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Are older mmos better?
Scrolling through any forum that pertains to mmorpg games, you'll come across a common refrain from players saying that the newer crop of online games are pathetic when compared to their illustrious ancestors. They'll say that new games are designed solely for carebears and there's no challenge or thrills to be had. Only the older games of yore provided real challenging gameplay and excitement to curl your toes and your beard, in their opinion. T...
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Apr 18 2014
Guild Wars 2 future
Season one of the Living Story for the Guild Wars 2 mmorpg has come and gone. Players experienced quite a bit of content as ArenaNet regularly rolled out new updates. The last few months saw quite a bit of action as the schemes of the insane Scarlet Briar reached its climax, culminating with the invasion and destruction of Lion's Arch. Such an event is a huge one for Guild Wars 2, and the latest update has no new quests or storylines but rather i...
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Apr 17 2014
game convention tips
Last week-end marked the beginning of convention season, with PAX East. From here on out, there's a solid 5 months of gaming events, expos, conventions and conferences, displaying early glimpses of everything from gamer tech, to indie breakthroughs, mmo marvels and triple-A titans scheduled for launch throughout 2014. Here's a list of tricks and tips to make sure you squeeze every drop out of your convention experience. 1. Bring a swag bag Fans...
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Apr 16 2014
World of Tanks esports
Ever since it launched, World of Tanks has been a resounding success. The mmofps of armored warfare has instituted a blitzkrieg for those players looking to engage in tank versus tank combat. In just over three and a half years, the game has garnered over 80 million registered players worldwide. Its microtransaction revenue in 2013 was $372 million, ranking it fourth in online games and surpassing World of Warcraft. Despite these glowing reports,...
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Apr 15 2014
Kickstarter mmo funding
As a gamer, I have to admit that we live in an exciting age. There are plenty of mmorpg games on the market with a variety of subscription models. Many online games are free to play whilst others follow the traditional subscription model. One of the biggest developments in mmo evolution lately is the rise of Kickstarter. Where game companies in the past had to rely solely upon venture capitalists to get their games off the ground, now they can ap...
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Apr 14 2014
Champions Online FoxbatCon review
Everyone's favorite personality in Champions Online gets a convention in his honor. Naturally enough, we're talking about the world famous Foxbat, the most handsome, dashing, daring, and intelligent ne're-do-well (or at least that what he thinks!). The superhero mmorpg is having an in-game convention, FoxbatCon, to celebrate this superstar. So is this event fun or foul? Find out in our Champions Online FoxbatCon review. Let me start off by sayin...
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Apr 13 2014
Elder Scrolls Online wanted features
For many players, the chance to play an mmorpg set within the setting of Tamriel is a dream come true. However, other players hunger for the gameplay found within the standalone Elder Scrolls games. I must admit that I'm caught between the two positions as I both love the Elder Scrolls franchise but have also wanted to see that setting and gameplay ported to an online game. The Elder Scrolls Online appears to be a rousing success and there are a ...
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Apr 12 2014
Top 5 favorite zones in Marvel Heroes
Playing as a superhero in Marvel Heroes is fun enough, but one of the kicks that I get playing the mmorpg is the fact that I adventure through locations that I know very well. I grew up reading comic books and several series by Marvel were the first ones that I actually collected. Fighting crime with gadgets or powers is pretty cool, but I also loved the various locales that my favorite heroes traveled to in order to confront evil. As I grew up i...
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Apr 11 2014
Hacking in mmos
It's a depressing fact that hacking is becoming increasingly common in our daily lives. Whether such hacking comes from criminals, foreign governments, or bored teenagers, we have to constantly worry about our bank accounts, email, social media sites, and practically everything online of getting breached and then hijacked. This same worry also applies to mmorpg games as they find themselves more and more often under attacks by various hacking gro...
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Apr 10 2014
pax east tips
This weekend, Boston opens its doors to a horde of gamers for PAX East - Penny Arcade Expo's spring entrant; widely known for it's indie, free to play and mmo announcements, rather than the more console and triple-A-centric, PAX Prime, which is held in Seattle, later in the year. If you're heading down there to check out some of 2014's rising mmo games, here's a quick list of PAX East MMO picks you should check out. 1. Nosgoth Norgoth's closed ...
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Apr 09 2014