Defeat the Hand in Our Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders Event Review

By Jeff Francis
Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event review

Marvel Heroes Omega offers up a regular dose of superhero-themed action. While this is a great thing, one of the coolest features of the free mmo is that it works to tie itself into any new Marvel movie or TV show that is released. The latest Marvel media project is the long-anticipated Defenders series that finally sees Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Daredevil team up. (If you haven't watch the show yet, do yourself a favor and do so!) To commemorate the launch of the show, the game is having a special Defenders-themed event. It's time to suit up and face off against The Hand in our Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event review.

Marvel Heroes Omega Misty Knight

Let's begin our Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event review with the basics. The actual event has several components. The first is a daily quest, and the second features some nifty rewards that can be earned by turning in event currency. Three new costumes have also been released; one each for Luke Cage, Elektra, and Daredevil. These costumes are based upon the characters as they appear in The Defenders Netflix series. The Elektra one looks especially sharp. Finally, gamers can earn 50% bonus xp while playing as Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Elektra. One last note is that the Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event ends on September 7th.

Squaring off against the ninja assassins of The Hand is the main feature of this event, so let's turn our Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event review to that. When the player first logs in, they'll get a message from Misty Knight asking to have them meet her at Avengers Tower. Once the mmo player gets to Avengers Tower, they can complete the quest to talk to her. She then tasks the player with going out on patrol and defeating The Hand. I have to say that Misty Knight looks really cool and bad-ass. Her pitch to the player reads, "Hey, hero. We've got a sitch with The Hand. Are you in? I need you to patrol the streets and take down The Hand. I might even throw in a lil' bonus for you if you make a daily habit out of it." When the player talks to Misty Knight the first time, they get 50 Orders from The Hand, which is the event currency used to buy the rewards. From there, the player heads off to combat those dastardly ninjas.

Marvel Heroes Omega The Hand

The basics of the enter Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event is that the player travels to either the Midtown Patrol or Hightown Patrol maps and looks for The Hand. To complete the endeavor, the player has to defeat 200 elite enemies and 200 Hand Ninjas. The elite enemies portion is easily done as they're everywhere. Any type of elite bad guy on the patrol maps counts towards this goal. The hard part is racking up 200 ninjas. I would recommend using your transport power to quickly move around the edges of the patrol maps, which is where I found the vast majority of the Hand Ninjas that I encountered. They can usually be found in groups of three, but they will sometimes spring an ambush, which means you can kill a decent number of them. The vast majority of Hand Ninjas are the usual mobs, and you will usually see one blue elite with them. The larger ambushes can result in a yellow elite showing up to fight at the end. Another useful tip is to look for small manhole covers in the street or on a patio. These manhole covers are smaller than the decorative ones found throughout the maps, and you can click on them to trigger an ambush. It will take a bit of time of running around to find and defeat 200 of these buggers. When you do, you'll gain 20 Orders from The Hand. It's also possible that some Orders of The Hand will drop as loot after you defeat some of them. While the quest says daily, I ran it multiple times in a single day, getting 20 Orders of The Hand each time.

Marvel Heroes Omega Elektra

So what are the rewards that mmorpg players can earn for partaking of the Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event? You can turn in your Orders of The Hand to snag some interesting artifacts and rings. There's Luke's Lucky Chain that adds to the damage rating for summoned powers and to the player's overall damage rating, and this item has a standard and cosmic version. The Bullseye's Deck of Cards adds to the damage rating for ranged powers and gives them a chance to eliminate any non-boss or elite enemy once every 10 seconds. Kirigi's Tetsubishi increases the damage rating of movement powers, increases the damage of area powers for a few seconds after the player hits with a movement power, and restores a charge of Dash Powers when a signature power is used. Elektra's Bandana is pretty cool. It increases damage for signature and melee powers, but the cool aspect of this artifact is that the player may summon Elektra for 10 seconds when a signature power is used. The Kingpin's Ring of Stature adds +1 to all attributes, adds damage to summon powers, increases health, and gives a bonus to Brutal Strike Rating and Critical Hit Rating for 2 minutes after the character's ultimate power is used, even if the character dies. The Kingpin's Ring of Power is the same as the previous ring except it increases the damage rating for melee powers and not summon powers.

So, what's our verdict in our Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event review? I give it a thumbs-up but not an enthusiastic thumbs-up. I like going around and killing ninjas, but doing the patrols is basically the gist of the entire event. The rewards are pretty nice, but it can take you a bit of time to pick up enough Orders of The Hand to get a few of them. (This is standard for every online game in existence.) However, I had hoped that they would have done a little bit more, such as even a single themed adventure. One of the great features of Marvel Heroes Omega (which you can play for free here) is the Danger Room. It would have been interesting to have a Danger Room scenario for a The Hand or Defenders-themed mission that the gamers could play through or create. Still, the event does give you something for running around and doing the patrols that you're likely doing any way. Plus, you never need an excuse to hunt down ninjas.


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