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Top five mmo tributes to fallen icons
Being part of a fandom means having a connection with other fans as well as those who brought those fandoms to life, such as actors, authors, and creators. This belonging to a fandom reaches into the heart and soul of mmorpg gamers as we all love to adventure in virtual worlds with our online brethren who share similar interests. An example is that a game like Lord of the Rings Online is filled with players who love the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. B...
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Dec 30 2016
How to solve the mmo class balance problem
There have long been many debates that have raged within the mmorpg games we love to play. Players have endlessly argued about the merits, or lack thereof, of crafting, player housing, open world PvP, and much more. One facet of online games that always gets more than its fair share of scrutiny is the question of class balance. It's a given whenever a new online game is being developed that players will continually ask how mmo class balance will ...
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Dec 28 2016
How should players react to DDO and LotRO leaving Turbine?
The end of the year is typically a slow news time for mmo games. Developers and gamers alike are looking to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family, but this year has seen a big announcement come out concerning the future of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. There has long been speculation that the games may eventually shut down due to Turbine wanting to focus their attention on the very profitable arena of mobile...
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Dec 27 2016
Top five mmo Christmas events
It's the most magical time of the year. Nothing beats the Christmas season for holiday cheer as carolers sing and much eggnog is quaffed. While stuffing oneself with the Christmas goose and getting presents is grand, this time of year is also great for gamers as the virtual worlds of mmo games come alive with special holiday events. The scope of the events vary considerably from game to game, but they add something special to the gameplay experie...
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Dec 22 2016
How to make a great f2p mmo
The last year has been an interesting one for the virtual world of online games. It seemed that the free-to-play mmo was going to continue to be the undisputed king, especially in light of games like League of Legends that rake in over a billion dollars. Yet a funny thing began to occur as many game companies began to realize that very few games will ever match the success of League of Legends. Newer titles like Overwatch released not as a f2p mm...
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Dec 20 2016
Top five takeaways of World of Warcraft Nostalrius server resurrection
Nostalgia remains a potent force in the lives of gamers. One would think that the relatively new existence of mmorpg games would lead to a lack of nostalgia, but such a sentiment would be wrong. The original crop of online gamers lament the lack of challenge found in most mmo games today and still wistfully talk about the vibrant, albeit small, communities that were forged long ago. One particular area of nostalgia is for vanilla World of Warcraf...
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Dec 16 2016
Looking at the League of Legends deal with MLBAM
There is one aspect of eSports that perfectly coincides with traditional sports, which is seeking to gain as much revenue as possible through advertising and other means. While an online rpg like League of Legends makes over a billion dollars a year from its players, there is definitely an issue in monetizing the eSports tournament format. Regular sports, such as football and basketball, make hundreds of millions of dollars every year through adv...
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Dec 14 2016
Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland review 2016
You know the holiday season has arrived in Star Trek Online when Q appears to whisk you away to his Winter Wonderland. It's become a holiday tradition in the sci-fi online rpg for the sarcastic and narcissistic alien to invite all the starship captains to enjoy the fruits of his labors by partaking of holiday-themed activities on his specially created world. Does fighting off hordes of Borg-assimilated snowmen still provide some holiday cheer? Fi...
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Dec 12 2016
La Tale Demigod update preview
There are a lot of reasons for players to get excited about an update to their favorite online rpg. Usually players get to look forward to some challenging new content or the introduction of new features, but the best possible component of any update is a new class. There's just something about an online game getting a new class for players to try out. It's kind of like the virtual equivalent of that new car smell. The latest update for the La Ta...
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Dec 09 2016
Top five worst mmo features
There are a lot of compelling reasons to play an online rpg, such as escaping the drudgery of our daily lives and being able to adventure in fantastic worlds. Developers spend a lot of time crafting innovative and, hopefully, fun features to keep gamers playing, but not all mmo features are created equal. A number of systems that were once considered standard have been jettisoned while others have stood the test of time. We're here to take a look...
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Dec 08 2016