Riches Galore! How to Farm Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter

By Jeff Francis
How to farm Neverwinter astral diamonds

There's an old saying that money makes the world go round. While some may argue the merits of such a statement, there is no denying the importance of currency. This is true for the virtual world of online games as it is for the real world. Adventurers need cold hard cash (or gold) to buy gear, potions, and a few tankards of ale down at the tavern. However, not all currency is the same in this era of free-to-play mmo games. A case in point is Neverwinter, the D&D-based mmo, where in-game gold takes a distant backseat to astral diamonds. Players have been working on different systems to farm astral diamonds over the years, and the developers have responded by tweaking the system. There are some reliable ways to earn this insanely valuable currency, so let's examine some methods on how to farm Neverwinter astral diamonds.

It only takes a short time for a player to realize the importance of Neverwinter astral diamonds. While players can accumulate in-game gold to buy potions and gear from vendors, that gold is useless when it comes to the auction house. That's right - you can only spend astral diamonds to buy items from the game's auction house. There are other uses for Neverwinter astral diamonds as well. Players can purchase items and consumables from the Wondrous Bazaar with them, and they can also be used to increase the rarity level of companions. Another important aspect of them for Neverwinter (which you can play for free here) is that you can convert astral diamonds into zen, the game's cash shop currency. This is an incredibly important feature of astral diamonds as zen can be spent on many things: mounts, companions, lockbox keys, and even an actual subscription to the game.

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So how does one farm Neverwinter astral diamonds? In the past, the best method was through the Leadership profession, which used to have tasks that would generate astral diamonds once you hit level twenty in it. Many players would create a horde of alts, all of whom were level twenty in Leadership, to grind out a regular dose of ADs. Sadly, such is no longer the case. The developers also got rid of getting free ADs whenever the player invoked. In the past, a player could have gained up to 3000 astral diamonds through invoking, but that mechanic has now changed. The developers have stated that the changes made are to ensure that people are actually playing the online rpg.

Despite the changes made, there are ways to farm Neverwinter astral diamonds. One method is to salvage anything and everything possible. Rare and epic gear that are level seventy and above have the possibility of being salvageable. If an item is salvageable, it will say so when you examine it. The average ADs gained from salvaging items depends upon the rarity, but it's usually one to three thousand. Before you sell stuff to a vendor, check and see if it can be converted. Also, it's a good thing to check the auction house out as well. Sometimes, you could sell the item for more ADs than you would get from salvaging it. Speaking about the auction house, it can be your friend when trying to farm Neverwinter astral diamonds. If it can be sold, it's worthwhile to put up for sale. Selling profession related items can net you some nice change, such as the Hero asset for the Leadership profession. The Hero regularly sells for around 75-80K. If you have a rare mount, companion, or gear, then definitely slap them up on the auction house. Legendary mounts normally sell for tens of millions ADs.

The main method in how to farm Neverwinter astral diamonds is to do some daily tasks. Players can earn a good number of ADs from doing skirmishes, dungeons, and PvP. Players can earn up to 10,800 astral diamonds each for dungeons and skirmishes. Another 7,200 ADs can be picked up for taking part in Domination and Gauntlgrym PvP matches. This amount can be augmented a bit from invoking, which now gives some bonus astral diamonds for when a player earns some for completing tasks. These methods are your best bet to earn a regular amount of ADs within the mmorpg and can be banged out in pretty short order. Dungeons and skirmishes also offer the possibility of gaining salvageable loot. Most of the methods for farming Neverwinter astral diamonds above give the player "rough" astral diamonds, which will need to be refined. A player can refine up to 36,000 ADs a day, and it is this refined version that is used on the auction house.

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Finally, there is one other way to farm Neverwinter astral diamonds: the Foundry. Players can give ADs to the creator of a Foundry adventure if they choose to do so. I believe that the current maximum amount that can be given at one time is five hundred ADs per completion of the Foundry adventure. While this may not seem like much, the total amount earned can potentially be pretty large if the player's Foundry quest becomes popular. Still, I would not recommend this avenue as a way to regularly earn ADs as it involves other players actually having to give you ADs.

There you have it, some suggestions on how to farm Neverwinter astral diamonds. While Cryptic has removed some methods of generating copious amounts of the fabled currency, there are still ways to earn a good amount every day. Doing skirmishes and dungeons on a regular basis is the most consistent way to pick up ADs. Salvaging items can add to your coffers as well. The biggest bang is when you get your mitts on a really rare item (companion, mount, gear, etc.) that normally sells for millions of astral diamonds on the auction house. Such items are typically now found in lockboxes, so open them up if you have a key. The days of generating rivers of Neverwinter astral diamonds with little to no effort are long gone, but players can still earn a healthy chunk of them every day just from playing the game.


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