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Love destruction and rebuilding of GW2's Lion's Arch
Every online rpg needs a central hub for players to gather. Most mmos place a great deal of important functions inside these hubs, such as banks, vendors, crafting stations, guild registration, and more. The lure of having easy access to various features, as well as engaging in some chat (or ignoring it if such talk becomes tedious), ensures that there will always be plenty of players hanging out at the central hub. For Guild Wars 2, the main hub...
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Jul 02 2015
Angst of mmo character names
A player has to make a lot of decisions when creating a character in an mmorpg. The most obvious choices are that of race and class, but there are many other factors that have to be weighed and considered. There are the many physical characteristics that have to be decided upon, such as height, weight, amount of muscle, and, naturally enough, gender. If the gamer is playing a superhero game like DC Universe Online or Champions Online, then powers...
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Jul 01 2015
Genius of the Crowfall layaway purchasing plan
I grew up in a small, semi-rural town, which meant that money was always in short supply. This meant that most folks were not able to spend a great deal of money at once on items such as a new tv set or furniture. Retailers were aware of this situation, so most stores offered layaway plans for their customers. This allowed individuals to put some money down on an item and gradually pay it off over a length of time. Once the item was paid off, the...
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Jun 30 2015
Why we're looking forward to Albion Online
Sandbox mmo games are back in vogue after a few years of languishing in the wilderness. The main reasons for this is that enough gamers are out there that are actually looking for a challenge, and they're also looking for a game where their actions can truly impact the game's virtual world. While most online games portray the player's character as The Chosen One who will save or destroy the world through their actions, the reality is that the act...
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Jun 28 2015
Why we love the RuneScape RuneLabs feature
There are a lot of creative forces that are poured into the creation of mmorpg games. Each online game is developed by a host of people that include artists, level designers, writers, musicians, producers, and so on. While many online games go to great lengths to secure the services of talented individuals, they do tend to neglect one area of gaming that is a vast reservoir of ideas and creativity: the gamers themselves. Jagex is tapping into tha...
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Jun 27 2015
E3 2015 roundup
For a short time, the eyes of the video game world were focused on the E3 2015 convention where industry professionals and the gaming press come together to see what games are being developed and which games are getting ready to launch. While the bulk of the E3 crowd confine themselves to standard video games, that doesn't mean that there wasn't any news of interest for mmorpg gamers. There were a number of announcements that got mmo gamers excit...
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Jun 26 2015
How long should an mmo event last?
There are quite a few features associated with mmorpg games that make them fun to play. There's the ability to quest for fame and glory in a virtual world, fearsome enemies to face and conquer, and friends to be made. Yet we often fall into the rut of doing the same daily tasks or quests over and over again. That's why I'm such a huge proponent of mmo events that take us out of the normal humdrum of gaming and offer us something different to do. ...
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Jun 25 2015
Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns scandal
Guild Wars 2 has built up a pretty loyal playerbase ever since the online rpg first launched. That same playerbase was excited when ArenaNet announced the first ever expansion, Heart of Thorns, for the game. The company slowly released new details of the new feature that players could expect, such as a new skill mastery system, a new profession, guild housing, and a large new zone to explore. The initial FAQ for the expansion implied that having ...
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Jun 24 2015
Will we see more mmo TV tie-ins?
One thing that online rpg players tend to forget while playing their favorite game is that an mmo is a business, first and foremost. If an online game cannot generate revenue for its parent company, then it will eventually shut down. A more interesting facet of online games is that many companies look to create a brand around their intellectual property. This is done so they can leverage that IP into other avenues in an effort to make more money....
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Jun 23 2015
Are guild-only mmo updates a good idea?
One of the more important aspects of mmorpg games is the social factor. Online games are meant to be played with other people, even though most mmos today are increasingly tailored for the single player. The primary social mechanism in most online games is the venerable guild, wherein like-minded players can band together in the pursuit of common goals. It's interesting to note that there are quite a few guilds that outlive the life an mmo as the...
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Jun 21 2015