be said for the Avengers as well as for Spider-Man. This makes sense as it allows different types of stories to be told that pertain more readily to one area of the comics unive...
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Aug 01 2017
Top five summer mmo games
The summer is definitely one of the best times of the year. For younger people, it means no school and being able to game all day and night. While the dog days of summer can wear you down through the oppressive heat, the virtual worlds of online games provide a welcome escape as you game in air-conditioned comfort. Summer does provide people with a lot of extra time to enjoy gaming, so we thought we would compile a worthwhile list of titles that ...
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Jul 28 2017
How Blizzard is killing it with Overwatch hero backgrounds
There are a lot of elements that come together to make a good online game. First there are the underlying mechanics of the game, such as combat and character/class balance. An equally important part is the story and the characters that exist in that story. In this regard, an online game, even an mmofps like Overwatch, could be considered analogous to a movie, book, or TV series. Blizzard has devoted considerable resources to crafting some very in...
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Jul 25 2017
Star Trek Online Brushfire review
Season 13.5 for Star Trek Online has kicked off with a number of new features, but the main component that stoked my interest is the new featured episode - Brushfire. The continuing story arc for the online rpg has focused on a good bit of exploration, but there have been quite a few entanglements with the Tzenkethi. The new STO Brushfire episode takes a breather from the current narrative to focus on some Klingon politics, and by politics, I mea...
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Jul 21 2017
Foxhole hands-on preview
War movies have always been a particular favorite with me. Countless times growing up, I watched classics like The Dirty Dozen, The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far, Kelly's Heroes, Patton, and Sergeant York, not to mention more modern fare like Saving Private Ryan and Fury. Sadly, the experience of fighting in a major conflict hasn't been really translated too well to the realm of online games. While there are plenty of mmofps games dealing with co...
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Jul 20 2017
How should MMO RMTs be handled?
From the dawn of time, man has always been looking how to make a buck. The virtual worlds of online games have provided a new area of opportunity for those seeking to barter virtual services for real life cash, made all the easier by modern technology like the internet. Of course, the exchange of goods and services for money is the foundation of any economy. We all know about mmo rmts (real money transactions) from the long-discussed issue of gol...
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Jul 18 2017
Top five reasons looking forward to Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation
Fantasy adventurers are normally the powerful hunters of evil, but in the upcoming Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation update, they may become the hunted. One of the more intriguing regions in the Forgotten Realms, Chult, is coming to the D&D-based online rpg in a few short weeks. If you like your fantasy questing peppered with aspects of The Lost World, the Arabian Nights, and Jurassic Park, then the Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation update will...
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Jul 14 2017
How should mmo subscriptions work?
There was once a time where needing a subscription to play an online rpg was considered sacred and something that would never change. Game developers would have swooned at the thought of their games going the free-to-play route. Just a decade ago, most f2p games were considered massive rip-offs that nickel-and-dimed players to death. Now, the worm has turned as mmorpg subscriptions have gotten scarce, leaving World of Warcraft as the main standar...
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Jul 13 2017
Pathfinder: Kingmaker interview
The relationship between pen-and-paper role-playing games, computer rpgs, and mmorpg games is very strong. The first online games and single-player rpgs were inspired by tabletop rpgs, and eventually quite a few rpgs were inspired by the ongoing evolution found in computer and online games. Now one of the most popular narrative arcs from the most popular pen-and-paper rpg is becoming a single-player rpg in the form of Pathfinder: Kingmaker by Owl...
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Jul 11 2017