Free Diablo 3 clones

By Rachel Rosen
free diablo 3 clones

Diablo 3 is one game that cannot be easily reproduced or replaced but, there are some free Diablo 3 clones that are well worth a look. The following alternatives are obviously for those gamers who crave for a hack and slash dungeon crawling action RPG, and want it for free. So check out our pick for free Diablo 3 clones and decide which one is for you.

Without a doubt, the biggest hype of the moment is Path of Exile. Path of Exile was under development and in a closed beta stage for quite a while. The good news is that open beta starts on January 23. Some of Path of Exile best features are character skill system, leagues and events. The skill tree is similar to Diablo 2 talent system. We won’t comment on this feature but, there are hardcore Diablo fans that prefer the old system. Other Diablo like features are item randomization and dark in game atmosphere.

Path of Exile

It is somewhat debatable if Battle of the Immortals is a Diablo 3 clone or not. While there are some obvious resemblances, Battle of the Immortals is also a MMO. The dungeon crawling system is definitely Diablo 3 like but, Battle of the Immortals has some non Diablo related features like mounts and pets. Our opinion is that Battle of the Immortals is more suitable for those who like to mix action RPG style with MMO features.

Battle of the immortals pic

Drakensang Online is a browser co-op online RPG with a huge world to explore and lots of quests. It’s one of the most popular browser games. Drakensang Online best feature is diversity. There are varied landscapes with unique monsters. It’s one great game for those who don’t mind spending their time farming and grinding.

MU Online is one oldie MMORPG but still goldie. It’s not quite right calling MU Online a free Diablo 3 clone considering MU Online was released long before Diablo3. However, MU Online has plenty of hack and slash and dungeon crawling fun. The high level cap (400) and the immense game world with lots of explorable dungeons make it similar to Diablo series.

MU Online

These next games are not free to play but are considered some of the best Diablo 3 clones. They are also much cheaper than Diablo 3.

Some say that Torchlight 1 and 2 are even better than Diablo. This statement is backed up by the fact that the development team behind Torchlight is part of the old Blizzard North crew that worked on the first Diablo game. Both Torchlight games have a catchy story, good mechanics and great graphics.

Titan Quest is another action RPG but with a different setting. Adventures take place in ancient Egypt and Greece. The game mechanics are similar to Diablo 2 and 3. Titan Quest developers announced an upcoming action RPG called Grim Dawn. This new game will feature similar RPG mechanics.

Grim Dawn pic


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