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Top five signs of mmo burnout
A human being is a funny creature indeed. When we get into something for the first time, we become very excited over it and spend countless hours immersed in that activity. Yet at some point a switch is flipped in our mind, and we become irritated and angry with that same activity that we used to love so much and enjoy. What originally attracted us now repels us. This can happen in almost any facet of life, such as sports, movies, and even friend...
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Nov 25 2014
MMO Rage: Guild Wars 2 GemGate
There are times when an mmo gamer is sent into a towering rage due to a major change in the game that they normally play. It could be their favorite class getting unexpectedly nerfed or that a particular legendary suit of gear that they spent months grinding to get is now rendered obsolete by the latest armor to be released. Yet there are times when a minor change occurs within a game that initially doesn't register upon a person's radar. While t...
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Nov 23 2014
Why don't mmos update their seasonal events?
One of the things I enjoy most about playing mmorpg games is taking part in the seasonal events that roll along at certain times of the year. You know the events that I'm talking about. Christmas, Halloween, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and many more real world holidays are also celebrated online. What I really like about mmo seasonal events is that they provide a break from the normal everyday gaming that you typically do. Some of these events c...
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Nov 22 2014
Pros and cons of rare mmo loot drops
If there's one thing that mmorpg players love, it's getting tangible rewards for their efforts. No matter what you call it - loot, swag, treasure - gamers love getting it. Having loot drops is the virtual equivalent of a dog getting a treat when it does something good. In the case of online games, the players do something good by finishing a dungeon run, going on a raid, or defeating a world boss, and afterwards they get their treat normally in t...
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Nov 21 2014
Does a toxic community hurt an mmo?
Online games are meant to be fun, and, for the most part, they are. Yet there is a seamy underbelly of mmo games that is known for being abusive and where trollish behavior is celebrated. Fair or foul, a number of online games have become known for their toxic community, with League of Legends serving as the case study. Every game company strives to have an open and friendly community that welcomes new players with open arms, but the reality can ...
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Nov 20 2014
Was WildStar doomed before it launched?
WildStar has had a tough time of it since the mmorpg launched just a few short months ago. This is a crying shame as gamers were eagerly looking forward to this online game for a number of years. The mmo promised a whole slew of features that fueled anticipation and the hype surrounding the game, and the trailers were an amazing blend of information and humor that bespoke that gamers were going to get something special. The atmosphere around the ...
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Nov 19 2014
Guild Wars 2 Echoes of the Past review
It's been quite a bit of time since gamers have had the chance to enjoy the latest episode of the Living World storyline for Guild Wars 2. The mmorpg took a breather with the feature pack in September and then the re-release of their Halloween event from last year, but now the second season continues with the release of Echoes of the Past. The last episode concluded with the summit of world leaders that was attacked by the Shadow of the Dragon. N...
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Nov 18 2014
Have mmos lost their multiplayer aspect?
A fundamental shift has occurred in online gaming over the last few years. This shift has been noticed by older players, and they've been very vocal about it across the internet. This change is one from mmorpg games requiring multiple players to get even the most basic actions done to the extremely solo-friendly games we play today. Many players have argued that today's games are no longer true mmos. Is this true? Have mmos lost their multiplayer...
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Nov 16 2014
How much can you roleplay in mmos?
Every Saturday night, I drive over to a friend's house to play some Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone in my gaming group has been roleplaying for at least twenty years, if not closer to thirty. A funny thing is that we also love playing mmorpg games, which has led to some interesting discussions on the similarities and differences between tabletop gaming and online gaming. Personally, I love roleplaying. There's just something about playing a charac...
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Nov 15 2014
Top five ways to improve Guild Wars 2
Over the years, I've played a large number of mmorpg games, ranging everywhere from fantasy to sci-fi and everything in-between. I follow the usual gamer pattern of playing an online game until I get bored and then head off to something new. Yet Guild Wars 2 has kept me coming back on an almost daily basis since the game's beta. I think that the design of the game is incredible with solid mechanics, an interesting world to adventure in, and regul...
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Nov 14 2014