Infinite Crisis Beta Impressions

By Jeff Francis
Infinite Crisis beta impressions

Gamers today have a plethora of choices when it comes to online games as more and more titles are released every month. While many players consider mmorpg games to be the standard bearer of the hobby, the moba games have exploded in popularity. In fact, moba titles such as Dota 2 and League of Legends are the most played games in the West, with League of Legends averaging over 4 million players per day. So it's no surprise that game companies are looking to publish their own moba games. One of the most intriguing is Infinite Crisis from Turbine. In this mmo, players pick champions from the vast roster of DC Comics' superheroes and villains. You can play as the Batman, Superman, the Flash, and other lesser known characters such as Zantanna or Shazam. MMO-Play got a chance to get some time in during the beta and here are our Infinite Crisis beta impressions.

Infinite Crisis battle

Infinite Crisis marks Turbine's first foray into the moba market as they're primarily known for mmo games such as Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online. With that being said, Infinite Crisis comes across as extremely polished. The gameplay of this mmo will be familiar to players of other mobas such as League of Legends. Each champion comes with four abilities, a passive, and two stolen superpowers. These stolen superpowers are akin to the summoner spells in League of Legends. They are accumulated as a player levels up a specific champion. Once acquired, they can be used by any of your other champions. Other moba-style elements such as lanes, minions, and the accumulation of points that you can then spend on your abilities are present as well.

One element of Infinite Crisis that should get superhero fans excited is destruction. Players are able to throw or destroy objects in the game, such as cars. By using my super strength stolen power, my Joker champion was able to pick up cars on the battlefield and fling them on my opponents. While there were times it wasn't the wisest attack option, it was just too fun to pass up very often.

Infinite Crisis plays extremely smooth and the various animations are excellent. I kept cracking up watching how my champion, the Joker, walked around. I made sure I played as Batman just to see my cape flowing as I prowled the night. Turbine is making a concerted effort to help new players to the moba genre by offering recommendations to the player in which ability would be more useful to level up at the current time or which items would work best with that particular champion. I really loved how champions are laid out in the store for players to peruse. The usual information of stats, abilities, and lore are found there, but there's also a video that gives a full rundown of the champion and their abilities and roles. Very helpful for someone trying to make up their mind.

Infinite Crisis joker

The biggest draw for playing Infinite Crisis is the champions you can play. Most gamers have grown up reading comic books, so they're familiar with the many superheroes and villains found within the DC universe. While many people are familiar with the big names (Batman, Superman), other characters that are known to comic fans will become available for this mmo. (I'm hoping that the Question gets to be in the game). While the familiar moba gameplay will keep gamers playing, the ability to play as your favorite DC hero or villain will be the carrot to get players into the game.

Overall, my impressions of the Infinite Crisis beta are extremely positive. The game has a strong visual appeal and the roster of superheroes and villains just beg to be played. This mmo doesn't stray from the moba typical gameplay, and that's a good thing. While this game is accessible to new players, it can be as unforgiving as any moba can be. You'll need to work hard to be a true asset to your team. Now it's time to don some tights and a cape and dish out some justice.


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