Unsheathe Your Blade for Our Favorite Top Five Neverwinter Events

By Jeff Francis
Top five Neverwinter events

There's a lot to enjoy about playing the Neverwinter mmo. One reason I spend many hours adventuring through the game's virtual world is the setting of the Forgotten Realms, the official world for Dungeons and Dragons. I've spent decades slinging dice on a table, running many different characters through epic adventures in Faerun, and it's nice to do the same in a virtual setting. In addition, the game is a solid adaptation of the fourth edition rules, which really screamed mmo mindset to me when the edition first came out. Then there's the fact that it's a fun game to play. That being said, I always love being able to take a break from the normal grind and dive into the various in-game events that pop up. Hoist some ale at the local tavern with me as we go over our favorite top five Neverwinter events.

Summer Festival
The first of our top five Neverwinter events is the Summer Festival. As the title of the event suggests, players can enjoy summer-themed activities for a number of weeks and earn some rewards. What I enjoy about the Summer Festival is that it's very laid back. Players earn a free token every day, and these can be redeemed for various mounts as well as petals, the other form of event currency. A new mount is introduced each year, but my favorite is still the Blue Ribbon Pig. Players can help harvest food, pick flowers, engage in water fights, or fight off hungry trolls to do the event's daily. Last year, Sahha Ball (a soccer-style game) was introduced and is a lot of fun. Just for perfectly capturing the lazy days of summer make the Summer Festival one of our favorite Neverwinter events.

Masquerade of Liars
Next on our list of our favorite top five Neverwinter events is the game's Halloween event, the Masquerade of Liars. Unlike other events in the mmorpg, the Masquerade of Liars is more about ambience. Players can do a daily quest by giving Liar's Charms to Masquerade Illusionists. Charms can be found in the pumpkins scattered across Protector's Enclave or by killing enemies. There is also a daily lore quest that gives event currency. Personally, I love this event as I enjoy seeing Protector's Enclave looking joyfully spooky and the illusionists wandering around as various creatures. I also like the rewards of different masks, transformation potions, and the scarecrow companion. However, I do hope that the game will eventually add a haunted house event or something of that nature in the future.

Protector's Jubilee
Coming in third on our list of the top five Neverwinter events is the Protector's Jubilee. This event is the anniversary event for the game, and there are quite a few daily quests offered. Most of the daily quests take the form of relaying information or contacting an NPC in another zone. The most popular daily quest is the one to protect a merchant from attacking monsters as he seeks to bring his wares to Neverwinter. Many guilds will run these constantly to gain as many rewards as possible. The other main component of the Protector's Jubilee is the repeatable skirmish, The Protector's Speech. This five-man skirmish has the players racing around Neverwinter and fighting three different groups of enemies, all while Lord Neverember is giving a long-winded speech. Another important aspect of this event for Neverwinter (which you can play for free here) is that Cryptic usually runs a 50% off sale for their game shop for a single day. This means that the zen/astral diamond exchange will be seriously backed up for several weeks beforehand.

Siege of Neverwinter
Dragons are the main reason why the Siege of Neverwinter makes our list of the top five Neverwinter events. The pesky Cult of the Dragon periodically will seek to conquer the city of Neverwinter, requiring players to take to the battlefield to stop that from happening. This event is pretty cool as I love seeing Protectors' Enclave transform into a semi-ruined city that's been under siege from some time. The battlefield features a daily quest where the player has to complete several heroic encounters. There are a few heroic encounters that features players fighting the Cult of the Dragon, but every player eagerly looks forward to the various dragons that will spawn. It's pretty normal to hear players calling out instances that have dragons appearing so that other players can join the fray. Fighting dragons never gets old, and there's a near constant influx of them during the Siege of Neverwinter. This Neverwinter event is also great for guild players as Stronghold vouchers will drop on a regular basis.

Day of the Dungeon Master
The last of our top five Neverwinter events is also my very favorite: the Day of the Dungeon Master. This event merges Respen's Marvelous Game and Portobello's Campaign into a single event. This particular Neverwinter event is so damn cool because it pays homage to the tabletop Dungeons and Dragons rpg that started the entire role-playing hobby. The players' characters are transformed into miniatures, and they go on adventures that are set using tabletop scenery that most pen-and-paper gamers have long been accustomed to. My favorite bit is when the players fight dice in Respen's Marvelous Game that are meant to represent monsters. My only complaint is that there were no new rewards for the last occurrence of this Neverwinter event, not to mention that I haven't been able to snag a Beholder Tank mount.

As you can see from our top five Neverwinter events list, there's a lot of fun things for mmo players to do throughout the year. Some events offer a nice cosmetic change in the game's central hub (Masquerade of Liars and Siege of Neverwinter) while others offer some fun gameplay to while away the time (Day of the Dungeon Master and Summer Festival). Did your favorite Neverwinter events make our list? If not, let us know in the comments below.


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