From VR to African Lore, Why We're Looking Forward to Rangi

By Jeff Francis
Looking forward to Rangi

The evolution of online games has been amazing to follow, especially as it concerns mobile games. For years, the standard bearer of online games has been the personal computer, which was then augmented by laptops and consoles. Now the biggest and most exciting growth sector is mobile gaming, and these games have proven to be massively popular and successful. One of the more intriguing titles that is currently in development is Rangi, which is being developed by Funsoft. Let's explore the reasons why we're looking forward to Rangi.

Rangi art

The unique setting is one of the reasons why we're looking forward to Rangi. Most online games tend to take their inspiration from European, American, or Asian culture. One of the most compelling Rangi features is that the game is firmly inspired by African culture and folklore. Personally, I find this feature to be pretty exciting as I love being able to explore different cultures through gaming. The continent of Africa is rarely featured at all in gaming, so it's quite refreshing to see a developer work so hard to bring vital aspects of that region to the online realm. The background story for Rangi is really interesting and quite different from what is normally found in online games. Rangi is set in the mystical land of Ota where the people of Nichi live in harmony due to the presence of roaming musical giants. However, a rival group of people have disrupted this harmony by stealing the energy of the musical giants, which has left the giants being lost and disorientated. The player is tasked with bringing harmony and peace back to the land by venturing out and replenishing the energy of the giants. No dwarves, elves, or orcs are found here. Music and visuals are two more Rangi features that reinforce the uniqueness of the African setting. A lot of effort has been poured into the game by featuring authentic tribal music and art for players to experience.

Another reason why we're looking forward to Rangi is the promise of an extremely immersive 3D experience. Rangi is being developed with the Unity 3D engine, and the developers have stated that they are really pushing the 3D virtual reality technology on mobile devices. Virtual reality is the next big thing in gaming as it literally puts the player into the game's virtual world to experience. This virtual reality will just serve to greatly enhance the game's strong visuals based upon vibrant African tribal art, not to mention the poetic music. Who wouldn't want to travel through a colorful setting populated by wandering musical giants while experiencing lush visuals?

The virtual reality of the game also fits into another reason why we're looking forward to Rangi: the puzzles. Rangi is an adventure puzzle-based game that requires the player to solve a series of intricate puzzles in order to advance and explore the game's world. Too many games focus on mindless action or repetitive grinding as a game mechanic, which is why it's always refreshing to see a game focus on a true mental challenge for the players to undertake and solve. Puzzles have long been a staple of enjoyment and a test of mental acuity, ranging from the daily crossword puzzle to the most brain-stumping logic puzzles. Puzzles as the foundation for an online game is nothing new, but this aspect of the game is greatly enhanced by both the African setting and the 3D virtual reality. We're really hoping for some mind-blowing puzzles that take full advantage of the 3D aspect of the game. (As long as I don't get vertigo from trying to solve a 3D puzzle in the game's virtual worlds, then I'll be happy.)

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why we're looking forward to Rangi. There are a number of Rangi features that will set the game apart, with the biggest one being that it is fully based upon African folklore and mythology. It's great to see an online game use something different than medieval Europe as an inspiration, and we're excited to dive into the colorful world and experience it in full 3D virtual reality. Of course, the 3D aspect of the game should lend itself to create some fiendishly challenging puzzles. Overall, Rangi looks to offer something different from the usual online game experience.


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