How the New World Job Advertisement Gives Us Hope

By Jeff Francis
How New World job advertisement gives us hope

Amazon took a lot of people by surprise back in 2016 when they announced that they were getting into the mmorpg business. First, they released a free, cloud-connected game engine called Lumberyard. Then they moved into a state-of-the-art game studio and streaming facility. Finally, they announced a slate of games at TwitchCon, which included the intriguing New World mmo. There's been a lot of speculation on what the final shape of the games will be, especially their quality. Now a new wrinkle has appeared as a job posting for a New World public relations specialist has been listed on the Amazon website, but this listing is actually reassuring for several reasons. Let's examine how the New World job advertisement gives us hope.

One of the intriguing aspects of the New World mmo is its 17th century setting where European settlers first arrive in North America. The online rpg mixes both history and supernatural in a sandbox setting. The official description of the game reads, "New World is a massively multiplayer, open-ended sandbox game that allows you to carve your own destiny with other players in a living, hostile, cursed land. How you play, what you do, and whom you work with or against is up to you. Live on your own amidst the supernatural terrors or join with others to build thriving civilizations. In this evolving world that transforms with the changing of the seasons, weather, and time of day, the only limit is your own ambition."

So how does the New World job advertisement give us hope? To begin with, the listing for the job is really detailed. It sounds like the actual position of the New World player relations specialist is more of a lifestyle than a job. The job holder is expected to become fully immersed in the game's lore and mechanics, engage with players on social media (forums, Reddit, etc.) on a daily basis, administer internal engagement training, manage moderation for the game and the game forums, create weekly reports that actively impact on the studio decision-making and priority setting, and ensure clear communication and coordination across relevant teams. Whew! And that's not all. However, this detailed list of expectations for the New World player relations specialist shows that Amazon is really serious about the game's development. They're not looking for just someone who's been a pretty face in mmo circles. They want someone who's serious and committed. The basic qualifications just to apply for the job bear this out: 5+ years in either a PR role in gaming or community management, a BA degree, experience with tracking player sentiment with analytics and reporting, and literate in-game design and game development. With such criteria, one could reasonably expect that the New World mmo will be a title that is highly developed.

New World village

However, there is an even more interesting facet of the New World player relations specialist job description that catches our eye. A key feature of the new position is that two-way communication is to be facilitated between developers and players as well as the person being an advocate for all the players. The job description states, "You believe in authentic two-way conversations with the player community, and are as ready to advocate for the player perspective as you are to be an evangelist for the game team. You care about the vocal minority in the community, but you also want to find the needs of the silent majority to best arm the teams with the full picture. You know that trust is conquered in the long term and can be broken in an instant, and love the idea of protecting it." This aspect of the New World job advertisement really makes us happy.

We feel hope for the New World mmo in that Amazon seems to be placing a key emphasis on transparent, as well as constant, communication between players and the developers. Even better is that the needs of the majority of the gamers will not be drowned out by the cries of the ever-present vocal minority. We all know that communication within mmorpg games are always dominated by a small group of players who only look to have their specific needs met. The New World job advertisement for the player relations specialist gives us an indication that Amazon will listen to the vocal minority but will also pay attention to the average player as well. This new position lies at the heart of this open dialogue, and it is also important that the New World player relations specialist be an advocate for the developers as well. There are times when planned features may be impossible to implement due to budget/time/technology constraints, so it's not unreasonable for Amazon to have the liaison between players and developers articulate to the gamers why such decisions have to be made.

Overall, the announcement of this New World job advertisement gives us hope for the game as it gives the impression that Amazon is deadly serious on delivering a quality product. It appears that Amazon is putting a lot of importance upon communication and transparency, which is always a good thing. Plus, we like the fact that the New World players relations specialist will act as an advocate for both players and developers. It'll be interesting to see how the game develops. If you feel like becoming an integral part of the New World mmo by applying to become their player relations specialist, you can do so here.


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