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Apr 26 2013

panzar and cryengine 3

Have you ever wanted a little bit more detail in your daily skull crushing, fire throwing, and sword-wielding MMO experience? Russian developer Panzar Studio just launched its self-titled fantasy MMO, powered by CryEngine 3, on European servers. What makes Panzar stand out from its competitors is its visually stunning graphics. The developers at Panzar Studio have taken advantage of CryEngine 3 and created one of the most beautiful and detailed ...
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Apr 24 2013

defiance watch and play

Syfy has an ambitious project on their hands with Defiance, a new television show coupled with its own MMO tie-in for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. The game released a few days before the first episode aired, and is expected to include future updates with episode missions and DLC that players can access during the series' progression.The network’s pilot of their newest sci-fi series has received mixed to positive reviews, and to be ho...
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Apr 22 2013

top 5 mmofps

The massively multiplayer shooter, still a relatively new genre of gaming, has become increasingly popular with casual and hardcore gamers alike. We have thoroughly reviewed each game in this list; highlighting key features and innovative mechanics.  Whether you are looking for your next title to invest countless hours into or are just curious about the genre, we at MMO-Play have compiled a list of the most addicting and action-packed MMOFPS...
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Apr 19 2013

my first mmorpg everquest

Growing up, the RPG was always my preferred genre of choice. Games like Earthbound, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger where some of my favorite titles as a young gamer. I spent countless hours playing through anything that Squaresoft or other popular publishers would release. While I did also enjoy 2D platformers and sports games, I knew there was something more to those epic titles than just turn-based gameplay and lengthy playtimes. It was a f...
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Apr 18 2013

top 5 ways to relax in mmorpgs

The MMORPG is typically known for having epic dungeons and intense group combat. Choosing a class, selecting your skills, and taking on mobs or bosses with friends are all a crucial part of the experience that keeps players coming back time and time again. Yet, there’s a lot more than just swords and spells in these online environments. To break up the monotony and grind of getting through the levels, most games have been filled w...
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Apr 16 2013

top 5 android mmorpg

The mobile MMORPG experience is still a fairly new thing compared to other fully fledged titles on PCs and consoles. Over the last few years however, the best Android games have definitely started making a name for themselves. Here are the top 5 mobile MMORPG titles that either advance or capture the essence of what is currently available for Android OS: 5. Warspear OnlineWarspear Online from AIGRIND provides a cross-platform spri...
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Apr 10 2013

choosing your next mmo

Whether you've been playing MMO Games for years or you’re thinking about taking the plunge for the first time, at some point you need to pick a game. Not only are you investing your money (in most cases), but more importantly your time, since MMOs are immersive time-consuming experiences. And, as you know, picking the wrong game can be quite unnerving. So, here are four tips to consider when choosing your next MMO experience is a fun one: S...
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Apr 09 2013

sword art online infinity moment

Imagine being trapped inside an immersive virtual MMORPG with thousands of other helpless victims. No way of logging out. No ability to contact your friends or loved ones. The only path that secures everyone's freedom is to destroy the final boss and beat the game. However, if you die... that’s it. There are no second chances. It’s a literal permadeath in both realities. This fascinating concept drives the narrative in the popular anime, Swo...
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Apr 05 2013

guild wars 2 super adventure box

ArenaNet is no fool to April. They handled this month’s Guild Wars 2 holiday content in the most surprising fashion with their release of the Super Adventure Box. Whenever April Fool’s Day comes around you can expect to filter every piece of news that comes from the gaming world as a possible fib. Most attempts are whimsical or crazy enough to instantly raise a flag and alert you to their complete impossibility. Others, however, you cling...
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Apr 01 2013

team fortress 2 oculus rift

Team Fortress 2 is the first game to fully support Oculus Rift’s virtual reality kit. The kit is available to developers and Kickstarter supporters as of now but the early impression is that the experience is unlike anything in gaming. Even to the point that motion sickness can occur as your mind has to wrap around the idea that what you’re seeing is not actually real. If you are one of the lucky ones that will receive an Oculus device all you h...
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