How Should Gamers React to the World of Tanks Player Dying While Streaming?

By Jeff Francis
How should gamers react to World of Tanks player dying while streaming?

A few days ago, we reported the sad news that a prominent World of Tanks player died while streaming a marathon session of the mmo fps for charity. Brian Vigneault, who was known as Poshybrid, was undertaking a 24 hour marathon steam on Twitch. He walked away from the stream after 22 hours in order to smoke a cigarette and unexpectedly died. The news that Poshybrid died was not known until the following morning when a friend saw that he was logged into Discord and then messaged him. A police detective messaged back, saying that they were investigating his death. Brian "Poshybrid" Vigneault was only 35 years old and a father of three. How should gamers react that a World of Tanks player died while streaming?

World of Tanks Poshybrid Twitch

Friends and colleagues were devastated that Poshybrid died, and many flocked to his Twitch channel to express their remorse and shock. His World of Tanks clan posted the following message on Facebook, "Sad news from Virginia beach, one of the most famous NA streamers and a member of our clan Poshybrid has passed away at the age of 35, we just can not find words to describe how sad is this moment for all of us and for sure this game will not be the same without the legend. Maybe the saddest lines can not really be written, and the saddest thoughts can not really be uttered, let’s all hope that he is in a better place right now and may his soul Rest in Peace, he will never be forgotten... a person who stays in our hearts never dies..." Gamers dying while playing an online game is really rare, and when such news surfaces, it's usually from Korea or another Asian country. I can't remember a person dying while playing an mmo in the United States in the last few years, and the fact that Poshybrid died has made a lot of headlines in both the mainstream press and gaming websites. So, how should players react to the news that a World of Tanks player died during a marathon streaming session?

The first reaction should be sympathy and sadness, of course. As stated above, quite a few mmo gamers have already left condolences on Poshybrid's Twitch channel as well on social media. Personally, I feel terrible for his wife and children. Brian "Poshybrid" Vigneault was a relatively young man, and he should have had quite a few more years ahead of him. His death leaves a woman widowed and facing the prospect of raising three children on her own, and his children will grow up without him being a part of their lives.

World of Tanks Brian Vigneault

However, there is more that gamers can take from this instance that a World of Tanks player died. The death of Poshybrid should hammer home to gamers how unhealthy it is to play online games for such long stretches at a time. It's been reported that Poshybrid played multiple sessions that lasted up to 20 hours within a week's time span. Players have been known to become dehydrated during marathon gaming sessions as they ignored the needs of their bodies while focusing on the game. The biggest risk of playing online games for so long is deep vein thrombosis, where a blood clot forms in one of the deep veins of the body due to being sedentary. Just sitting for 2 hours at a time without getting up or being seated for at least 10 hours in a 24 hour period increased the risk of getting blood clots by almost three times the average. Such a sedentary lifestyle can also increase the chance of obesity. Gamers need to begin getting up every 45 minutes to an hour and walk for a few minutes to keep their body's circulation going strong. Another hazard of marathon gaming/streaming sessions is the consumption of energy drinks. Medical professionals have shown that energy drinks are not good for you, putting a strain on the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys, which increases the chance of cardiovascular and renal conditions. I do not know if Poshybrid was drinking any energy drinks during his marathon World of Tanks streaming sessions, but I would not be surprised if he did. Energy drinks and sitting for long periods of time act as a double whammy, and online gamers should be aware of the potential health risks that they pose.

There is one more aspect about how Poshybrid died that gamers should consider. Streaming is extremely popular, and many individuals who stream their games (and other activities) are putting in more and more hours in order to sustain their subscriber base. On his Twitch page, Poshybrid notes that he streamed 5-7 days a week, usually from late at night and into the morning. So many hours spent streaming is not healthy. It has been a major topic recently of how many hours streamers are devoting to keeping their subscribers logged in and watching (and getting donations). Competition for eyeballs has become quite fierce, and many streamers are being worn down by being online for every possible second that they can. Spending so many hours sitting in front of their monitor is a choice that they make, whether it's from needing money or desiring fame. However, gamers can help this situation by letting streamers know that they won't abandon them if they cut back on their content. If a streamer is running a marathon session, then viewers should point out to them that it might be time to take a break and walk away for a bit. I'm not saying that viewers are responsible for any health problems that hardcore streamers may get, but it would not be a bad thing to offer some helpful advice when a streamer is doing something that's unhealthy. The news that a World of Tanks player died while streaming is shocking, but I think that such instances might become more common in the future as more and more gamers get into streaming their games live.

To be honest, there's not a lot that gamers can do concerning the fact that a World of Tanks player died while attempting a 24 hour stream. Gamers can express sympathy for the family of Poshybrid and perhaps give them a donation to help them through this troubled time. The best way that gamers can react to the death of Poshybrid is to be aware of the dangers of marathon gaming sessions and adjust their behavior accordingly. It is fun to play an mmofps for hours at a time, but it's smart to get up and walk around every so often while doing so and to dump the energy drinks. Lastly, players should look out for one another and point out unhealthy behavior. What happened to Poshybrid could happen to any gamer, so it behooves all of us to be more responsible and take care of one another.


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