Chill Out! How to Relax and Just Enjoy Playing MMO Games

By Jeff Francis
How to enjoy playing mmo games and relax

The virtual worlds of online games usually have a lot to offer to players: the ability to go on epic quests, to prove oneself against fearsome foes, to acquire vast quantities of loot, and an escape from the drudgery of the real world. Yet it's quite common for gamers to lose that sparkle in their eye as they log into a game. The thrill of action and anticipation of what could be discovered next is often mired under the sensation of the game becoming a chore. Gotta make sure I do my daily quests! Have to grind for that next piece of gear! In an effort to lower your blood pressure, we offer some suggestions on how to relax and just enjoy playing mmo games.

Marvel Heroes Omega combat

Our first bit of advice on how to enjoy playing mmo games is pretty basic: make sure that you actually enjoy the game that you're playing. No two gamers are the same, so there are a number of different mmo styles that players can choose from. Those looking for non-stop action should look for games like Marvel Heroes Omega. If intensive quests and an incredibly immersive environment is what you're looking for, then perhaps you should be logging into The Secret World. Know what features found in online games appeal to you (puzzles, action, character customization, sandbox, etc.) and pick one that has those features. In a corollary to this, another tip on how to enjoy playing mmo games and relax is to stay away from hyper-competitive titles like League of Legends and SMITE. The stakes for matches in those games can get pretty high, and the vast majority of players of games like those are not looking for casual gameplay. An exception can be made if you play with a group of friends that are looking to just have some fun, but you should make sure that you have enough buddies to field a full team. Another exception is if you're really into competitive games (and perhaps trash talking!). If you are, then happily go for it.

Cutting out negative players is a suggestion on how to enjoy playing mmo games. We all know that the world of online games is littered with trolls who only wish to ruin the gaming experience for everybody else. The troll can take many forms, from the jerk griefing you as you try to navigate through a PvP zone to someone who wishes to force their views on politics or religion upon everybody else. The best way to get rid of these odious jerks to allow you to relax is to use the ignore feature found in most games. With a simple click of your mouse, their tirades are forever banished. Another option is to minimize the chat window completely. I often do this when playing Star Trek Online. While I enjoy playing in the Star Trek universe, general chat often turns to politics or religion in the game's hubs. Of course, you can also just set your chat channel to only allow guild, quest, and party conversations. This is my default chat setting for Neverwinter.

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Another idea to help you enjoy playing mmo games is to not stress about updating to the latest and greatest gear. The basic model of every online rpg on the market is that your powerful artifacts of doom, which you had probably spent at least a month or more acquiring, will eventually become as obsolete as the VCR. Every expansion and update features a slew of gear that is shiny and new, not to mention being slightly better than what you currently have. However, is having gear that is ten percent better than what you have now going to make the game more fun for you? The likely answer to that question is no. In fact, you normally don't need the greatest gear in the game to do the vast majority of content. Don't get caught up in the rat race of having to scramble for the latest set of gear whenever a new expansion comes out. Just relax and focus on having a good time in the game.

Another way to enjoy playing mmo games is to focus on the in-game activities you like to do. If you're into crafting and not PvP, then expend your energies on going out to collect resources and make items. Perhaps you just really enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies of the game's world. If so, don't worry about going on dungeon runs or answering the constant call of people looking-for-group. Do what makes you happy in the game and ignore the facets of the game that you don't really care about. Who cares about what anybody else thinks about how you play the game or what your character's build is? As long as you're enjoying playing the game, then that's all that matters.

Finally, one way to enjoy playing mmo games is to occasionally step away. This is much easier in today's environment of free mmo and buy-to-play games. If the game starts to feel like a chore, or you're getting bored, then stop playing the game for a short time. After a bit, you'll likely get the urge to jump back into it and continue your adventuring ways.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to relax and enjoy playing mmo games. Find a game that suits you, focus on the activities you enjoy, cut out the trolls that seek to get a rise out of you, and be willing to walk away for a bit. Online games are meant to be fun, and if you're not having fun, then what's the point?


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