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Why we love Cho'gall in Heroes of the Storm
Every so often, an online game does something that takes players, such as myself, by surprise. Such was the case when the Heroes of the Storm free mmo announced the addition of Cho'gall during BlizzCon 2015. What makes this champion so unique in comparison to others is that he sports two heads, each with its own distinctive personality and abilities. The mechanics for those who want to play Cho'gall are fascinating: two players control him simult...
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Nov 27 2015
Why does the media misrepresent gaming culture?
As any gamer can testify, they've had to deal with misconceptions and outright lies bandied around the topic of gaming culture. You would think that since gaming is becoming much more mainstream and that video games actually make a lot more money than the movie industry, that the media representation of gamers would be more accurate. Yet it seems every year brings another TV show, movie, or newscast that portrays gamers as sexist, bigoted, sloven...
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Nov 26 2015
Video games bigger than Hollywood
The public today has a huge array of entertainment choices at their command. What captures the attention of the press and, thereby, the public is what comes out of Hollywood. Every weekend, news is trumpeted on which movie is number one and which TV show snagged the highest ratings. We get awards shows, such as the Oscars and Emmys, where Hollywood pats itself on the back. Yet another entertainment choice is ridiculed and mocked: video games. The...
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Nov 25 2015
Is the subscription mmo dead?
If the world of online games was like a fantasy kingdom, the subscription mmo used to be the undisputed king. Their rule was utterly absolute and none dared to challenge them for about a decade. Sitting atop their throne, the subscription mmo looked down at the free-to-play pretenders with absolute scorn. It seemed that subscription-based gaming would continue into infinity as the initial crop of f2p mmos were essentially money pits that forced p...
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Nov 24 2015
Why we love mmo character wipes
The development of an mmo can be a long and torturous process. There are a lot of bumps along the way between the time the online rpg is just a gleam in a developer's eye and the time the game officially launches to the masses. One of the features found in most alpha, and some beta, tests is the dreaded mmo character wipe. Players will react to the news of a character wipe as if the game company had decided to confiscate their firstborn child and...
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Nov 22 2015
Why mmos need silly events
The best mmo games do their best to immerse their players into a virtual world of fantasy and magic. There's usually a compelling storyline that features the player as the catalyst for saving the world by stopping some ancient evil or by uniting multiple factions. While these narratives can be quite enjoyable, they do tend to be pretty serious and can get pretty grim from time to time. It's like always being forced to live in Gotham, fighting the...
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Nov 20 2015
Top five reasons why we love BlizzCon
The foam sword has been put away, feet are no longer aching with waiting in line to get into a panel, and the case of con crud has finally been overcome. Yes, Blizzard 2015 has come and gone, and it was a blast for the roughly 26,000 mmo players who attended. Conventions are always a good time (unless you get a flat tire when the valet parking attendant brings your car back from the hotel's garage, but I digress), but there are a number of specif...
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Nov 19 2015
Is launch day DLC for video games evil?
There are a lot of changes made to video games over the years that have been quite beneficial. Fully voiced acting, lush orchestral scores, and improved AI have helped both console and mmo games become more immersive. The digital download that gamers now enjoy allows players to buy, download, and begin playing a video game in just mere minutes without the hassle of going to a brick-and-mortar store. Yet some changes that have cropped up have not ...
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Nov 18 2015
Will Steam become the savior of mmos?
When people talk about a good mmorpg, they usually focus on the game's features. Endless debate will be waged on how combat is handled, whether or not the classes are balanced right for the purposes of PvP, if crafting is worthwhile, if there's enough endgame content to keep hardcore players happy, and so on. Yet one important factor crucial to the success of any mmo is usually not mentioned: the players. An online game needs a healthy population...
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Nov 17 2015
Was Guild Wars 2 free-to-play model a good move?
There were a number of features that piqued my interest in Guild Wars 2 while it was being developed. Some of these features included characters scaling in level depending upon the zone, the fast travel system, and the use of dynamic events. Another aspect of the online rpg that I really liked was that the game was buy-to-play, a rarity in today's online gaming environment. Now Guild Wars 2 has gone the free-to-play route in regards to the core g...
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Nov 15 2015