MMO Valentine's Day Roundup

By Jeff Francis
MMO Valentine's Day roundup

It's that special time of year when love is in the air and florists cackle with glee as beleaguered men fight for the last rose: Valentine's Day. The online world of mmorpg games is not immune to the stirring heart of passion as they too pay homage to Cupid. Many of your favorite mmos are having special events to commemorate Valentine's Day and the activities can vary wildly from game to game. In an effort to help your online persona successfully take part in this most romantic of holidays, we offer this mmo Valentine's Day roundup.

World of Warcraft
The first mmorpg in our Valentine's Day roundup is World of Warcraft. Blizzard is bringing back the "Love is in the Air" seasonal event that will run from February 10th through February 24th, whereupon the Crown Chemical Co. returns yet again. Players can collect charms to add to their Lovely Charm Collector's Kit by undertaking various tasks. Special items can be bought from vendors using love tokens that are earned in several ways. Questing isn't ignored either as the event features a quest chain and daily quests for players to complete.

World of Warcraft valentine

Forge of Empires
The Titanic's star-crossed lovers, Jack and Rose, are reunited in our next mmo Valentine's Day event: Forge of Empires. Players can take part in the game's "Season of Hearts" that lasts through February 16th to help the lovebirds achieve true happiness. Gamers can take special quests to help the couple, after which the player will be given the Tree of Life boost. This boost adds a large happiness boost to your cities' denizens. If you already have the Tree of Life from past years, you can do the current quests to get a better version of the Tree of Life for you to use. In addition, Forge of Empires is handing out new avatars during the Valentine's Day event.

Guns and Robots
Guns and Robots has two separate activities for their Valentine's Day event, which runs from February 10th to February 16th. The mmo has a new game mode where the objective is to protect a player. One of the players is designated the VIP and teams will earn points by protecting them through the match. There are credits to be won as well as a new weapon that charms the enemies. Players can also take part in the "Heartbreaking" contest to win credits as well. There will be plenty of freebies given out during the Valentine's Day event.

Final Fantasy XIV
Our next mmo Valentine's Day event takes place in Final Fantasy XIV and lasts through February 17th. This event celebrates the memory of the Countess Arabelle de Valentione, who gave up her sheltered court life for true love. Players can take up the cause of love by undergoing quests. Rewards include cosmetic items, but the big rewards are the prismatic hearts that create the illusion of half a heart. A couple can show their devotion and be encased by a glowing heart that shows the world their true feelings.

Final Fantasy XIV valentine

The Vindictus Valentine's Day event involves mercenaries and pink. The "Save the Princess" event has players questing to save a kidnapped princess from the clutches of a lovesick kobold warlord. Players will have to storm the warlord's fortress to save her. Completing the dungeon rewards you with tickets to use on the special roulette wheel to win items. Finally, the game's shop has several Valentine's Day-themed items for sale, including rings that you can inscribe with your name to give to a loved one and pink dye kits.

RF Online
RF Online celebrates this romantic holiday with a scavenger hunt. Lasting until February 14th, each server will have a list of riddles that hint at items that need to be brought to GMs who are hidden somewhere on the server. The hiding spots change over time and players will only have two hours per session to complete the tasks. The first five couples on each server that complete the tasks will gain a reward.

As you can see, many mmo games are celebrating Valentine's Day with a special event. Take the time to log in and partake of this seasonal content, especially if you're logging in with that special someone.


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