Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee Impressions

By Jeff Francis
guild wars 2 queen's jubilee impressions

Since its release, Guild Wars 2 has added regular new content as part of its Living World to advance new storylines and to provide additional activities and quests for players to partake of. Every mmo benefits from a regular infusion of new content and the latest release in the world of Tyria is the Queen's Jubilee. We've been playing the new update since it was first released on August 6th and here are our Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee impressions.

The Queen's Jubilee is a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the coronation of Queen Jennah. The bulk of the various events associated with this update can be found within the human capital of Divinity's Reach. Overall, the update adds some new activities, dynamic events, some new miniatures, and a new zone.

hot air baloon in queen's jubilee in guild wars 2

One of the new additions is the rise of hot air balloon towers throughout the realm of Tyria. Most of the zones in this mmorpg have two towers, from which a player can take a balloon flight to Divinity's Reach. Each tower has a chest that can be looted when it is first discovered (up to a max of 30 chests total) and a player has to undergo an event to access the tower. These events can range from driving off a horde of Aetherblade pirates, escorting an emissary to the tower, to dueling with the Queen's Champion. Personally, I love this for several reasons. First, events associated with the Queen's Jubilee happen in almost every zone of the game. This adds to the immersive feeling that something grand is going on as you can see the effects almost everywhere. Second, exploring and finding the various towers throughout the zones gives you a tangible reward with the chests. Giving loot to players is a great incentive to find more towers. Lastly, being able to instantly travel to the Queen's Jubilee main event area in Divinity's Reach gets players to the main action quickly.

A new zone, The Crown Pavilion, makes its appearance in this update. This new zone covers the area once known as The Great Collapse. This new instance is visually striking with six different zones of terrain and enemies for players to fight. The various enemies are actually watchknights, a new clockwork guardian type that is newly introduced, that are operating under an illusion. There are a range of events that players can engage in within The Crown Pavilion. They can choose to represent specific factions and then engage in various events such as defeating various creature types or legendary bosses. Chests are found in each of the six different terrain zones. The fighting is fast and furious as the enemy numbers are large and they respawn quickly. Once you defeat an enemy, the illusion on them drops and you then finish off the watchknight. Players are advised to be part of a large group as going solo will get you killed. The legendary bosses are truly powerful and much more devastating than the normal champion.

High above the floor of The Crown Pavilion is where you can find the Queen's Gauntlet event. This is a series of one-on-matches you can queue up for, but you'll have to use an entrance ticket to do so. The fights are timed and you'll have to progress up through the various opponents to fight the end boss for each tier. These fights take place in an instance so you might have to wait a few minutes before your turn. In the meantime, you can watch other players having a go at it and try to learn from their mistakes. These fights are challenging and I really like the format. The only thing I'm not keen on is the waiting. If you want to add some wrinkles to the fight, you can speak to the Master of Gambits, who will handicap the player with some disadvantage such as not being able to dodge or having your damage reduced. Participating in the fights with the various gambits will result in additional achievements.

watching a tournament fight in guild wars 2 at the queen's jubilee

Another activity introduced is the Beacons of Kryta. In this activity, the player has to run around the city and light the various beacons. This made for a refreshing change of pace and help serves as a quick mini-game. A helpful tip is to have a speed boost on you before you start the activity and you can have other players give you speed boosts once you start.

The one item in the Queen's Jubilee that I'm not thrilled about is the Royal Terrace area of The Crown Pavilion. The Royal Terrace is a VIP area that requires a royal pass to enter and has a number of services grouped together such as asura gates, crafting stations, the mystic forge, and merchants. The royal pass can be dropped as loot, but I haven't gotten it yet. You can purchase a two week royal pass from the game's cash shop. I would have preferred seeing some new full costume choices instead to celebrate the event to spend my hard-earned gems on.

All in all, the Queen's Jubilee in Guild Wars 2 is a fun update with lots of action and events for players to do. There are two new miniatures you can earn  through achievements and the introductory cut-scene/adventure was well done. The Queen's Gauntlet is an excellent, and bruising, tournament of arena fights. While I dislike the VIP area, this new update is a success. I wish other mmo games would take heed and roll out smaller updates that add a little bit of new content on a regular basis.


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