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How to get into eSports
The meteoric rise in eSports has been nothing short of spectacular over the last few years. What was once denigrated as a passing fad populated by young gamers who never saw the light of day has become big business. Tens of millions of fans tune in to watch their favorite teams battle one another on the battlefields of the online virtual world. Major tournaments now offer prize pools in the millions of dollars, with the recent The International 2...
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Jan 16 2017
Shadow's Kiss pre-alpha preview
There was once a time where vampires were portrayed as seductive or ferocious creatures, not as sparkling objects of teenage girls' fantasies. The upcoming Shadow's Kiss online rpg looks to bring danger and darkness back to the fanged creatures of the night. Shadow's Kiss is one mmo that I've been interested in as there are far too few horror online games in existence, and I've long been a fan of pen-and-paper role-playing games like Vampire: The...
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Jan 13 2017
Top five annoying mmo players
The virtual world of online games can serve as a great escape from the drudgery and irritations of real life. However, this does not mean that logging into your favorite online rpg will always be a carefree exercise in fun and peace of mind. The reality of online gaming is that you'll have to play with other people, and many of those people are looking to get in the way of you having a good time, either intentionally or unintentionally. There are...
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Jan 11 2017
2017 mmo preview
The champagne has been popped, the ball has dropped, and a new year is upon us. The world of online gaming was surprisingly eventful in 2016 even though there wasn't any huge AAA mmorpg games released. The new year also promises to be a busy one for gamers, and I'm sure that there'll be more than a few surprises along the way. So what will the new year hold for online gamers? Let's take a crack at foretelling the future in our 2017 mmo preview. ...
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Jan 09 2017
Top five takeaways from WoW micro-holidays
One of the highlights of online gaming is when a special event occurs in-game. Players look forward all year long to the usual seasonal events (such as Christmas and summer) as well as other special events that are unique to an online rpg. The usual pattern of such mmo events is that they offer some really great rewards that players can earn while doing tasks for the length of the event itself, which is normally two to three weeks. However, the u...
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Jan 04 2017
2016 mmo review
Another year is in the books for the virtual worlds of online games. This has been an interesting year, with both some good and some bad. As always, a number of things that had been predicted for 2016 failed to come true while others did. Some interesting trends emerged over the last year, and we saw a cultural phenomenon take place in front of our very eyes. Before we ring in the new year, let's take a look back in our 2016 mmo review. Let's be...
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Jan 02 2017
Top five mmo tributes to fallen icons
Being part of a fandom means having a connection with other fans as well as those who brought those fandoms to life, such as actors, authors, and creators. This belonging to a fandom reaches into the heart and soul of mmorpg gamers as we all love to adventure in virtual worlds with our online brethren who share similar interests. An example is that a game like Lord of the Rings Online is filled with players who love the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. B...
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Dec 30 2016
How to solve the mmo class balance problem
There have long been many debates that have raged within the mmorpg games we love to play. Players have endlessly argued about the merits, or lack thereof, of crafting, player housing, open world PvP, and much more. One facet of online games that always gets more than its fair share of scrutiny is the question of class balance. It's a given whenever a new online game is being developed that players will continually ask how mmo class balance will ...
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Dec 28 2016
How should players react to DDO and LotRO leaving Turbine?
The end of the year is typically a slow news time for mmo games. Developers and gamers alike are looking to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family, but this year has seen a big announcement come out concerning the future of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. There has long been speculation that the games may eventually shut down due to Turbine wanting to focus their attention on the very profitable arena of mobile...
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Dec 27 2016
Top five mmo Christmas events
It's the most magical time of the year. Nothing beats the Christmas season for holiday cheer as carolers sing and much eggnog is quaffed. While stuffing oneself with the Christmas goose and getting presents is grand, this time of year is also great for gamers as the virtual worlds of mmo games come alive with special holiday events. The scope of the events vary considerably from game to game, but they add something special to the gameplay experie...
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Dec 22 2016