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By Justen Andrews
defiance watch and play

Syfy has an ambitious project on their hands with Defiance, a new television show coupled with its own MMO tie-in for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. The game released a few days before the first episode aired, and is expected to include future updates with episode missions and DLC that players can access during the series' progression.

Defiance Combo

The network’s pilot of their newest sci-fi series has received mixed to positive reviews, and to be honest, I think a decision on the series at this point is hasty. After the pilot, it seemed pretty clear that the show has promise. Special effects and environments were as rich as anything else you’d find on a major cable network, with some scenes showcasing some big budget cinematic style costumes and visuals. The dialog and acting starts out a bit on the side of hokey, but grew to believable and even heartwarming when it came to some of the deeper connections between the characters. Fans of sci-fi shows like Farscape or Firefly will see some of the beloved “family” style relationships present, carrying the narrative along while offering the chance to get behind and support how believable this series can be.

Rift developer, Trion Worlds has partnered with Syfy to create what they are touting to be the world’s first interconnected television series and video game. The story and scope fit well inside the confines of an MMOFPS game. The action depicted in the television show easily translates to the game complete with giant mechs, alien technology, massive beasts, and post-apocalyptic style shootouts.

Defiance Monster Battle

Your progress is tracked by your EGO ranking (Environmental Guardian Online) which is an AI implant used for unlocking hidden powers as well as helping you get adjusted to your new terraformed planet. The higher the EGO rank and units you have, the more you’ll have access to. The game forgoes the normal class structure and allows your playstyle to be customized to the powers and weapons that you prefer to use during combat, opening up more advanced strategies and tactics.

The action is fast paced, with solid animations and firefights. If you’ve played Planetside 2 or Firefall, you’ll find some similarities here. Using various vehicles you’ll travel back and forth across the map in order to reach arkfall salvage areas, take on hordes of enemies, and tackle any mission points you have available to you.

Currently, hardcore MMO fans might find the game to be slightly underwhelming. However, those invested into the television show will enjoy the link between this interactive world and its chronicle. You'll find a decent amount of gameplay available here, with plenty of tasks, side missions, and episodic content. Large area battles and are present, and we hope to see more options in these areas as the game continues.

The future of both the show and game are uncertain, but by the looks of it, they've got a good thing going so far. We'd love to know what you think about either the show or game.  Let us know with a comment below!


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