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Top five reasons for console mmo ports
There have long been two different camps when it came to online gaming: PCs and consoles. Each side had their own strengths and weaknesses, and each platform was home to specific genres. Shooters were highly prevalent on consoles as well as single-player rpgs while the virtual worlds of mmo games were normally found on the PC. That distinction has definitely blurred over the last few years as quite a few mmos have found their way onto consoles an...
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May 04 2017
How should players react to Overwatch smurfing?
Back in my day, a smurf was an irritating cartoon creature that signaled the beginning of the end of awesome Saturday morning cartoons. However, mmofps players are well aware of the smurf of today, which is someone that is highly experienced but creates a new account in order to appear as a newbie in online games. This gives them quite an advantage as they are then often matched with players of far lesser skill and experience. Players recently be...
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May 02 2017
Star Trek Online Survivor review
Time and personal storylines meet in dramatic fashion in the last featured episode, Survivor, for Season Twelve of Star Trek Online. This is the third episode of the New Frontiers story arc, following the Of Signs and Portents episode. In this new mission, the Lukari take a backseat to a storyline that is based upon one of the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Some old, familiar faces will pop up in the STO Survivor episode as the ...
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Apr 28 2017
Top five reasons for looking forward to Pantheon
The virtual worlds of online games have taken on a depressing sense of sameness over the last decade. Most mmos now offer almost the exact same gaming experience in that the player is held firmly in hand and led through the game. Quest givers are easily identified, paths to completing quests are clearly laid out, and the denizens of the game's world act in a robotic, canned manner. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen looks to shake things up a bit, and ...
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Apr 27 2017
How War Thunder Chronicles of WW2 event is rocking
One of the most important eras in human history was World War II. There have been countless movies, books, and documentaries about the various battles and the people involved since the conflict began almost eighty years ago. This particular war has long been a staple of tabletop strategy games and now many mmofps games use this setting as well. War Thunder is one such mmo that seeks to recreate the tank and aerial battles of that massive conflict...
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Apr 25 2017
Top five mmo events
There are a lot of facets of online games that players enjoy, such as going on epic quests and acquiring powerful items. However, the daily routine of logging into your favorite online rpg can become a grind, which is why it's always great to have a special event come along. Almost every player looks forward to mmo events as they promise the opportunity to do something different and even have some goofy fun. Yet not all mmo events are created equ...
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Apr 21 2017
SMITE Apollo's Racer Rumble review
Many mmo gamers grew up spending countless hours playing Mario Kart. The colorful racing antics of Mario and his assorted Nintendo brethren has to rank as one of the best games ever due to its sheer simplicity and outstanding fun. Normally, one would not associate SMITE, the moba of battling gods, with the charming whimsy of Mario Kart, but the game's recent Apollo's Racer Rumble event has done just that. This latest of the game's Adventures mode...
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Apr 20 2017
Top five solo mmo games
It is true that the "massively multiplayer" aspect of mmorpg games has been reduced over the last few years. In fact, a lot of gamers question any new game being developed on how solo-friendly it will be. There are a number of reasons why mmo games are catering to the single player, such as a reluctance of gamers to group with others or players just looking for some quick action and then logging back out. There are both positive and negative feat...
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Apr 18 2017
Top five Conan Exiles tips
The world of Conan as created by Robert E. Howard is a harsh and unforgiving one. Funcom originally tackled this setting in their Age of Conan mmo, but they have decided to up the hardcore ante with Conan Exiles, their sandbox survival game. Players are literally dropped into the game's virtual world buck naked and are expected to fight and claw for survival. The first few hours of the game are especially deadly as the player starts off with noth...
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Apr 14 2017
How to view the launch of Secret World Legends
In a marketplace crowded with copycat mmos, The Secret World has stood apart as a totally unique online rpg. Mixing together horror, conspiracy theories, and other assorted strangeness, TSW showed that there was something more to online gaming than just another rehashed fantasy setting. While I found the game to be extremely compelling, the game was never a true smash, eventually going from subscription-based to buy-to-play. News recently came ou...
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Apr 13 2017