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Why are there so few horror mmos?
October is one of my favorite months of the year, and the sole reason for this is Halloween. I've been a lifelong fan of monster and horror movies, so this time of year is especially enjoyable as there's plenty of horror movies playing on tv and in the movie theater. Seeing kids (and adults) dress up as classic monsters is also a blast to see. Horror has become big business, especially zombies, as many horror-themed tv shows have become runaway h...
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Oct 21 2014
The troubled launch of ArcheAge
The launch of an online game is a curious blend of excitement, relief, and trepidation. Excitement comes in the form of developers and players alike ecstatic that the game is finally launching. Developers have some unease as they're normally working feverishly to ensure that all the major and most of the minor bugs have been eliminated. Finally, the developers are relieved that a project that they've spent years working on and have poured so much...
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Oct 20 2014
Can there be too much mmo character customization?
One of the biggest lures of mmo games is the ability of the player to become emotionally involved in the game. This emotional attachment allows the player to greatly enjoy any success that they have in the game as well as suffer crushing blows. Online games use a variety of means to get players connected to the game, and one of the more common means is through the use of mmo character customization. Gamers love to have their onscreen personas be ...
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Oct 19 2014
Should mmos reward player loyalty?
Loyalty is a key component of the human psyche. Just look at those people and things you care about in your daily life. A person is loyal to their family. They're loyal to their friends. Many people are fanatically loyal to their favorite sports team. This same loyalty also carries over to the world of mmorpg games. Many people tend to defend the game that they're currently playing when it's compared to other games. There's a distinct us-versus-t...
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Oct 18 2014
Pros and cons of free mmo updates
Many gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft. For many players, there's nothing like the anticipation that builds with any major mmo update. Players get excited about the new storylines that are to be introduced as well as new areas to explore and exploit. There's the promise of new enemies to combat as well as new quests to undertake, and there might even be a new class to play too...
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Oct 17 2014
Are free-to-play mmos really free?
There's just something about the word "free" that gets people excited. Whether it's an upgrade in accommodations, an extra piece of desert, or getting an additional can of soup for free when you buy one, everybody loves getting something for nothing. As a person who owned their own retail business for over a decade, I can safely say that such a statement is true. This same logic applies to the world of mmorpg games as well. The vast proliferation...
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Oct 16 2014
Star Trek Online versus Star Wars: The Old Republic
As long as sci-fi fandom has existed, there have been factions battling it out over which hero or setting is superior. In ye olden days, it was Flash Gordon duking it out against Buck Rogers. (What made this so interesting is that the same actor played both roles in the movies!) Today this war rages on, but it has shifted to fit the new generation of fans. Ever since the late 1970s, there has been an ongoing shadow struggle between which beloved ...
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Oct 15 2014
Top five mmo shooters
Playing online games can be intoxicating to players for a number of reasons. Many games feature flexible character development, an immersive world to game in, and a richly detailed lore and backstory that frames the quests that players undertake. Yet there is something about mmo fps games that really resonate with players as opposed to your typical mmorpg. Perhaps it's that the game experience is boiled down to the essential element of pure comba...
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Oct 14 2014
The need for choices in mmos
When you sit down and think about it, life is just a series of choices. In the beginning, you're shaped by the choices that your parents made in getting together and creating you. Then their choices in how they lived their lives impacted you as a child. As you grew older and more capable, you began to make choices of your own. You decided who your friends were going to be, what music you were going to listen to, what college you were going to att...
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Oct 12 2014
Top five Neverwinter monsters
One of the most important facets of fantasy-themed mmorpg games is the various monsters that the player will face. You can't be suitably heroic questing through dungeons if you're beating up on creatures that are the equivalent of My Little Pony or the Muppets. No, the creatures that the player faces must be deadly adversaries, whose mere presence is enough to ooze menace and the promise of a swift, merciless doom. Neverwinter boasts some fine mo...
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Oct 11 2014