How to Use Your Guild's Stronghold in Neverwinter

By Jeff Francis
How to use your Guild's Neverwinter Stronghold

Guilds have long been a central feature of mmorpg games. Guilds allow players to band together for social companionship as well as working towards a common goal, such as end-game raiding or PvP. While most online games have a guild function, far less offer some form of guild housing. Neverwinter takes guild housing to a whole new level in the form of Strongholds. Not only does a guild have a place to call their own in Neverwinter, they actually have their very own zone that features wandering monsters, quests, and the ability to create and level up structures. Players who are new to a guild in the D&D-based game can get a little lost, so we would like to offer this guide on how to use your guild's Neverwinter Stronghold.

Before we dive headfirst into our how to use Neverwinter Stronghold tips guide, I must say that this guide does not cover the mechanics of choosing structures to build, how they're leveled up, and the myriad of options guilds have in crafting their own personal Stronghold. This article is written to focus on the various Stronghold quests as well as some of the other activities the average player can do within their guild's zone.

Neverwinter NPC

The basic foundation for a Neverwinter Stronghold is the Guild Hall and the coffer. The Guild Hall (as well as every other structure) begins at rank 1 and is improved by the accumulation of resources. Players in the guild can gather resources and donate them at the coffer, which is a mimic. The higher in rank the Guild Hall becomes, the more resources the coffer can accept and store. This is important as the various structures have minimum requirements to be built, which means that the Guild Hall has to increase in level before work on them can begin. The same is true for raising the rank of a building as it requires a larger amount of resources. Players can donate a lot of different things to the coffer, such as gold, items, gems, astral diamonds, labor, glory, and items like Frozen Treasures and Fey Trinkets. The most important items a player can donate are several different types of Shards of Power and Influence. Of all these resources, Influence is the key resource.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways for players to accumulate Influence within their Neverwinter Stronghold. The most common way is to complete heroic encounters (HEs), which pop up all over the map and are clearly marked. Some heroic encounters are harder than others, so it's worthwhile to have a group when busting them out. When you successfully finish an HE, you'll gain an amount of influence as well as a gem as a reward. However, only the first five HEs completed in a day will give you Influence, with a total daily amount of 400. Heroic encounters are also a great way to gain a good deal of xp in a short amount of time if you're in a group. My guild does HE runs from time to time to level up alts, and players can gain a bunch of dropped items, scrolls of identification, gems, and potions while doing them.

As I stated before, the cap for gaining Influence from running heroic encounters is 400 per day. However, Neverwinter (which you can play for free here) does have ways for players to gain additional Influence every day. There are several Stronghold quests that players can pick up that reward a small amount of Influence upon completion. These quests become available when certain structures are built, such as the Temple, Stable, Barracks, Mercenary Outpost, and Training Yard. When these structures are built, an NPC will be located outside each one that will grant a daily quest that will reward extra Influence. These Neverwinter Stronghold quests tend to be themed to the NPC, such as the cleric at the Temple having you kill cultists while the stable master will have you run a race. You'll find yourself going to different zones to complete these quests.

Neverwinter quest

Overall, there are a fair number of Neverwinter Stronghold quests that mmorpg players can undertake. There is a pretty fun quest storyline that unfolds as the Guild Hall increases in rank. Every odd level adds another quest to the narrative, so there's a good incentive to go out and hustle up those resources. A number of profession-orientated quests pop up when the Guild Hall hits level 12. One of the most important Stronghold quests is the Dragonflight one from the Travelling Wizard, which rewards players with a Fang for completing the Dragonflight battle that features three dragons. Players can use Fangs to buy some really great equipment. The Stronghold NPCs (Cleric, Master of Coin, Builder, and Ranger) offer a number of rotating daily quests which reward different Shards of Power. These quests can range from doing an epic dungeon to completing several quests in a different adventure zone. The Builder offers daily quests to defeat named NPCs within the player's Neverwinter Stronghold. The Ranger offers a daily quest for completing three heroic encounters, so it's smart to pick it up before you start your HE run for the day. He also offers an hourly quest to kill 100 enemies within the Stronghold.

Between all the Neverwinter Stronghold quests, heroic encounters, and lurking monsters, there's a ton of stuff for players to do without ever leaving their guild's home base. I absolutely love the Stronghold system that the free mmo has created as it's versatile and fun. There's always something to do, even if you just want to kill the various mobs of monsters lurking around. One of the best features is that the higher in rank the Guild Hall becomes and the more structures that are built, the greater the number of daily quests open up for players to undertake. These adventures offer a good deal of xp and also help players continue to contribute to making their Stronghold even better through the various rewards given. Plus, it never gets tiring killing hordes of monsters and bad guys.


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