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Top five most irritating mmo player types
One thing that continually fascinates me when playing mmorpg games is the gamers playing the game. I've always found it amusing that every person assumes that every other person playing the game will play it exactly the way that they do and have the same goals. This will never happen, of course, because each player is unique, and, as such, we all have different needs and wants from the online games that we love to play. It would be nice to say th...
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Sep 23 2014
MMO games have always been known for teasing noobs and gamers picking on one another. We’ve all had at some point a good laugh when someone cracked a funny joke in the chat. As that happens pretty often, we’ve decided to select some of the funniest lines we’ve ever heard. 10. You can't play an MMORPG, go try Tetris instead. 9. You’re so noob; you thought the level cap was a wearable item. 8. I and 5 friends are doing raids solo together... 7....
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Sep 22 2014
Albion Online alpha preview
Sandbox mmo games are not as prominent as they once were, but they continue to doggedly stick around. It's true that I have a soft spot for them, and when I was given the chance to try out Sandbox Interactive's latest venture, Albion Online, I was happy to give it a whirl. Now a game that focuses on crafting isn't my normal cup of tea. In fact, I've railed against crafting in online games for a long, long time. I normally prefer going on quests, ...
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Sep 21 2014
Is the rise of indie mmos a good thing?
It certainly is an interesting time to be an mmorpg gamer. On one hand, we have a large number of quality AAA mmos, such as World of Warcraft, going strong in the marketplace. Then there's the increasing prominence of online games that cater to eSports, which is pushing the exposure of such gaming due to more and more tournaments worldwide with hefty prize pools. Lastly, and the focus of our discussion, is that there has been a tremendous surge i...
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Sep 20 2014
Rise of zombie mmos
It's amazing how far the lowly zombie has come in popular culture over the last few decades. At one time, zombies were the lowest monster on the horror totem pole, ranking far below ghosts, werewolves, and vampires. Now it seems that zombies have crawled their way out of their graves and seized hold of our imagination in an iron grip. The most obvious example is, of course, The Walking Dead, which continues to smash cable records as millions tune...
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Sep 19 2014
Why don't more mmos use the Guild Wars 2 story journal system?
If there's one thing in mmorpg games that I'm a freak for, it's content, content, content. I'm always looking for new, additional content to play in whatever game I'm currently active in. However, this tends to lead to some issues as many games do not offer new content on a consistent basis. There are few things as mind-numbing to my gamer mentality that doing the same old raid over and over again. Luckily for me, I've been playing Guild Wars 2 s...
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Sep 18 2014
Top five events in mmo history
A lot of action has occurred in mmorpg games ever since they crawled out of the primordial MUD and into the form of the online games we love today. Every player has their own favorite moments, such as when they first got lured into online gaming or the raid boss that they defeated on their initial raid. While we all have our own collection of gaming memories, there are some mmo events that have become renowned in gaming history. Some of these eve...
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Sep 17 2014
DC Universe Online versus Marvel Heroes 2015
There's been a war of epic proportions that has been raging for decades. I'm not talking about communism versus capitalism or even conservative versus liberal. I'm talking about a struggle of much more significance; one that gets people into shouting matches at the drop of the hat. What titanic struggle can this be, you ask? Well, the answer is the ongoing war between Marvel and DC. You read that right. From time immemorial (actually, the late 19...
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Sep 16 2014
If you like to contemplate hot female characters in MMOs, here is our top 5: #5 - Aion The fantasy game released by NCsoft, has mesmerizing and dreamy creatures that are fairly realistic. The plus, is that you can infinitely customize your avatar according to your level of dirtiness. Wanna try Aion?     #4 - League of LegendsLeague of Legends, an excellent online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games, is als...
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Sep 15 2014
Are graphics or gameplay more important in mmos?
Whenever an upcoming mmorpg is being touted, the developers usually hype certain aspects of the game. The most common are the graphics and the gameplay to be found within the game. There are times when both features are hyped, but normally one takes precedence over the other. A few years ago, the recent advancements in mmo graphics took center stage in promoting the latest online games. Now the pendulum has swing in the other direction, and devel...
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Sep 14 2014