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Pros and cons of mmo character customization
No matter which mmorpg games we love to play, gamers love to put their own unique stamp upon their character. The option that most games offer in this regard is to allow players to customize their character's appearance, both through gear and changing the specs on various body parts. There are few things as sad in online gaming than to see a hundred carbon copies of your character running around, and you realize that you're just one of a thousand...
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Aug 20 2014
Will moba games conquer the world?
Have you officially jumped on the moba bandwagon yet? If not, you're probably one of the few that hasn't. The rise of the moba-style mmo games has been nothing short of astounding in terms of both scope and speed. The genre has come a long way since its introduction as mods for StarCraft and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Now it seems that every game company in the world is scrambling to put out their own moba game as they see the incredible profi...
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Aug 19 2014
The top five player types in mmos
While there are a lot of reasons to play mmorpg games, one of the core reasons is that of interacting with a game's community. The entire premise of the mmo game is built around the "massively multiplayer" aspect that all online games should aspire to. The community found within an mmo game can either make it or break it for many players. One of the more interesting things that I've observed in the years I've spent online is that you can break a ...
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Aug 18 2014
MMOs taking advantage of current events
Many non-gamers view those of us who play mmorpg games as not living in the real world. The assumption is that we're totally ignorant of what's going on around us in the world away from the virtual landscapes we adventure across. Naturally, this is utter bunk as we gamers can attest to. However, one area where we gamers are definitely tuned into what's going on is through mmo promotions and tie-ins. Online games do a good job of using events that...
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Aug 17 2014
Why are mmos dropping the ball on quests?
Unless you spend your entire time in PvP when you're playing mmorpg games, then the most central feature of the game that a player interacts with on a regular basis is the quest. Just sit there and think how the experience in playing an online game would radically alter if there were no quests involved. Game companies know this and their games tout how many quests players can expect to find within them. In its heyday, EverQuest proudly bragged ab...
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Aug 16 2014
Top five reasons why we love mmos
Ever since the first online game debuted, they have exploded in popularity. What began as a small and dedicated trickle of players has swelled to become a massive flood today. There are now hundreds of mmorpg games that gamers can play anywhere from their home or while taking the train or the bus. It may be true that graphics and sound have improved dramatically over the years, but there a number of mmo features that appeal to players and make us...
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Aug 15 2014
Guild Wars 2 The Dragon's Reach Part 1 review
Tyria is under siege, and the situation appears to grow more dire with each passing day. The forces of the elder dragon Mordremoth are on the march as many outposts are under severe attack. Even worse, the waypoint system itself may fall victim to the growing tendrils of the dragon. The latest content update for the Guild Wars 2 mmorpg finds the player attempting to rally a unified front against this new threat. What will it take to make the disp...
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Aug 14 2014
Top five comics that need to be mmos
Comic books are becoming mainstream. There's the unparalleled success of the movies based upon Marvel comics and it appears that DC is gathering steam with their Batman trilogy and the revamp of Superman. The latest show of the power of comics is the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which has shattered box office numbers for the month of August. There's also a number of tv shows based upon comic books that have done well in the past and pres...
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Aug 13 2014
World of Warcraft isn't doomed with subscriber drop
There are many times where I consider mmorpg players to be akin to gossiping old women, always foretelling of doom and gloom. The usual focus of these naysayers is World of Warcraft, the number one subscription mmo in the world. The fact that WoW has continued to be number one in terms of subscribers is amazing as the online gaming world has fully embraced the free-to-play model. Every new year brings the same dire predictions this will be the ye...
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Aug 12 2014
Can you trust game reviews?
Technology is a wonderful thing as it gives many people a greater voice to not only interact with others but to also state their opinion on a myriad of topics. One such topic that has become insanely popular is mmo games and many internet personalities offer their views on numerous games and the industry as a whole. Yet the entire field of mmo journalism is viewed with extreme cynicism, especially as it pertains to game reviews. Whenever an ...
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Aug 11 2014