How to View The Secret World Relaunch as Secret World Legends

By Jeff Francis
How to view the launch of Secret World Legends

In a marketplace crowded with copycat mmos, The Secret World has stood apart as a totally unique online rpg. Mixing together horror, conspiracy theories, and other assorted strangeness, TSW showed that there was something more to online gaming than just another rehashed fantasy setting. While I found the game to be extremely compelling, the game was never a true smash, eventually going from subscription-based to buy-to-play. News recently came out from Funcom that there was going to be a relaunch of The Secret World as a free-to-play, action-orientated game called Secret World Legends. Players have some conflicting emotions about this news, of course. It's time to peer into the shadowy depths as we examine how to view The Secret World relaunch as Secret World Legends.

Let's go over the basics of Secret World Legends as there are some definite changes from The Secret World. The combat system is getting totally reworked as well as the addition of visual improvements. A particular focus will be on making the introduction of the game to new players being a lot smoother than it was in TSW. One important feature of Secret World Legends is that it will play much more like a single-player rpg than a true mmo. However, there will still be a central hub where the player can mingle with other players, and a player will be able to go on quests with friends, if they choose to do so. Some, not all, of a player's vanity items in TSW will be carried over to the new game. All of the content in Secret World Legends will be totally free, but players will have to pay for extra character slots and other microtransactions. An important consideration is that The Secret World will still be fully playable, but there will no support or additional content released for it.

So how should players view The Secret World relaunch as Secret World Legends? Let's look at the positives first. The focus on a more single-player approach is not a bad thing for a horror-based game. Nothing can kill an ominous and foreboding mood like some other players acting up like a fool. When I played TSW, I only teamed up with groups when tackling dungeons and the like. I normally just played with my friend as we forged our way through the game. While I had no real problems with the combat system, I know that other players did. I can understand Funcom streamlining the game to make it more accessible to more players as it makes sense from a business point of view. The same goes for a better introduction to the game for new players. Plus, all of the content for Secret World Legends will be fully free-to-play, and this does include all future content releases. It appears that there are no hidden paywalls with the new game.

The biggest positive for The Secret World relaunch as Secret World Legends is that the original game will still be active. Players can continue playing on TSW servers just as they have been doing since the game launched. This is a radically different approach than most games take. Usually when a game relaunches, the old one is shut down and the players are forced to migrate over to the new game. While it kind of sucks that no new content will be developed for TSW, the game will still continue to exist. The cost of actually running a server today is very minimal, unlike in years past, so there's no expectation that the game will shut down for a good number of years.

The Secret World Polaris

Not everything is turning up roses with The Secret World relaunch as there are some negatives to consider. The first is that current TSW players have no new content to look forward to at all. One could argue that the game will now die a slow server death as players bleed away due to lack of support. Not offering any support at all to players who purchased the game ensures that there will an eventual exodus. One thing that many players are not happy about is that not all vanity items are being carried over to Secret World Legends. One of the hallmarks of this horror mmorpg was the incredible customization options available to players, so a lot of players accumulated a ton of vanity items over the years. Not having everything that you paid for ported over to the new game does definitely sting. Another potential negative is that the action aspect of the new game could definitely turn off those players who loved the systems as they were in TSW. There has been some chatter on how weapons will work and the nature of the new combat system, but it's still too early to make any judgments as Secret World Legends is still in closed beta.

Overall, there are reasons to both hope and fear the upcoming The Secret World relaunch as Secret World Legends. It's good that the original game will still be fully playable, but the lack of any new content and support likely means that it will continue to wither and fade away. It's also understandable for current players not to be happy if all of their vanity items are not carried over to the new game as it took time and/or money to acquire them. On the flipside, the focus on a single-player approach does fit with the horror theme of both games, and the new action-based combat does sound interesting. Making the new game more accessible to new players is a plus, and I do like that all of the content will be fully accessible to all players. It is sad that The Secret World will be entering the twilight of its existence, but hopefully the relaunch of it as Secret World Legends will draw in lots of new players to the macabre and conspiracy-laden setting.


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