My Journey So Far in Marvel Heroes

By Jeff Francis
Marvel Heroes journey

I've long been a comic geek and have particularly been a fan of the Marvel universe since I was pretty young. I grew up reading various series such as Alpha Flight, The Uncanny X-Men, The New Mutants, and many others. I even used to own a comic shop and have bought and sold many a comic. That's why I've always been interested in the Marvel Heroes mmorpg. Throw in the fact that it marries the frenetic action of Diablo with all the superhero goodness of Marvel, it sounds like a fun match. So I delved into the game not too long ago, and here are my thoughts on my journey so far in Marvel Heroes.

The first order of business when I started playing Marvel Heroes was to select the superhero that I wanted to play. I decided to go with the Punisher for several reasons. The first is that I've always liked the character. How can you not root for Frank Castle, who turned to vigilantism after his family was killed by the mob? I've always found his character intense and a marked contrast from the normal Marvel heroes I normally read. I also coveted his original mini-series that my best friend owned that I was unable to snag. The second reason why I chose the Punisher is that he's a ranged combatant. I prefer to sling attacks from a distance when I play mmorpg games as my hand-eye coordination isn't what it used to be as I'm getting older.

Marvel Heroes Punisher

Once I chose my initial hero, off I went into the game to lay down some lethal justice. First and foremost, the thing I like about Marvel Heroes the best is the gameplay. I loved Diablo where I felt like a king smacking bad guys down by the horde. That style lends itself incredibly well to this mmo as your hero should a truly powerful hero. I literally lost count of the number of bad guys that I've dispatched. It definitely feels like thousands of Hand ninjas or Hydra goons have fallen under my withering barrage. I guess they have great recruitment drives to keep their numbers up.

Another aspect of the game that I've enjoyed as I journeyed through it is the unfolding story. I'm getting pretty close to the end and will be making the leap to the next difficulty level, but I like following the plot as it plays out. While the banter between the heroes in the cutscenes is kind of hokey, I do like the interplay between the villains. I've always been a stickler for lore and story, and I've always preferred having a reason to do things.

The various zones within Marvel Heroes provide some nice contrast between one another. My particular favorite so far is The Savage Land. I don't know what it is, but fighting guys who are riding dinosaurs seem to up the cool factor. The only thing that I find somewhat irritating is trying to find that one missing waypoint that I just can't seem to find. Also, I tend to start going over my inventory and not realize that I'm getting swarmed by bad guys. The forces of evil never seem to rest.

One item in Marvel Heroes that has recently sucked me in is the survival challenges. Running around Midtown Patrol or X-Defense is addictive. While the normal zones respawn very fast, respawning in the challenge zones is on steroids. I like fighting off seemingly endless waves of bad guys and then beat down the boss monster. I do tend to rush in as I saw a horde of Sentinels land (I think the Sentinels are my favorite thing to fight in the game) and I ran in by myself and found myself promptly squashed.

Marvel Heroes Ms. Marvel

The other big aspect of Marvel Heroes that I'm just dabbling in is the roster of heroes you can have. I earned enough eternity splinters and purchased a random hero to play. The luck of the draw gave me Ms. Marvel in all her spandex glory. I've run a few chapters with her and it's been different running as a melee hero as opposed to range. Still, it's been fun and heaving cars around is a blast.

So far, I haven't done much with crafting as I usually hate it in mmos. I prefer to spend my time whipping the tar out of supervillains, but I'll definitely look into it. I'm also planning on trying  my hand at PvP when me ego feels good enough to take a beating. At best, I'm mediocre at PvP so I'm used to getting owned. All in all though, I've greatly enjoyed my journey so far in Marvel Heroes. I was looking for a game that has lots of action and is fun to play, and I have to say that the game delivers. Now if only they would release Howard the Duck as a playable hero...


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