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why don't more mmos use player-created content
Players are always clamoring for more content and things to do in their favorite mmo games. While many game companies work hard to put out regular content updates and expansions, they ignore the greatest possible source for new content: the players themselves. I find it staggering that most online games have no resources to allow players to fashion new adventures. Why don't more mmos use player-created content? Harnessing the collective brainpow...
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Aug 20 2013
grateful f2p games
The ability to pop online and download a vastly immersive MMO, all without spending a cent, is a rather new development in the lifespan of internet gaming. Sure, there have been free browser-based games or flash minigames to find and jump into, but the level of depth and length of gameplay with the titles we’re now seeing available is something that is truly still in its infancy. More and more developers of big name, AAA titles are starting to a...
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Aug 18 2013
arctic combat failed
Arctic Combat fans wailed when it was recently announced that the MMOFPS game was closing down for good on September 2 -- not even making it to a year after releasing last December. Developed and published by the South Korean-based Webzen, Arctic Combat had solid potential, at least to its loyalists who praised its pick-up-and-play convenience and good combat balance.  What it had going for it New players could easily grasp the shoote...
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Aug 18 2013
guild wars 2 queen's jubilee impressions
Since its release, Guild Wars 2 has added regular new content as part of its Living World to advance new storylines and to provide additional activities and quests for players to partake of. Every mmo benefits from a regular infusion of new content and the latest release in the world of Tyria is the Queen's Jubilee. We've been playing the new update since it was first released on August 6th and here are our Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee impre...
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Aug 17 2013
massive mmo
At the end of the 2005 film Batman Begins, there's a brief conversation between Jim Gordon and the Dark Knight about a concept called "escalation." What does that mean? In the words of Gordon: "We start carrying semi-automatics; they [the bad guys] buy automatics. We start wearing Kevlar; they buy armor-piercing rounds." This was a clever way to reference Joker while simultaneously injecting a dose of ambiguity into the moral underpinnings of th...
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Aug 16 2013
Ever since the first use of an instance in an mmo, the use of them has been hotly debated in the online gaming community. For every gamer that loves them, there's another one that hates them with furious intensity. Many players and game designers have proclaimed that a terrible game-desecrating device while others find their inclusion in a game a necessity. Which side is right and which is wrong? Do they both have pertinent points? To answer that...
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Aug 15 2013
Five MMOs You've Never Heard Of
There are several MMOs that have simply become staples of the genre. You know, the ones that have stolen hundreds of hours of our lives as we made the slow grind toward level cap, made some new friends, and earned sweet piles of loot. I could list off a dozen game titles, but I don't think I need to; we all know what they are. Then there are others that hardly get any attention at all. Some of these are legitimately terrible, but there are a lot...
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Aug 14 2013
league of legends lucian tips tricks
Mobility, burst and positioning are the keys to dominating with the double gun-slinging marksman of League of Legends. Lucian, The Purifier is the newest attack damage carry or ADC, and he should be playable any day now with the activation of Patch 3.10. A few lucky MMO fans have already gotten their hands on Lucian on the test server, so we scoured the preview videos to see the power of his skillset. Lucian is one curious ADC in that his ...
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Aug 13 2013
five alien races that should be playable in star wars the old republic
I must confess that I'm a lifelong Star Wars fan. I was seven years old when the original movie came out and I was mesmerized by the intergalactic swashbuckling and starship combat on the silver screen. That's why I bought as soon as I could Star Wars: The Old Republic in order to adventure in a galaxy far, far away. While there a few alien races available for gamers to play, Star Wars has an almost limitless number of alien races that I think wo...
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Aug 12 2013
online gaming needs world of warcraft
A lot of mmo players love to grumble about World of Warcraft. You'll hear the chatter while you're playing in a newly launched game or one that's still in beta. "This game is so much better than WoW" or "WoW blows.  I'm so glad I found this game." While it easy to prefer one game over another, there is one inescapable truth that all mmo players have to acknowledge - online gaming needs World of Warcraft.While it is easy to lob rocks at W...
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Aug 11 2013