Tally Ho! Saddle Up For Our Neverwinter Mount System Review

By Jeff Francis
Neverwinter mount system review

One of the hallmarks of any online adventurer is gaining that first mount. Even in this era of free-to-play mmo games that allow for instant travel between zones, I still find the acquisition and collecting of mounts to be a powerful lure. For older players, getting that first mount was a personal achievement after logging in many hours of playing time. Usually, the acquisition of said mount took a good deal of sacrifice and patience, but it was always worth it in the end. Where a player was once forced to jog to his quest location, he could now ride a majestic steed in style. The Neverwinter mmo features a huge menagerie of mounts for players to acquire, ranging from standard horses to more exotic fare like the Striped Owlbear of Tenser's Floating Disk. The new Neverwinter mount system, introduced in The Maze Engine update, greatly expands the scope of these modes of transport. Let's tighten the cinches and saddle up as we expound upon the new system in our Neverwinter mount system review.

Neverwinter stable

Prior to the launch of the new Neverwinter mount system, most mounts only offered players the benefit of faster travel speeds. Of course, that has always been the principal role of mounts in online games since time immemorial, but at least the mounts in Neverwinter are a varied and entertaining lot. Epic and legendary mounts offered an equip power, such as a hit point or other characteristic increase, and legendary mounts also featured a combat power to help their owners, usually taking the form of the mount appearing and doing damage to a player's foes. As for the lower tier of mounts, they only offered a differing range of speeds. That all changed when The Maze Engine update launched.

The very first feature of the new Neverwinter mount system that players noticed was that mounts no longer take up precious inventory space. When you pick up a new mount in the game, it will automatically be added to your overall mount inventory. For those mounts that you already had before the new system came into play, you'll have to manually click on them to add them. Still, this is a tremendous boon of the new system as well all know how precious inventory space is in Neverwinter (which you can play for free here). While there are more tangible, and useful, benefits for the player with the new system, freeing up inventory space is still a huge plus in my book.

Neverwinter insignia sets

Now's the part of our Neverwinter mount system review where we get to the core of the new feature.: the stable and insignias. The mmo player can have five mounts in his stable at one time. These mounts can easily be swapped out with any of the other mounts owned by the player. There is also a handy link to the collections page so that players can see what other mounts are available (and probably drool over). Each mount now comes with two or three insignia slots. Overall, there are six different types of insignia slots (five of which have a corresponding shape): Barbed, Crescent, Enlightened, Illuminated, Regal, and Universal (which can take any type of insignia). There are different types of insignias, such as Aggression, Courage, Dominance, Prosperity, and Leeching. Insignias add bonuses that depend upon their specific type and are increased by their rarity level. An Insignia of Aggression will add armor penetration and an action point gain while an Insignia of Vigor will add movement and stamina/guard gain. It must be noted that the a specific insignia type (Aggression, Prosperity, etc.) can take the form of different slot shapes (such as Barbed or Illuminated). Insignias can be gained through resource nodes, dungeon bosses, and the latest lockbox. I would recommend hitting up the auction house to grab some basic ones.

The importance of these insignia in the new Neverwinter mount system is twofold. The first is that the player gains the benefits of any insignias slotted on the five mounts currently in their stable. This is a pretty nice bit of execution as it allows the players to mix and match the various mounts and equipped insignias to get the best possible benefit. The second factor of importance is the set bonus. Each mount has a number of set bonuses that are possible when the correct combination of insignias are equipped. For example, the Survivor's Gift set bonus (one Crescent and one Barbed) heals the player for 1.2% of their health when they deflect an attack. Warlord's Inspiration (two Regal and one Enlightened) makes the player's summoned companion inflict 20% more damage in combat. There is a good range of sets available, and I really love how the player can quickly see what sets are available for each mount in their stable or in general. The devs did a great job in allowing players to quickly access all the information that they need.

Neverwinter blue ribbon pig

There is one more facet of the new system I would like to touch on in our Neverwinter mount system review. I'm a huge fan of being able to choose different cosmetic features in the online rpg games that I play. While the player may choose a set of five mounts for his stable based upon their bonuses, it does not mean that his preferred mount will necessarily make the cut. I love riding my Blue Ribbon Pig around as the sight of my Trickster Rogue elf riding a giant pig always cracks me up, but I may have other mounts I prefer to have in my stable. One of the really good benefits of the new mount system is that players can choose a different cosmetic appearance for their current mount. A player just goes to his "current" section under their mount tab (on the player's character record) and select the "change mount" option, which then opens up a drop-down menu of all the player's available mounts. Just select one and you'll be visually riding your preferred mount while still gaining the benefit of the actual equipped mount.

So what's the verdict in our Neverwinter mount system review? I have to give it a hearty thumbs up as I really love the new feature. It's simple to use but offers some great benefits to the player. It's great that the player gains power from not just one mount but from all five in his stable. There's a lot to play with, especially with the new insignia system and different set powers. Overall, the new mount system is extremely well designed and offers a lot of flexibility to the player (and more inventory space!).


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