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Top five pioneering mmos
Ever since mmorpg games crawled out of the primordial MUD, there have been a number of them that have shaped the evolution of online gaming. The reality is that online games come and go, but a few have made their mark even though they may be forgotten today. What many gamers today would consider standard mmo features were once considered innovative and groundbreaking. To that end, we offer our list of the top five pioneering mmos. A quick note b...
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Jan 27 2015
Pros and cons of realism in mmos
One of the reasons why I love to play mmorpg games is that they're an escape from real life. My normal life is rather unexciting as I do work, pay bills, and shop for the cheapest groceries possible. I don't strap a sword to my side and go questing to find forgotten tombs and plunder them for untold riches. The closest I get to flying a spaceship through massive space battles is when I look up at the stars when I get back from shopping at Wal-Mar...
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Jan 25 2015
Pros and cons of multiple mmo currencies
They say that money makes the world go round. This is actually pretty true as it takes cold hard cash to do almost anything worthwhile in the real world. This adage can also be applied as well to the virtual world of mmorpg games. Having currency in an online game is a no-brainer as players will need coin to buy items, such as armor and weapons, and gain currency as a reward for killing bad guys and monsters. What complicates the issue is the pro...
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Jan 24 2015
Is H1Z1 now pay-to-win?
Gamers that wanted to test their survival skills in a zombie apocalypse eagerly followed the development of H1Z1. This virtual worlds mmo promised a host of intriguing features to players, such as realistic but still playable weapons, dynamic weather, intricate crafting, and lots and lots of zombies in a sandbox setting. The game was depicted as being brutal and unrelenting as players would have to struggle mightily if they wanted to survive. One...
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Jan 23 2015
Why it's time for a Guild Wars 2 expansion
ArenaNet has definitely taken a different course in the world of mmorpg games. When their original Guild Wars game was released, one feature was their PvP whilst the other was a buy-to-play revenue model that had no monthly subscription. It was this lack of subscription that really surprised the online gaming world as that conventional wisdom at the time thought that such an approach was doomed to fail. However, such was not the case as Guild War...
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Jan 22 2015
Why World of Warcraft isn't going f2p
There's nothing quite like a juicy rumor to get people going crazy. This is true in both the real world and in the virtual world of mmorpg games. Late last week, some data-miners were combing through World of Warcraft's Patch 6.1 and some interesting tidbits were found. The most profound item was talk about a World of Warcraft veteran mode, which sent gamers into a tizzy that the game was finally going to go free-to-play. Blizzard quickly came ou...
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Jan 21 2015
MMO desires for 2015
It's the dawn of a new year for mmorpg games, which means that it's full of hope and optimism for players. It's to be hoped that this year will be as good for online gaming as 2014 was. Last year, we had two major releases (WildStar and Elder Scrolls Online), new expansions (Warlords of Draenor for World of Warcraft and Delta Rising for Star Trek Online), and the continued development of a bevy of games that show tremendous promise. As gamers, we...
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Jan 20 2015
mmo budget gaming
“Oh, I don’t play mmo games...I don’t have a gaming PC” is a conversation that a lot of mmo fans find themselves on both sides of, at some point in their gaming life. Needing a high-spec PC to play mmos is a misconception that gamers and developers alike struggle to overcome, and frankly; it’s an old, dead concept. Playing mmo games is easier than ever now, and the fact that you don’t have a monstrous, expensive, watercooled obelisk of a compute...
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Jan 18 2015
Excited about Elder Scrolls Online justice system
While there were quite a few outstanding features found in the Elder Scrolls games, one of the more important was that the player was free to be either good or bad. This meant that gamers could deviate from the normal heroic script and act as an utter villain, robbing and killing as they saw fit. Of course, there were consequences to such actions, but it was amazing to walk on the bad side if you chose to. Sadly, that aspect of the original video...
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Jan 17 2015
Touch review
It can be interesting from time to time to step outside your comfort zone in the world of online games. I normally play first-person shooters and standard mmorpg games, but the premise of Touch intrigued me. This browser mmo is focused on dancing to K-pop tunes in a multitude of venues. I can safely say that I'm not the target audience for such a game being 44 years old, but I had to give it a shot. Did I find myself dancing to hits I don't under...
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Jan 16 2015