What we want to see in the future for Defiance

By Rudy Villalobos

Defiance is gaming’s first attempt at an MMO Sci-Fi series crossover game. It’s available on Xbox, PC, and PS3. While the game itself has gotten mixed reviews it has garnered a loyal fan base because of its third-person shooter style and the way the game interacts with the SyFy network’s show of the same name. While the game in its current form is fun to play Trion Worlds definitely has plenty of room for improvement to make it the best MMO it can be.

Increase the Maximum Group Size

defiance group

One of the first things we noticed was the max group size. Currently it is set at four and while this may be understandable for console based shooters it feels inadequate for any MMO. One of the main reasons most of us play MMO’s is for the massive multiplayer aspect. We understand that doing arkfalls in the bay area lets you work with hundreds of others players to take down the enemies and we agree that is one of the bright spots of Defiance. We're talking about the fact that when it comes down to doing the actual story and side quest of the game you are severely limited by only teaming up with three of your friends. This same max group size also applies to Defiance’s version of dungeons that they call co-op maps. Why even let players build a 20 person guild when their currently isn’t any adventure or quest or battle that you can do as a group? It’s a small change but we feel increasing max group size would make a huge effect.

Improve the Guild System

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As we are on the subject of guilds it’s worth noting that Defiance needs a major overhaul of the guild system. As of now the only options available are creating a guild, promoting members, and having that represented above your character’s name. Missing are so many MMO staples that would bring Defiance leaps and bounds greater than its current form. The addition of guild banks where members can deposit and withdraw items and currency is one of the first that come to mind. The ability to have a lobby or room where only your guild members can enter so you can group up and plan your next undertaking. Of course we want to see more ranks added to the current ones and have each one possess different responsibilities and powers. Perhaps even let players create guild sigils that they can better represent themselves in game.

More End Game Content

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With any MMO one of the most talked about and debated topics is end game content. Before you even reach the halfway point of the Defiance level cap you have already unlocked all of the different types of content and missions. This can lead to the game becoming stale for players who like to stay on the MMO grind. Sure the game gives you the option of resetting your quest but what the game really needs is more content not the same. The co-op maps and arkfall events are fun but for a high level character they get to the point where you are going through the motions and not finding a real challenge in them. Even in the PvP you can become competitive at a low level if you find yourself a few good weapons and some other nice gear. Defiance really needs to look into adding content whether it be through DLC in the future or a way to have co-op maps and challenges scale to your level while also providing rewards that are useful to an endgame character.

Make Classes and Perks Matter

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Lastly, Defiance really needs to find a way to make your character class and perks actually matter. As is the only impact of choosing your character's class in the start of the game is that it decides what outfit and gun you begin with. As soon as you get to the game you can change your weapon and all your skills with no limits or bonus’ no matter what your character is. We would really like to see Outlaws be better with shotguns, or veterans do more damage with assault rifles. Beside that at least make the perks and skills that you point points into have synergy with each other. Creating that perfect build for your character or looking up that crazy build online leads to hours of gameplay trial and error. Not being able to use this kind of strategy in Defiance robs the game of this very important MMO aspect. Trion really needs to step back and reexamine their current system and find a way for our skill points to matter.

All in all, Defiance is a great game. We have had a lot of fun playing it but that’s why it’s so important for Trion to keep updating their game and help it be a great MMO and not just a great shooter.


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