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May 27 2015

Top five Sins of a Dark Age features

There's no denying that the moba genre has come to dominate the online rpg market. These days, it seems that every person and their brother is putting out a new moba. All of these games tend to share certain features (heroes, defense towers, minions, etc.), but it is refreshing to come across one that has some distinct features that put some interesting twists on the standard gameplay. Sins of a Dark Age is now available to play, either by direct...
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May 26 2015

Were the recent World of Warcraft bans too lenient?

It's a given that the virtual world of online games, just like the real world, has quite a few people that are always looking for an advantage. While online gamers aren't injecting themselves with steroids (even though one could argue that quaffing gallons of Mountain Dew or Red Bull may count as such), a good number are using bots to get a leg up. Well, Blizzard recently decided to lower the banhammer on a large number of people using bots to au...
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May 24 2015

Will Shroud of the Avatar live up to the hype?

There are only a handful of people that can send gamers into a frothing frenzy at the mere mention of their name. Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, is one of those people. He's responsible for the Ultima series of games, including the revolutionary Ultima Online. His latest effort is Shroud of the Avatar, and a large number of mmo gamers have banded together to back the project. The game offers to bring back old school excitement in a sandbox s...
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May 22 2015

How open should mmo subreddits be?

Over the last few years, Reddit has become a popular destination for mmo gamers. The site boasted an almost Wild West feel as gamers were free to express their opinions on the online games they love (or hate). Developers used the platform to interact with their player base, especially through the AMA (ask me anything) threads that are used to ratchet up the hype as well as fostering communication. However, recent events in some mmo subreddits of ...
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May 21 2015

Star Trek Online season ten review

The Iconian War is well underway in Star Trek Online, and it's not looking good for the Federation and its allies. Cryptic delivers some new content for the online rpg with Season Ten, which is comprised of two separate adventures that are packed with action and showcase some good old Star Trek lore. There's also the bonus of having two cast members of Star Trek: Voyager reprise their roles for the mmo. So is the latest season for STO more fun th...
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May 20 2015

Features we want in the Neverwinter Underdark module

Cryptic announced last week their roadmap for the next few module releases for their Neverwinter online rpg. What really sparked my interest was the tidbit that there would be a Underdark module coming later this year, and everybody's favorite drow, Drizzt Do’Urden, will be along for the ride. Even better was that a quest line would be written by R.A. Salvatore, the creator of Drizzt. There are no details as of yet, but that won't stop yours trul...
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May 18 2015

Sad intersection of real life and mmos

One of the glorious aspects of mmorpg games is that they offer us an escape from the mundane reality of the real world and immerse us in a virtual world where even the meekest of us can become the mightiest of heroes. Players can escape worries over school, paying bills, work, and even medical issues by logging in and undertaking some quests. Yet far too often, the real world intrudes upon the gaming world, usually to a detrimental effect. Let us...
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May 17 2015

Guild Wars 2 cheater handled right

One thing that sends me into a fury is when someone cheats. It's irritating enough that people cheat on things in real life, but it feels like salt is being poured into the wound when they pop up in the virtual realm as well. When one sits down to play an mmorpg, it's to have some fun and escape the drudgery of the real world. That fun is derailed when jerks (you can call them hackers or cheaters) mess with you by exploiting the system. Such was ...
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May 15 2015

Will mmo virtual reality become commonplace?

The technology that powers the forays of mmo gamers into their favorite virtual worlds becomes more powerful with each passing year. Online gaming may still follow a lot of the standard formulas of older games, but how players interact with mmos is becoming far more nuanced and intricate. In ye olden days of gaming, there was just the standard mouse and keyboard, and that was all that was needed to offer a doorway to online adventure. Now there a...
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May 14 2015

Will we ever get a Mad Max mmo?

There are literally hundreds of mmo games found online, but the number of genres represented in those games is rather small. The vast preponderance of them are fantasy with a sprinkling of sci-fi thrown into the mix. One genre that gets little attention in the online arena is the post-apocalypse. It's been thirty-six years since Mad Max blazed into our consciousness (followed by the even better The Road Warrior), and the latest installment, Mad M...
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