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Are full expansions better than updates for mmos?
There are a number of components of mmo games that are vital, but the one that most gamers crave the most is content. The fact is that players need things to do in the virtual worlds that they adventure in. A mighty warrior needs hordes of monsters to defeat, and starship captains need new worlds to explore. A common refrain from players on various forums are complaints about the perceived lack of content for a game, especially endgame content. O...
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Oct 08 2015
Should we be excited about a George Romero zombie mmo?
Zombies have become a major phenomenon in popular culture over the last few years. Every year brings a few more zombie movies to our theaters, and The Walking Dead racks up millions of viewers every week. This zombie menace has carried over into the world of mmo games as well, with varying degrees of success. Now a new zombie game is rising up from the grave, and it's making some waves with the name of George Romero being attached to it. Should w...
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Oct 07 2015
Are mmo forums necessary?
If there's one thing that's synonymous with the internet, it is the flame war that breaks out on various forums. As anyone who's ventured into any number of mmo forums can attest, flame wars can be a regular occurrence depending upon the game in question and the overall attitude of the moderators. Forums have been an integral part of online games since the beginning. Recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic lost their in-house support forum as it wa...
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Oct 06 2015
Looking forward to the Neverwinter Underdark expansion
Neverwinter has been quite a success for Cryptic ever since it first launched. Taking the Forgotten Realms setting of the pen-and-paper Dungeons and Dragons rpg and using Fourth Edition rules has made the online rpg an action-based game where D&D players can adventure in familiar surroundings. The game has also improved over time as subsequent modules were released. New zones and classes were introduced, and the last module saw the introducti...
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Oct 04 2015
Top five mmo things we hate
The world of online gaming has never been more popular as millions of players log in on a daily basis into their favorite mmo game. Game companies have reaped the rewards as online games generate billions of dollars in revenue every year. There are a lot of reasons why mmo games are so much fun to play. No matter what time of day it is, you can always log on and begin to have adventures with other people who may be scattered all over the world. Y...
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Oct 02 2015
Top five mmo things we love
Online gaming started as a small, niche industry, but it has grown into a mainstream hobby for millions of players all over the world. It's hard to argue that mmo games have never been more popular as there are literally hundreds of games to choose from at any one time. We still get hyped about the release of a major new title, and there are plenty of established games that are still going strong. Like you, I spend a lot of time adventuring in th...
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Oct 01 2015
Should Jagex give refunds over RuneScape legendary pets?
If there's one thing that gets people riled up, it's when they feel that they're the victim of a bait and switch. This is when a person thinks that they're getting A when they buy it, but it turns out that they're actually getting B instead. Sometimes this switch is intentional, but there are times when it is not. A recent brouhaha broke out in the RuneScape mmorpg over some changes made to legendary pets. Some players are demanding a refund, but...
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Sep 30 2015
Top five mmo convenience features
It's interesting to see how the nature of mmorpg games have changed over the last fifteen years. What were once considered essential features that every gamer demanded are now seen as incredibly cumbersome and could potentially drive players away. A number of mmo convenience features have cropped up over the last decade that have made playing in the virtual world easier and smoother. Older hardcore players may deride such mmo features as catering...
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Sep 29 2015
Is the Crowfall collector's edition worthwhile?
There are a lot of crafty ways that mmo companies use to part gamers from their hard-earned dollars. One popular method is through the sale of collector's editions, which bundle together some exclusive items into a single package. The cost for these collector's editions can be quite hefty, with some of them reaching several hundred of dollars. Still, gamers keep buying them, which means that game companies will keep releasing them. ArtCraft Enter...
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Sep 27 2015
Neverwinter Stronghold Siege interview with John Hopler
The Neverwinter online rpg took a major stride forward when it released its Strongholds update that added guild housing to the game. Unlike other online games, the guild housing in Neverwinter is much more dynamic featuring quests, choices on what structures to make, and even the ability to go to war against rival guilds. The initial Strongholds release focused on the PvE aspects of this new feature in order to get players used to the new system,...
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Sep 26 2015