Wearing the Eye Patch in Our Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury Review

By Jeff Francis
Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury review

One of the most popular characters in the Marvel movies isn't a mutant or a god from another dimension. He's just a tough-as-nails man who sports an eye patch and who just happens to run SHIELD. Of course, we're talking about the iconic Nick Fury, ably played by Samuel L. Jackson. Now this tough guy is a playable hero in the Marvel Heroes Omega online rpg, and we decided to put him through our mmo boot camp to see how he plays. Find out if we're ready to enlist in SHIELD in our Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury review.

Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury

Some background information before we dive fully into our Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury review. Personally, I've been a fan of Nick Fury since he was a cigar-chomping World War II commando. Eventually, this combat veteran was reworked as the head of SHIELD, who kept age at bay by using the Infinity Formula. While my tastes ran more towards the popular superheroes, such as the X-Men, I always had a soft spot for Nick Fury. I even watched the TV movie that starred David Hasselhoff in the late 1990s. Today, everyone associates Samuel L. Jackson with Nick Fury as he plays the part with gusto, as well as a bad-ass attitude. As for this Nick Fury review, I have to say that this isn't an endgame review for the character. I played the mmo and ran the hero through his paces to get a taste for how he plays and whether his powers were useful or not. His endgame build will naturally be different from what most players will use while leveling.

Now let's kick off our Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury review by going over his powers. Fury has two principal power trees (which is now the norm in the game, which you can play for free here): Elite Operative and Head of SHIELD. Elite Operative features mostly gun-based powers, such as Covering Fire (suppressive fire from a machine gun), Triple Tap (basic ranged attack of two shots), and Target Down (ranged shot from a high-powered rifle). There are two ranged AOE grenade attacks as well. Conversely, Head of SHIELD features some exotic abilities. These range from Never See Me Coming (has the hero go into stealth) to Drone Strike (summons SHIELD drones to crash down onto your enemies) to Danger Close (has the Helicarrier launch a precision missile strike).

Overall, the powers available for Nick Fury are pretty interesting. A few powers are more useful at lower levels and will be swapped out as the character levels up. I replaced the Open Fire! (ranged attack of automatic gunfire) with Covering Fire. My favorite ranged attack is Target Down. This attack is a highly-damaging single shot that will drop most enemies. The only drawback is that the player only has one shot available until he reloads. I also found Fire and Forget (rocket launcher attack) to be pretty useful as well in combat. The Head of Shield powers are a mixed bag. I rarely used Never See Me Coming as I was usually focused on attacking. The Drone Strike was eventually replaced with Danger Close on my hotbar. Lola on Loan is a fun power, even though it's not the most accurate. This power allows the player to borrow Phil Coulson's flying car and use it to strafe the bad guys. I just got a kick out of seeing the car zooming across the screen. Eyes Everywhere is a potent AOE attack, but it does have a long cooldown of thirty seconds.

Marvel Heroes Omega motorcycle

Now let's turn our attention in this Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury review to how fun (or not) the character is to play. Overall, I found Nick Fury to be a highly capable combatant (as he should be) and fun to play. I did find some powers to be somewhat lackluster, such as Never See Me Coming, but most of them are pretty effective. The main problem was figuring out which ones to keep in my hotbar. I tended to keep one attack power of automatic fire (Covering Fire) along with Target Down (the single shot from a high-powered rifle) and a number of AOE attacks (such as Danger Close and Lola on Loan). A necessity is Fresh Clips to reload your ammo count. Born Leader is a good ability that increases the damage bonus of the player and any allies for a few seconds (which comes in handy with Target Down). An interesting feature of many of the powers is that they will cause summoned members of the player's fire team to attack that specific opponent. On the Talents & Traits section, players can select fire team members that can be summoned during combat. These additions are pretty handy, and I found it damn cool that the first one available is Dum Dum Dugan himself in all his bowler hat glory. Nick Fury does put out quite a bit of damage as long as the player keeps cycling through the various powers and then reloading (which refreshes the powers that only have a few charges).

So what's the verdict in our Marvel Heroes Omega Nick Fury review? I have to say that he's a nice addition to the mmorpg and fun to play in combat. I particularly like his fire team feature that summons additional forces during a fight. His dialogue, while sparse, is of the tough guy variety. I would have loved to have seen his travel power be a miniature helicarrier, but I suppose I can live with the motorcycle instead. In the end, Marvel Heroes Omega managed to put a unique spin upon a character that doesn't have any particular superpowers to make him stand out.


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