Bloodlust Rules in Our Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage Review

By Jeff Francis
Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage review

One of the interesting features of the Marvel comics is that it's comprised of individual pockets that are essentially their own universe. Just look at the Uncanny X-Men and how almost every mutant storyline and character falls within their range of comics. The same could be said for the Avengers as well as for Spider-Man. This makes sense as it allows different types of stories to be told that pertain more readily to one area of the comics universe than to others. Our focus today is on Spider-Man, whose roster of characters has expanded quite a bit from the days of the Vulture and Green Goblin. Newer characters like Venom and Carnage have carved out a popular niche for themselves over the last twenty or so years, and now Carnage has become the latest playable character in the Marvel Heroes Omega free mmo. We thought it was time to go a little bit crazy and try out this hero/villain. Read on for our impressions in this Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage review.

Let's begin our Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage review with a quick overview of the character. Personally, I was not that familiar with him as I never read the Spider-Man books on a regular basis (X-Men all the way!). The official Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage bio reads, "Homicidal maniac, Cletus Kasady was serving out his life sentence in prison when a new cellmate moved in, Eddie Brock aka Venom. In the midst of a jailbreak, the Venom symbiote spawned an offspring that bonded to Cletus, creating a symbiote that was stronger and deadlier than either Spider-Man or Venom. Known for cutting brutal and bloody swaths throughout the country he has more than earned the name: Carnage! Inverted by the events of Axis, Carnage appears to be acting heroic...kind of. Still prone to his violent tendencies, Carnage now fights on the side of the heroes, hacking up any bad guys who cross his path."

Let's turn our Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage review to his powers. After the revamp that the mmo did a little while ago, Carnage has two power trees and one tree of talents and traits. The Bloodlust power tree is essentially a collection of melee attacks, such as the Slaying Swipes basic melee attack and Slice and Dice (does up to five hits with damage inflicted per hit). There is one non-attack power, Ruthless Webbing (immobilizes foes). The Organic Weapons power tree are melee and ranged attacks that represent the organic weapons that Carnage can create, such as Axe Sweep that reshapes his hands into a giant axe that attacks surrounding enemies. Of his starting Talents & Traits abilities, the most important one early on is Symbiotic Protection. Basically, this ability works when a player uses a power that generates a specific amount of symbiotic protection. This protection then negates a large percentage of incoming damage and then absorbs the rest (which then depletes it, requiring it to be recharged).

Marvel Heroes Omega Venom

So how is the Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage character in combat? I have to say that I really like how Gazillion designed this character. There are a number of interesting mechanics for Carnage. Some powers cost health to use, such as Axe Sweep and To the Point, but generate symbiotic protection. You would think that such powers would really drain Carnage of his health pretty quickly, but the character has a lot of attack powers that replenish his health in combat, such as Ravenous Claw and Reaping Time. One of the more interesting mechanics comes into play with Slaying Swipes, the basic melee attack of Carnage. The form of Slaying Swipes and its effect will utterly depend upon the last weapon type that Carnage used (mostly from the Organic Weapons power tree). If he used a claw attack, then Slaying Swipes will regenerate health with every hit. If Carnage had used a knife attack previously, then Slaying Swipes would have an extra 10% critical hit chance while a mace attack would yield a 10% bonus to the brutal strike chance. This allows the player to change his attack style depending upon the circumstances that the player is facing. You can use a specific weapon attack to dish out damage in a specific way (Mauling Mace does a leaping mace attack that knocks enemies down while Axe Throw launches a ranged axe attack) and then do another one to change how Slaying Swipes works. I would do Axe Sweeps to clear out trash mobs and then switch to a claw attack (both claw powers are in the Bloodlust tree) to then get some healing while dropping foes.

Overall, Carnage is a very versatile character in combat within Marvel Heroes Omega (which you can play for free here). I tended to use him as a straight melee fighter as that's what I'm used to. However, he can do a number of ranged attacks, and he can be very mobile as well. His Vicious Lunge power has six charges and allows him to move a short distance while removing crowd control effects. His Ruthless Webbing power (immobilization of enemies) works pretty well to keep enemies rooted while he's hopping around. His many regenerating attacks served me pretty well in combat against bosses, and it was pretty rare for me to use a med kit. Of course, such combat strategies may change once he reaches endgame, but the focus of this Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage review is on how he plays through the beginning stages of the game. I fully understand that builds will change drastically later on, especially as the full Talents & Traits tree is unlocked.

Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage

So, what's the verdict in our Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage review? I have to say that I really liked playing him in the mmorpg despite not knowing too much about him. He's very versatile and effective in combat, and I like the visuals that his Organic Weapons powers do, such as transforming his hand into a huge axe. There are several combat styles one could do with him, and I have to admit that he looks both creepy and cool. Even his movement power of Web Swing looks like an ickier version of Spider-Man's swing. I also have to say that his quotes in the game are pretty amusing to listen to. They're both kind of psychotic and funny at the same time. In the end, he's an entertaining character for players to use, so I give him a definite thumbs up.


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