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Why we love the Alliance of Valiant Arms Lastman Standing mode
Most gamers are an extremely competitive lot, especially those that play mmofps games. Most chat channels are filled with endless taunts as players continually bag on one another, each proclaiming their superiority. It seems to be part of the human psyche to see who can claw, bite, and scratch their way up to becoming the undisputed King of the Hill. Now Alliance of Valiance Arms players can answer that question of who is top dog with the game's ...
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Aug 30 2015
Should mmos emulate the EverQuest 2 prison server?
It's probably not a good testament to the human spirit that whenever something new is created, others instantly begin looking for loopholes or ways to gain an unfair advantage in that area. There have been cheaters and hackers that have plagued online gaming ever since the first mmorpg was nothing but text characters. Now cheaters are more elaborate in how they perpetuate their shenanigans, but the result is that every single online game will see...
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Aug 29 2015
Is mobile gaming the future of CCG mmos?
Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular, but we have to admit that the game choices available are somewhat limited. The normal mobile game is a far cry from the deeply intricate mmorpg games that we love to play. In fact, most mobile games are pretty simple, such as puzzle games and simple CCG games. Yet a recent study by SuperData Research has changed the paradigm quite a bit about CCGs and mobile gaming. Is mobile gaming the future for C...
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Aug 28 2015
Will random eSports drug testing work?
It seems that the rising tide of eSports is becoming all too familiar with issues that affect traditional sports. Every professional gaming league, such as the NFL and MLB, have stringent rules on cheating by using drugs to enhance performance on the field. It seems that practically every sport has been affected by some sort of doping scandal, with Lance Armstrong being the poster child of abuse. Now some have raised the issue that mmo players ar...
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Aug 27 2015
Does mmo celebrity advertising help?
We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. No matter where you turn, you'll find celebrities on the radio, on TV, in magazines, and on social media constantly promoting their brand and hawking products for companies. It seems as long as there's a paycheck to be had, celebrities will endorse anything from perfume to cars to shaving cream and even mmorpg games. It seems that mmo advertising has used celebrities to promote online gaming for some time,...
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Aug 26 2015
How some mmos improve over time
A common perception that many people have is that older things are not as good as newer ones. This is true for anything from cars to mmorpg games. In the world of online gaming, it's expected that a normal mmo will go through the standard life cycle of launching, critical or popular success, and then a slow slide into oblivion. Every year brings out the usual dirges of that this will be the year that a particular game will finally wither and die....
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Aug 25 2015
Should mmo players worry about Funcom?
While we gamers view playing mmo games as a source of fun and enjoyment, online games are also serious business. Thousands of developers work hard to create these games and depend upon players supporting those games in order to get a paycheck. Online games, and the companies that make them, rise and fall on a regular basis. Recently, a great deal of speculation has been swirling around Funcom after they posted a notice that they were actively loo...
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Aug 23 2015
Gamescom 2015 mmo roundup
Gamescom 2015 has come and gone, and the dust has finally settled. Roughly 345,000 gamers and press flocked to Germany this year to take part in the world's largest gaming convention. There were a ton of presentations by companies representing everything from free mmorpg games to the latest console blockbusters. Naturally, our focus is on what news the various mmo companies released during the convention. Some of what we heard was expected, but t...
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Aug 22 2015
Looking forward to Project Gorgon
The nature of mmo games has changed since their inception, becoming both larger and smaller. They've become bigger as the virtual worlds have expanded in size and scope due to technological advances and the increasing size of the player base. They are also literally hundreds of more mmo games running today that a player can immediately leap into as opposed to the small handful of long ago. Yet online games have become smaller as the thrill of pla...
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Aug 21 2015
Should eSports tournaments be gender-locked?
Last year, a lot of hackles were raised over a Hearthstone tournament in Finland. The reason for the outcry was that the eSports tournament in question, the Assembly Summer 2014, said that the tournament was open only to Finnish male gamers. This sparked a great deal of outrage over whether or not there should be gender-locked eSports tournaments. Such a discussion carries on to this day as there was recently an all-female Hearthstone tournament ...
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Aug 20 2015