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Hands-on with Defiance's Upcoming DLC
At E3 this year, I got a chance to go hands-on with Defiance's upcoming DLC, with a very special closed-doors play session hosted by Narrative Designer Trick Dempsey. The first thing I was shown was the new playable race, the Castithan, which have proven to be quite popular in both the world of the Defiance MMO/shooter and the Defiance television series. However, players have never gotten the opportunity to actually play as them. That's changing...
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Jun 25 2013
what we want to see in a game of thrones mmo
In the Game of Thrones you win or you die. BigPoint games has recently announced development on a free to play MMO based off of the HBO series Game of Thrones and while we were immediately delighted at the news we also soon realized that expectations for any sort of Game of Thrones adaptation are going to be so high that we doubt any publisher would be able to make all of us happy. So here it is BigPoint, these are just a few of the ideas that ne...
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Jun 23 2013
the top 5 tv shows that should be made into an mmo game
One of the most difficult feats a game developer could attempt is taking an existing TV show and try and turn it into a game. The game marketplace is filled with tons of those attempts that fell short. That doesn’t however mean there are not any shows out there that a game developer should use to create that perfect MMO universe for us to explore in. 5. StargateWhile Stargate was never the most popular series to start with Star is was still ...
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Jun 22 2013
marvel heroes exclusive interview
Marvel fans rejoice! We had the great opportunity to talk to Stephen Reid, Community Manager of Gazillion entertainment, the same company behind the newly released Marvel Heroes, about all aspects of the game as well as what the future holds for the first Marvel comics themed MMO: First of all, how would you describe what Marvel Heroes is to those who might be unaware of the game? Marvel Heroes is a free to play MMO action RPG. It blends the be...
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Jun 21 2013
Brian Oh of Pearl Abyss Talks About Black Desert
Here in the West, the upcoming fantasy MMO by Pearl Abyss, Black Desert, feels almost like it came completely out of nowhere. Yet all of a sudden, Western MMO fanatics are drooling over every new piece of information we can get about a title that's not even guaranteed to come to our shores. There's a certain sort of magic to this. But one person who's not distracted by the game's marketing witchcraft is Brian Oh, CFO and Chief Economy Designer o...
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Jun 20 2013
Black Gold Offers a Steampunk Take on PvP
At E3 2013, we got to immerse ourselves in the steampunk world of Black Gold, a fantasy MMO by Snail Games, makers of Age of Wushu. In fact, the game is built in the FLEXI Engine, the very same engine that powers Age of Wushu. Black Gold features two factions -- Steampunk and Fantasy -- who are warring over a resource called Black Gold. This perpetual war sets the stage for what's aiming to be a very PvP-focused experience, which was clear in th...
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Jun 18 2013
soldier front 2 exclusive interview
A near-future cold war heats up in Soldier Front 2, the free mmofps developed by Dragonfly. Players take on the role of an elite combat specialist taking part in a shadowy war for domination. The game is currently on closed Beta with a planned release for this summer. We had the opportunity to ask Kennan Ho, Product Manager at Aeria Games, few questions about all aspects of the upcoming Soldier Front 2. Check it out:  What are some key feat...
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Jun 15 2013
Final Fantasy XIV Feels Surprisingly Good on PS4
During E3, we had a chance to swing by Square Enix's booth for a chance to play the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Going into this, the biggest question on our mind was how would the controls feel? After all, Final Fantasy XIV includes the traditional hotkey skill bar commands. How can that be translated to the PS3's DualShock controller without feeling completely awkward? Well, it's actually pretty simple. Instead of binding...
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Jun 13 2013
subscription or ftp
Over the years MMO developers have adopted many different strategies in an attempt to monetize their game. Subscription based MMOs represent some of the older successes in the genre. Within the past few years we have seen more free-to-play MMOs being released and within this past year a new type of MMO model has become popular with its hybrid free-to-play/subscription model.Subscription based MMOs have been around for a while; one of the most...
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Jun 12 2013
Can the PS4 Be Great for MMOs?
The PlayStation 4 is set to launch by the end of this year, and it's going to be quite the piece of hardware. But is it going to be a good fit for MMOs? Larry Liberty, executive producer of DC Universe Online, certainly thinks so. He recently told NowGamer: "I would expect that, with all of the amazing features that have been announced for the next PlayStation, that it will be a great platform for MMOs." Is this a valid assessment of the console...
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Jun 11 2013