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Jun 28 2016

The pros and cons of returning to an mmo

For many gamers, it's hard to stay constant to one online rpg as there are so many available games to choose from. Whenever a particular mmo gets dull due to repetitive grinding and the same old dailies, then it's quite common for a player to find a new game to play. They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, and this sentiment can definitely be applied to the world of online games. Yet, eventually, a player often makes their wa...
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Jun 26 2016

E3 2016 roundup

The E3 2016 convention has come and gone. For a few short days, the eyes of the video gaming world were upon this gathering in Los Angeles as hardware and software companies showed their upcoming projects to an eager crowd. There was a lot of gaudy presentations with all the bells and whistles included to get the gaming press and other attendees hyped up. So did anything of note happen on the mmorpg front? Find out in our E3 2016 roundup.Befo...
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Jun 24 2016

Looking forward to Sea of Thieves

What is it about pirates that captures the imagination? For centuries, pirates have been popular in song and story, There have been countless movies featuring these scoundrels of the high seas, and the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise shows no signs of slowing down. However, there is a dearth of pirate-themed mmo games in existence, especially when compared to the fantasy genre. The upcoming Sea of Thieves mmo caught our eye at the E3 conv...
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Jun 23 2016

Is movie reboot aspect of STO Agents of Yesterday a good thing?

Over the years, there have been a number of polarizing arguments within the Star Trek fandom. Most of these dealt with which particular TV series was the best, which was often manifested by arguments over which captain was truly number one. (The true answer to this debate is obviously Captain Kirk and the original series!) However, such infighting paled to when J.J. Abrams rebooted the entire franchise with his movies. This debate is now coming t...
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Jun 22 2016

How players cope with real life issues through mmo therapy

To say that bad things happen in real life is a massive understatement. At some point, every person's life is touched by tragedy and loss. I've noticed over the years that many gamers log into the virtual world of online games and use the game itself as a coping mechanism and even as a dose of therapy. It's amazing to see the mmo real life connection at work as players use online games as a form of therapeutic release. Let's see if the doctor is ...
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Jun 21 2016

A hard look at mmo nostalgia

It's a common human trait to look back at one's past with a considerable amount of fondness. While we normally associate cranky old people who yell about the "good old days" with nostalgia, the reality is that everyone tends to look back with rose-colored glasses. This is also true when discussing older mmorpg games and how they compare to the current crop of online games. It's a common refrain from long-time players that the games of today are l...
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Jun 19 2016

Five more comic book heroes that should be Marvel Heroes 2016 characters

Young children can transform themselves into a mighty superhero by just tying a towel around their neck. There's something fundamentally powerful and gratifying to pretend that one is an iconic hero (or villain) from the pages of comic books. One of the great things about the Marvel Heroes 2016 free mmo is that it allows gamers the opportunity to play as some of the most recognizable characters from the mighty Marvel universe. Of course, there's ...
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Jun 17 2016

Should mmo testing for new content require players?

In a perfect world, every aspect of an online rpg would be thoroughly tested and vetted before being released to the live servers. This would mean that every feature and system of the game would run seamlessly and there would be no issues. However, the reality is that we don't live in a perfect world, and a lot of mmo content is released that may contain some bugs. The testing of mmorpg content differs somewhat between the initial development and...
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Jun 16 2016

Is the massively multiplayer aspect of mmos dying?

Being born in 1970, I grew up playing a ton of games on the first generation of consoles, such as the original Atari and Intellivision. Most games were single-player and multi-player meant taking turns. The very idea of massively multiplayer was being able to play with up to three friends at the same time on games such as Warlords. I later graduated to games like Doom 2 where I could play matches with more people, but then my gaming world was blo...
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Jun 15 2016

Does mmo design work against players grouping?

Probably the best feature of mmorpg games is that a person is never truly alone in them. I remember when the first major online games came on the market, such as Ultima Online and EverQuest, and it blew my mind that you could form an mmo group with players across the country and even the world. This was a heady feeling, and it seemed that the mmo design of that era was implemented to force people to group together. The online games today are a di...
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