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Why we're hopeful about the future of Champions Online
I've been a lifelong lover of superheroes and comic books. Whether it was the Uncanny X-Men, Batman, the Question, Magnus: Robot Fighter, the New Mutants, or the Justice League, there was always something that was incredibly appealing about fighting crime while wearing an colorful costume. Sadly, the options for gaming online as a superhero were pretty slim until City of Heroes came along. I spent countless hours in that game, before moving on to...
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Apr 26 2015
Does EA hate mmos?
The relationship between Electronic Arts and gamers has been a rocky one. Many gamers praise the early history of the company while damning the juggernaut that it is today. Some recent news has fueled more anger from the online rpg corner of gaming as EA announced it was shutting down four mmos. The responsible was fairly predictable as people fumed on forums that EA is a monster and hates mmo gamers. However, is that the truth? Does EA hate mmos...
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Apr 24 2015
Why it's time for WildStar to become free-to-play
The development of WildStar was fascinating to watch. The online rpg seemed to have a strong focus that blended sci-fi, action, and a healthy dose of humor. The development videos were a hoot to watch, but the big news came when it was announced that WildStar would be a subscription-based mmo. This was pretty surprising as f2p games had totally conquered the market by then. The game launched with a great deal of acclaim, but massive success has e...
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Apr 23 2015
A closer look at recent video game studies
There have been a number of tropes that have been hurled at video gamers over the years. The usual attitude is that gamers are anti-social, are playing games without their parents' knowledge, and are outside the mainstream. Another recent charge is that gamers are increasingly sexist due to being exposed to video games that often portray women in less than flattering terms. These attributes are doled out liberally to gamers of all stripes, whethe...
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Apr 22 2015
Why is there no James Bond mmo?
One of the joys of gaming is the sheer variety of genres that we can immerse ourselves into. Whether you play mmo games, pen-and-paper rpgs, console games, or even board games, there's normally something available for everybody. However, there is one glaring exception in the world of online games. There are endless hordes of fantasy mmos, a fair number of sci-fi ones, and even a few superhero and post-apocalyptic games to play, but where are the ...
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Apr 21 2015
Why mmo ad campaigns are important
There's an old saying that goes it's not what you know, but who you know that's important. There is a grain of truth in that old axiom as while a person can be extremely knowledgeable, actually knowing others that are willing to help you out is usually far more beneficial to you getting a foot in that door. Such a sentiment is applicable to mmorpg games as well in a certain manner. One can create an incredible online game that has every feature t...
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Apr 19 2015
The need for military mmo realism
For the most part, when players log into their favorite mmo games, they're looking for an escape from reality. Online games offer the promise of grand adventure, where a person can be a mighty warrior, a crafty rogue, or a powerful wizard. This ability to shed the mundane world and engage in a flight of fancy is a powerful lure. Personally, I'm not particularly agile or have six-pack abs in real life, but my online avatar can be. Yet there is an ...
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Apr 18 2015
Pros and cons of mmo alternative leveling methods
One of the key components of mmorpg games is gaining levels. For most players, it's how they measure the success of their character as it gains in power and abilities. We've become addicted to hearing that "ping" when someone levels, and when it happens to us, it's almost as if we had received a tasty treat. The most obvious method of leveling within an online game is by killing mobs of monsters and completing quests. However, quite a few games o...
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Apr 17 2015
Will mobas continue to soar in 2015?
The rise of the moba genre has been nothing short of spectacular. In the last few years, this particular style of mmo has gone from interesting diversion to one of total domination in the world of online gaming. The traditional mmo, once considered impregnable, has surrendered its crown to these feisty upstarts. It seems that every year brings a crop of new moba games to the market and also an increase in revenue generated. 2014 was a very succes...
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Apr 16 2015
Should EVE Online create a fresh start server?
A bit of false news recently gave EVE Online players something to talk about. A site put up an image that purported to show that the developers of the sci-fi online rpg were planning on creating a new server for players to start from scratch. The bait was taken and the topic found itself being discussed across multiple websites. In the end, sharp-eyed people noted that the original story first appeared on a satirical website and was shown to be u...
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Apr 15 2015