5 Reasons Why We Love Marvel Heroes

By Jeff Francis
Why we love Marvel Heroes

While putting on spandex and a cape might earn you a ticket to the funny farm in real life, it's a prerequisite for smiting bad guys in the Marvel Heroes mmorpg. I've been playing this game a lot of recently for a number of reasons. Primary is that I've long been a comic book fan and grew up reading Marvel comics such as The Uncanny X-Men or Alpha Flight. Another is the Diablo-style action merged with the Marvel universe. Be that as it may, there are many reasons why players love Marvel Heroes. Our particular criteria may be different from one another, but there are some great features found within the game that really make me enjoy playing it. Here are five reasons why we love playing Marvel Heroes.

First and foremost, let me state that this list will feature gameplay features as reasons why we love playing Marvel Heroes. I will not talk about playing within the Marvel universe or interacting with npcs that I have known for years from the comics. Nor will I discuss the fact that playing as a superhero is always cool. Our focus here will be on in-game features.

Marvel Heroes instance

Our first Marvel Heroes feature that have us loving the mmo is instances. Yes, I know that every other online game on the market has them, but I particularly like how this game does them. The public zones in the game are a veritable free-for-all, with bad guys spawning like mad. The action is non-stop as waves of villains keep coming at you, and it can get a little overwhelming at times, especially if you're trying to figure out how to spend your points when you level up. Instances are like an oasis of calm in a desert of mayhem. I love how most instances are pretty small, allowing you to run through them in a few minutes. Once you're done clearing out the place, you can pause for a bit and do some minor tasks, such as going through your inventory or spending those power points. Even better is that you get a chest of rewards for clearing out an instance.

Random Events
Another reason why we love Marvel Heroes is the random events. These events add some spice to the traveling through a zone. While some of these events are boss fights, such as Electro, I really like the ones where hordes of low-level flunkies show up. Having Hydra do a beach invasion or having mobs of Hand ninjas coming out of the woodwork is quite fun. These random events aren't earth-shattering and that's a good thing. They're not too epic where you'll need a large group of players to succeed, and they provide a nice little diversion from what you were doing.

Survival Challenges
One aspect of the mmo that I enjoy is that I feel like a bad-ass when playing. Very few mmo games allow players to wade through mobs of bad guys like a hot knife through butter. Marvel Heroes allows you to do so, which makes you feel that you're a thousand times for powerful than the scum you're beating up on. An area you can venture into for non-stop carnage and really feeling powerful is by undertaking survival challenges, such as Midtown Patrol and X-Defense. These areas are like the public combat zones but on steroids. Mobs of different villains will spawn and try to swarm you. Eventually, a boss will appear and once you beat him, they go away. The action never stops in the survival challenges, and it's a good way to earn some xp and some loot.

Marvel Heroes random events

Legendary Quests
Another feature in Marvel Heroes that has me loving the game is legendary quests. Players will pick these up starting at level twenty. These are quests that will have you travelling around the different zones in the game to fulfill them. Some require you to fight and defeat a particular villain or defeat a certain number of a specific mob. Any feature that has you more fully exploring the zones of the game is a good thing in my opinion. You get an excellent amount of xp for doing legendary quests and you earn Legendary Marks of Odin for completing them. For killing mobs, I usually head over to a survival challenge to fulfill them quickly.

Our last reason for why we love Marvel Heroes is the fact that it's free-to-play. While many other mmos are free-to-play, I like the way that this game handles it. You can play through the game for free and earn eternity splinters to buy additional heroes for your roster. If you want to a different costume for your hero, you'll need to spend some cash to do so, but it has no effect on the gameplay. I'm just looking to play the game, and I don't mind paying for any additional bells and whistles as that the game needs to make money. Personally, I'm content with the basic look for my superhero.

As you can see, there are a number of features found within the game that make me love Marvel Heroes. I get to feel like a high-powered hero beating up on mobs of villains, I can earn xp and Marks of Odin by doing legendary quests, and the random events throw some interesting twists while you're wandering around. Throw in instances where you can relax a bit and earn a loot chest and the fact that the game is free-to-play. It all adds up to a good time, which is what gaming is all about.


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