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ghost in the shell mmo
The idea of making a MMO based on Ghost in the Shell manga franchise was always out there but no gaming company took a serious step in that direction. There were discussions on forums and, at one point, someone even posted in a thread several ideas about a Ghost in the Shell game universe. In 1997, game developers Exact in collaboration with THQ and Sony Online Entertainment released a Play Station only Ghost in the Shell video game. It was a sin...
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Dec 18 2012
pvp content in ncsoft mmos
NCsoft is one of the gaming companies whose games are mostly focused on PvP activities. Guild Wars 2 and Aion have end game PvP content and Lineage 2 also has lots of PvP options. In most MMO games, the end game is usually split in PvE and PvP. Players can enjoy both or just one type of content. NCsoft has a different approach with its MMORPGs. There is plenty of PvE content but, after reaching the level cap, players will find out that they must ...
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Dec 17 2012
mmo npcs
MMO NPCs are the entire population of non human controlled characters from MMO games. They can be trainers, vendors, quest givers and some have absolutely no functional purpose, they’re there just to add up to the game’s atmosphere. For some reason, players become very fond of some of them. These famous NPCs are mentioned on forum discussions or in random jokes. Scotty Malm is a Rift: Planes of Telara NPC. There is a long chain quest built aroun...
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Dec 14 2012
mmo quotes
Random MMO quotes, said by NPCs or playable characters, have become so mainstream that are often used even in a non gaming related environment. It’s probably impossible for game creators to predict the success and popularity of such small phrases. They are remembered for being funny, weird or annoying. Each game has its popular quotes but most people remember those from the most popular MMO's. It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this! – This phrase...
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Dec 13 2012
rpg mouse collection
An RPG mouse is a type of mouse customized for RPG games. The special thing about these mice is that they have lots of buttons to bind game actions. The more abilities and spells an RPG character has, the more keys you’ll need. Gamers usually use all sorts of combos (like ALT+1, ALT+2, etc.) to key bind all the necessary abilities. At first it is overwhelming to remember them all but, in time, with practice and dexterity, it becomes a natura...
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Dec 12 2012
christmas events in mmos
Christmas is one of the most loved and celebrated holidays all over the world. It’s a time when even the most hardcore gamer takes a break, even from his or her favorite MMO, to spend some time with friends and family. Game companies are well aware of that so they came up with a clever way to steal a few moments from a player’s R&R time. They brought Christmas into MMO world by implementing special events. Just like real Christmas, these even...
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Dec 11 2012
what happened at the vga 2012
Spike Video Game Awards or just VGA is a yearly event dedicated to video games. The 2012 edition also marked VGA's tenth anniversary. VGA 2012 was quite a show worth watching also for entertainment not just for the awards. The show started with a most hilarious game trailer for the upcoming South Park game, The Stick of Truth. During the event, several world premiers were revealed and there were music moments performed by Linkin Park and Wolfgang...
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Dec 10 2012
role playing in mmorpgs
Most of us know the term RPG and what it stands for but very few know the actual meaning of role playing in MMORPG games. In single player RPGs, things are quite straightforward. Players build a fictional character and experience the game in any way they like. The interaction with the game world is based on player's decisions. In addition to race, class and faction players also get to choose an alignment. Quests have multiple endings. For example...
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Dec 07 2012
player housing in mmorpgs
Player housing is one of the most popular MMORPG features. In short, player housing offers gamers their own home in the game world. This place is instanced and only the owner can access it. In some cases, players can invite friends and host public or private events. The basic structure is a house with one or more levels. Lots of items can decorate a house. Paintings can be hanged on the walls. The floors can be decorated with all kinds of ca...
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Dec 05 2012
project eternity
Project Eternity is the code name for an upcoming Obsidian Entertainment game. Project Eternity is a dream come true for any old school RPG fan. Some of Project Eternity developers and creators worked on classic RPG titles like Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout 2, Neverwinter Nights and the list can go on. Project Eternity became valid after the Kickstarter campaign ended with the impressive amount of $ 4.1 million. This campaign was ne...
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Dec 05 2012