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Top five mmo Christmas gits
Tis the season to hand out gifts to friends and family alike and to hopefully get some nice goodies of our own as well. While Christmas is especially joyful for children (toys always brings a smile to a child's face), it can be as well for mmorpg gamers. While there are quite a few people who would think that shopping for the average online gamer would be next to impossible, the reality is that there are a number of gifts that can make a gamer as...
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Dec 24 2014
Christmas mmo holiday event roundup for 2014
The Christmas season is the most joyous part of the year, both in the real world and in mmorpg games. One of the great things about online games are the holiday-themed events that they normally have, and this holiday season finds many games releasing their own, and sometimes twisted, take on the Christmas holiday. To illustrate how various games are celebrating this festive time of year, we offer this Christmas mmo holiday event roundup for 2014....
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Dec 23 2014
Older mmos still going strong
In today's modern world, we're constantly told that new is better and that being old is terrible. We can see this in the movies and on tv where young stars strut their stuff while older actors are put out to pasture. Nowhere is this train of thought more evident than that of technology. Computers, tvs, phones, and all manner of electronic devices are constantly updated to become "better" and "new and improved." It's a fact that the realm of mmorp...
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Dec 21 2014
Top five mmo Christmas wish list
It's that special time of year when people are actually nicer to each other and the air is full of holiday cheer. People build snowmen and sing Christmas carols in a winter wonderland (or not, in my case, as I live in sunny Florida), and children eagerly wait for Santa to come by on Christmas Eve and leave a bounty of presents for them. In fact, everybody has their own personal wish list for Christmas, especially mmorpg gamers. In our version of ...
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Dec 18 2014
Importance of mmo safety
The world can be a dangerous place, and it seems to become even more so with every passing day. One area of concern is that of online safety and the rise of online predators. Hardly a week goes by without some sensational, and usually sad, story popping up on the evening news about how some deranged person stalked an innocent party using the internet. The people of today, especially children, are wired into the internet on a scale unimaginable ev...
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Dec 17 2014
Top five disappointing mmos
There's almost nothing like the excitement of following the development of mmorpg games that we're really looking forward to. Gamers will scour the internet for any developer interviews, watch streaming broadcasts of alpha gameplay footage, and become actively engaged in gaming forums discussing the game in question. As players, we all hope that the game we're looking forward to lives up to the hype. There are times when they do, and we're ecstat...
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Dec 16 2014
Plight of missing mmo events
One thing that I am in the realm of mmorpg games is a content junkie. There's nothing I savor more than getting to play something new to take me out of the daily grind that seems to be the standard in gaming nowadays. While I look forward to the huge expansions in games, such as the Warlords of Draenor expansion in World of Warcraft, it's more of the smaller events that I really get a kick out of. However, there is one drawback to enjoying such e...
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Dec 14 2014
Top five mmo influences
When most players log into their favorite mmorpg, they don't consider the evolution that online gaming has undergone since they were a gleam in a developer's eye. The reality is that most people just see the end product, not those things that had come before and have had a major impact upon the development of online games. Everything that is created in our world is built on what had come before, and this is true of online games as well. They did ...
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Dec 12 2014
Current state of superhero mmos
Many gamers love to adventure in virtual worlds of online fantasy as stout dwarves or agile elves. Other players prefer to venture into the icy depths of space to engage in epic space battles or to explore where no man has gone before. Those are great types of mmorpg games, but there's just something special about donning some tights, a cape, and a mask, and then heading out into the night to bust criminals in the jaw that no other genre can repl...
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Dec 11 2014
Marvel Heroes 2015 Industry City Patrol review
Being a lifelong Marvel fan. I grew up reading, and collecting, a lot of different titles. I've enjoyed the recent cinematic explosion of Marvel goodness that has occurred with franchises like Iron Man, Captain America, and SHIELD. One thing that I've always equated superheroes with is action, which is why I always enjoy leaping into Marvel Heroes 2015. This free mmo never stints on the mayhem as players beat up endless hordes of bad guys and cos...
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Dec 10 2014