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Will fantasy mmos always dominate?
On the surface, gamers have a lot of choices to make when deciding which one of the many mmo games on the market today that they want to play. However, when one looks a bit deeper, that choice becomes somewhat of an illusion. The truth is that the vast majority of online games are fantasy in nature. Fantasy mmos have dominated online gaming since its inception, and it looks like that domination shows no signs of abating. Will this always be true?...
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Aug 01 2015
Will Darkode takedown slow hackers?
Online hackers have long been the bane of gaming developers and gamers alike. It has not mattered whether one plays console games, mmorpg games, or single-player rpgs, the reality is that the actions of hackers can seriously disrupt the gaming experience for millions of players and cost game companies an extraordinary amount of revenue. One of the more notorious gaming hacking groups is Lizard Squad, who have been responsible for a great many att...
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Jul 31 2015
Why we love the Elsword dual character of Luciel
There is one feature that every online rpg needs to have in their game: characters. Without these virtual avatars of the players, there would be little to no immersion in the online realm, and the gameplay would depreciate to that of old school arcade games. Almost every mmo tries to put an unique spin upon creating and playing a character in their game, but the reality is that the basic mechanics of characters are essentially the same in almost ...
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Jul 30 2015
Top five Defiance-style TV mmo tie-ins we want
There are a number of good mmorpg games based upon TV shows and movies. However, using an established intellectual property does not guarantee success or quality. One essential ingredient in such an online game is a regular infusion of new content that moves the overall storyline of the game forward or tells a self-contained story arc. This factor is a perfect match for games based upon TV shows. One notable example is the Defiance mmofps where e...
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Jul 29 2015
Jagex got it right with RuneScape RuneFest tickets
There's nothing like going to a convention and hanging out with other people that share your passions and hobbies. This can range from outdoor sports to jazz music to mmo games. A number of mmo companies hold a yearly convention for their games and those that play them. Blizzard is the most high profile company to do this, but Jagex has a fun, one-day event as well. This year the RuneScape RuneFest will be held on October 3rd in jolly old England...
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Jul 28 2015
Ongoing Star Citizen Derek Smart drama
It's always fascinating, and vastly entertaining, to witness an online gaming feud break out. Normally such actions involve your typical mmo players, but it goes to a whole new level when it involves developers throwing down with each other. The game in question where the brouhaha has erupted is Star Citizen, the upcoming sci-fi sandbox game being developed by Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame. In the other corner, we have Derek Smart, a game ...
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Jul 26 2015
Will Heart of Thorns end Guild Wars 2 Living World?
There are a lot of features that I enjoy in the Guild Wars 2 online rpg. I love being able to play with friends, old and new, in any zone without any issues due to the scaling system. The dynamic quests are always fun to undertake, and I even try my hand from time to time on some of the game's jumping puzzles. With that being said, my favorite part of the game is the Living World content that ArenaNet used to release on a semi-regular schedule to...
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Jul 25 2015
Marvel Heroes 2015 Ant-Man review
Gazillion has done an amazing job with tying their Marvel Heroes 2015 free mmo into the movie releases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It probably helps a great deal that the release schedule for the films for the next few years has long been known to the public. This has allowed them to develop and launch new playable heroes to coincide with those heroes' movie releases. They did this last year with Guardians of the Galaxy, and they just recen...
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Jul 24 2015
Will the Warcraft movie mainstream mmos?
The dust has finally settled from the San Diego Comic-Con, and hordes of gamers, geeks, and nerds have resumed their daily lives. Yet we all have the various trailers of upcoming movies to sustain us, and one trailer in particular had mmorpg players excited. I'm talking about the World of Warcraft movie that lucky con attendees got to see (presumably after waiting in line for hours in order to do so). The movie isn't scheduled to be released unti...
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Jul 23 2015
Literary pantheons that should be added to SMITE
Most moba games have players picking various powerful champions to play against other players. Many of these champions are quite interesting to play and have some interesting backgrounds behind them. Yet the SMITE free mmo has a feature that other mobas lack: you get to play as gods, not mere champions of legend. The game has quite an impressive roster of gods from a number of historical pantheons, but there are plenty of other areas that could b...
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Jul 22 2015