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Five MMOs You've Never Heard Of
There are several MMOs that have simply become staples of the genre. You know, the ones that have stolen hundreds of hours of our lives as we made the slow grind toward level cap, made some new friends, and earned sweet piles of loot. I could list off a dozen game titles, but I don't think I need to; we all know what they are. Then there are others that hardly get any attention at all. Some of these are legitimately terrible, but there are a lot...
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Aug 14 2013
league of legends lucian tips tricks
Mobility, burst and positioning are the keys to dominating with the double gun-slinging marksman of League of Legends. Lucian, The Purifier is the newest attack damage carry or ADC, and he should be playable any day now with the activation of Patch 3.10. A few lucky MMO fans have already gotten their hands on Lucian on the test server, so we scoured the preview videos to see the power of his skillset. Lucian is one curious ADC in that his ...
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Aug 13 2013
five alien races that should be playable in star wars the old republic
I must confess that I'm a lifelong Star Wars fan. I was seven years old when the original movie came out and I was mesmerized by the intergalactic swashbuckling and starship combat on the silver screen. That's why I bought as soon as I could Star Wars: The Old Republic in order to adventure in a galaxy far, far away. While there a few alien races available for gamers to play, Star Wars has an almost limitless number of alien races that I think wo...
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Aug 12 2013
online gaming needs world of warcraft
A lot of mmo players love to grumble about World of Warcraft. You'll hear the chatter while you're playing in a newly launched game or one that's still in beta. "This game is so much better than WoW" or "WoW blows.  I'm so glad I found this game." While it easy to prefer one game over another, there is one inescapable truth that all mmo players have to acknowledge - online gaming needs World of Warcraft.While it is easy to lob rocks at W...
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Aug 11 2013
why is there no wild west mmo
As online gamers, we've become increasingly spoiled by the sheer number of mmo games available. We're able to partake of heroic fantasy adventure in many titles from World of Warcraft to Lord of the Rings Online. If we crave the excitement of galactic thrills, we can venture into space in Star Trek Online or Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players can take on the role of justice-dealing heroes in Champions Online or DC Universe Online. Even horror h...
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Aug 10 2013
top five features that every mmo should have
Over time, the systems found in mmo games have become somewhat standardized. Whenever a player boots up a new game, he or she expects certain features to be found within the game, but this isn't always the case. Each online game has their own design philosophy that may preclude some features from being part of the overall game experience. Another consideration is that of time and money. A company may want to include certain features but lack the ...
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Aug 09 2013
Proof the MMO Is Evolving
The MMORPG is a strange beast in the medium of video games, as very few games in other genres have such an enormous shelf life. You wouldn't, for example, spend 1,000 or more hours playing a Legend of Zelda title (though the series is fantastic), while that's the sort of mileage you can generally expect to get out of an MMO. Without mods, even Skyrim won't stay interesting past the 200-hour mark. But as World of Warcraft nears its 9th anniversar...
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Aug 08 2013
guild war 2 cutthroat politics event preview
Guild Wars 2's greatest strength is the continued addition of new content. The latest Living World event, Cutthroat Politics, focused on two rivals vying for an empty seat on the Captain's Council. Players got to cast votes for either Ellen Kiel, war hero, or Evon Gnashblade, Charr merchant.  With the event now wrapped up, we take a look back to give our final impressions of Cutthroat Politics. While not as ambitious as some over Living Wor...
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Aug 07 2013
how to handle trolls online
We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a chat room, message board forum, website comment, or online multiplayer game, spend any amount of time connected on the internet and you are bound to come across people who are just itchin’ to stir up all sorts of trouble. Some people can be complete jerks online, and while it’s easy enough to stay out of their crosshairs for the most part, the last place you want to deal with these kinds of people are in your ...
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Aug 06 2013
LOTRO - Past and Future
The Lord of the Rings Online is one of my favorite MMORPGs to date, mainly because it does such a fantastic job of making players feel like they're actually exploring chunks of JRR Tolkien's beloved Middle-earth. The game is currently prepping players for its upcoming expansion, Helm's Deep, so this is probably a good time to look at LOTRO's past expansions and speculate a bit about what we'll see in the future. Mines of MoriaLOTRO's first e...
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Aug 05 2013