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blizzcon 2013
BlizzCon 2013 was officially confirmed to take place on the 8-9 November 2013 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. This is great news for Blizzard fans from all over the world especially for those who have the possibility to actually be there. BlizzCon was skipped in 2012 because Blizzard needed time to prepare the Diablo 3, Mists of Pandaria and StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm release. BlizzCon 2013 gives fans the chance to meet and d...
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Feb 25 2013
project blackstone what is the dominion up to
A few months ago Blizzard Entertainment registered a new domain There was no official news or announcements so everyone started speculations and discussions. Having nothing but the name to work with, the most popular thought was that Project Blackstone was something related to the Diablo franchise. The Black Soulstone is a powerful artifact that has the ability to capture and hold the Prime Evils souls. The speculation prov...
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Feb 19 2013
anime kida online resource for anime fans
Anime Kida is a social network for anime enthusiasts. is a good resource for anime and manga fans to stay up to date with news, find out about anime video games and connect through forums. Anime Kida keeps all its content neatly organized in categories. The News page lists upcoming anime episodes. Each entry has a short description and a picture. A nice feature is the built in search option which allows viewers to s...
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Feb 04 2013
rift without hartsman same better or worse
Last week, the Trion team in charge of Rift has taken quite a major blow. Scott Hartsman, the head of Rift team and executive producer announced he will be leaving Trion. It’s no secret that some weeks ago, Trion laid off a big part of its Rift staff. Community managers and official Trion representatives informed us that things like these are normal and needed for a company to comply with today’s market demands. However, we cannot help but to ask...
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Jan 28 2013
are mmo leveling guides worth the money
MMO leveling guides are eBooks that describe in great detail anything there is to know about leveling from level 1 to level cap in a certain MMO. All MMO players are more than familiar with at least one guide for their favorite game. We see ads for these MMO guides anywhere on the internet. We see reviews and special offers that all revolve against one main idea: that guide will make you the best MMO player in no time. It’s only natural...
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Jan 22 2013
disney infinity coming in june 2013 on all platforms
Disney Infinity is an upcoming sandbox gaming universe. Rumors and leaked info on Disney Infinity started some time ago. On January 2013, Disney made an official press announcement regarding Disney Infinity. It’s more than just a game, it’s an entire virtual world featuring popular characters from Disney and Pixar. Disney Infinity is also cross platform. There are Disney Infinity versions for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS3 and PC. Android and iOS device...
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Jan 16 2013
a history of fallout online
Fallout Online or Fallout MMO is a gaming project that deals with the creation of a MMORPG or maybe a MMOFPS inspired by the Fallout universe. Also known as Project V13 or FOOL, Fallout Online was originally developed by Masthead Studios and was to be published by Interplay Entertainment. This news was officially confirmed in June 2010.This was the first attempt to build a Fallout MMO. The creators got quite far with Fallout Online developmen...
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Jan 15 2013
free diablo 3 clones
Diablo 3 is one game that cannot be easily reproduced or replaced but, there are some free Diablo 3 clones that are well worth a look. The following alternatives are obviously for those gamers who crave for a hack and slash dungeon crawling action RPG, and want it for free. So check out our pick for free Diablo 3 clones and decide which one is for you. Without a doubt, the biggest hype of the moment is Path of Exile. Path of Exile was under deve...
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Jan 11 2013
eve online and dust 514 merge today
Today, January 10 2013, is the day when EVE Online and Dust 514 players will all start playing on one single server. Server merges aren’t something extraordinary but, in this case, we’re talking about a MMORPG for PC/Mac and a PS3 shooter game. Dust 514 is also developed and published by CCP. At the moment, Dust 514 is in beta stage. The merge doesn’t mean the full release of Dust 514. The full Dust 514 release is planned for late 2013. It’s only...
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Jan 10 2013
ngames announces new foxli mmorpg
The most recent news in the MMO games world comes from NGames. Foxli is a new NGames MMORPG scheduled for a 2013 release. This new MMO, unnamed yet, will feature Foxli, the emoticon, as main protagonist. For now, we’ll just call it Foxli, the MMORPG. The whole game universe is built around Foxli’s adventures and the quest to rid the world of an ancient threat. Long time ago a very dangerous dragon was imprisoned but, unfortunately, that was only ...
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Jan 09 2013