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By Tam Mageean
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So, you're too old to trick or treat, forgot to save enough money for the end of the month to buy a Halloween costume, don't fancy the house party next door, and you're sure as dammit not spending the night handing out candy to the local, egg-equipped kids.

With all the awesome stuff the MMOs are launching this fall, there's truly no better option this year, than to draw the curtains, put all that candy next to your keyboard, pour yourself a pumpkin ale and take on the witches, wizards, mummies and zombies online, instead of the ones wandering the streets outside.

So with that in mind, here's a list of some MMO events, uploads and content downloads to put a little spooky in your gaming over the fall holidays.

1. Final Fantasy XIV: All Saints' Wake

Eorzea has been adorned in Jack o' Lanterns, cobwebs, spooky spirits and other creepy critters. Attendees who speak to the right guests at the party will be awarded with their very own bedsheet with eye-holes pre-cut so you can run around spooking the residents of Ul'dah. For full details, view our article on All Saints' Wake here.

The event runs from now until November 1st.

Final Fantasy All Saints Wake

2. Rift: Autumn Harvest

Rift is loaded with Halloween themed goodies; party masks, trick-or-treat bags and spooky new mobs. Special Reward Tokens are being awarded by Atrophinus and the Fae for completing Autumn Harvest's events, which can then be spent on exclusive seasonal items. Special skeletal mounts are back too, to everyone's delight.

Rift's event also launched this week, and will run until November 4th.


3. MU Online: Haunted Halloween Hunt

MU's realms will be infiltrated by the bloodthirsty WereRabbit and Fire Flame Ghost, dropping rare and fanciful items over the holidays. In addition, monsters above level 68 will drop pumpkins which can be traded for a magical transformation ring, that will disguise you as a sinister Jack o' Lantern creature.

This event is scheduled to start on Oct 23rd and will run until November 6th, but from Oct 22nd until November 1st, MU Online also has some other tricks and treats in-store. Players will be able to redeem free in-game items by following instructions posted on MU Online's Facebook page. The first creepy-code was revealed today, so get on it!


4. Guild Wars 2: Blood and Madness

Mad King Thorn is back, and this time, he's brought his son with him. Mini-games, PvP, dungeons and even trick-or-treating from mysterious door to mysterious door that have risen from the ground all over Kryta. Head over to the Lion's Arch and Kamadan to begin the All Hallow's celebrations.

See our full story on the Blood and Madness update here

Guild Wars 2 Blood and Madness

5. Mabinogi: Halloween Party

Somethings awry in Mabinogi, and what started as a simple Halloween dinner party suddenly goes south as an uninvited guess decides to show her face. Hunting and reporting on ghostly appearances will earn you a rather fetching pumpkin hat.

For the treasure hunters out there; other pumpkins will be falling from the skies, and your gathered pumpkin fragments can be traded for pumpkin robes.


6. World of Warcraft: The Headless Horseman

From now until November 1st, the Headless Horseman will be paying visits to the the warriors of Azeroth. Team up and defeat him, or explore the inns and cities throughout the realm, taking on Halloween challenges, hunting for pumpkins and collecting Tricky Treats, that can be exchanged for rare and special items.

The Official WoW homepage is also offering prizes for whoever can carve the best Halloween Pumpkin too!


7. Maple Story: Halloween Events

Maple Story is adding a wealth of Halloweeny stuff to the MMORPG this fall. Speak to your Maple Admin to nab yourself a free Halloween costume, and then, head out into the wilderness to help your haunted buddies!

Witch Malady needs some ingredients for her concoctions, Olivia needs help in her haunted house, a Halloween obstacle course needs tackling, and monsters are dropping candy for you and all your friends. Sharing the candy will earn you buff coupons too! Lastly, if you want to put that Halloween costume to good use, take it over to the Mega Creamy Ghost Expedition, and spook the boss in Maple Castle, for extra rewards.

This event is in full swing, and ends November 5th.

Maple Story Halloween

8. Tera: Banquet of Blood

Vampires have gathered at Balder's Refuge and you'll be taking Van Helsing's role as vampire-slayer. If the treat element of the holidays is more important than the tricks; head over to Eldritch Academy to help defend the students' candy stashes. Accessories, costumes and pets are up for grabs for your efforts, with more available in at Valkyon Outfitters if you just can't wait.

This event, too, is running until November 5th, view our full story on it here.


9. DC Universe Online: The Witching Hour

Klarion the Witch Boy is bringing mischief to Gotham City. Heroes will have to work double time as they fight crime and ghost-bust simultaneously while you hunt Klarion down. More costume items and equipment are up for grabs, and a special, seasonal pet can be earned. Running until November 5th


10. EverQuest 2: Nights of the Dead

The guys at SOE have arranged several eerie quests for both EverQuest games, but EQ2 has received a double helping of ghoulish goods for their Nights of the Dead celebration. Besides a Ghost hunt; quest-wise you can tackle a Haunted House, Haunted Forest, Haunted Mansion, Haunted Hedge Maze...Haunted Farm!? New achievements and creepy candy is available for participants, and their are other limited items available in the Nights of the Dead Marketplace.


So there you have it! All your Halloween needs fulfilled, from your favorite virtual worlds, without the fall weather, or the risk of egg assault. What will you be doing for the hallowed holidays? Let us know in the comments below!


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