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Has Dota 2 jumped the shark?
Dota 2 is one of Valves's most popular mmo games. The moba was the first game on the Steam platform to hit over a million concurrent players just a few weeks ago, and it garners roughly ten million players every month. You would think that such numbers would mean that the game is doing everything right as a free-to-play mmo, but there have been some major rumblings recently. One of the sacred taboos of moba gaming was broken recently when the gam...
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Mar 05 2015
Five minute matches in Call of Champions a great concept
No one can deny the vast popularity of moba games. They're among the most played mmo games on the market today, and the rise of eSports has elevated the genre even farther. The gameplay of the moba has been markedly consistent, allowing for a heady mix of strategy and fierce competition, but it is also true that there's a barrier in place for new players. A newly announced free mmo, Call of Champions, is focusing on mobile play, and one of its ke...
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Mar 04 2015
Why is the Crowfall Kickstarter so successful?
Kickstarter has had a huge impact upon the development of mmorpg games since the crowdfunding site first began. What it essentially did was to remove the barrier that existed between game developers and the hordes of gamers. If a gamer was excited about a game, they could actually help fund the development of that game directly. Conversely, developers could now go outside the usual cookie-cutter mold of online gaming and pitch a game that would a...
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Mar 03 2015
What if real life was like mmos?
For most online rpg gamers, the entire point of playing mmos is to get away from real life. While we have to pay bills, go to work or school, just take it when we're being yelled at by our bosses, and deal with the myriad irritating factors of mundane life, we get to be the exact opposite in the virtual realm. In online games, we're the center of attention, the one prophesized to save the world. We go on epic adventures, gather riches, and win th...
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Mar 01 2015
Growing stress in eSports
The standard view of games, whether they're an online rpg or a board game, is that they're supposed to be fun. This sentiment is mostly true, but the reality is that competition within gaming can be extremely fierce, especially when money becomes involved. Just remember back when you played Monopoly with your family when you were growing up. How quickly did such games degenerate into almost all out brawls? Every so often, we get treated to some n...
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Feb 28 2015
Should mmos have advertising?
One feature of modern life is that we're constantly being bombarded by advertising. When you go the movies, you have to sit through twenty minutes of ads and previews before you even get to the feature film. Almost every website you surf is loaded with tons of different ads. Want to watch a video on YouTube? Better be prepared to sit through an ad. I won't even get into the sheer number of ads you see on TV or hear on the radio. Yet, it's almost ...
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Feb 27 2015
Cancelling Shadow Realms helps SWTOR
When BioWare decided to get into the arena of mmorpg games, they did so in a major way with the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. While the online game was an immediate hit, it did fade somewhat in the months after launch. BioWare eventually turned their eye to creating another mmo, Shadow Realms, that was vastly different in design and tone from SWTOR and their other intellectual properties. This new game was a combination of high magic, t...
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Feb 26 2015
What does the departure of Dave Georgeson mean for the EverQuest franchise?
It's rather amazing how quickly things can change. Just a few weeks ago, the only news about Sony Online Entertainment was the ongoing development of Landmark and EverQuest Next. Then, without warning, came the news that SOE had been sold off to an investment management company by the name of Columbus Nova. The move came with a name change for SOE to Daybreak Game Studio. Then the other shoe dropped when just about ten days later the company rele...
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Feb 25 2015
Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return review
Season two of Guild Wars 2's Living World comes to a close with Point of No Return. The player is still on the hunt for Caithe, who is still missing with the dragon egg. In the previous chapter of the storyline, the player traveled to different locations, using memory seeds to delve deeper into Caithe's life and figure out her motivations and a possible hiding spot. Of course, this opened up new areas to explore within the mmorpg, and the hunt en...
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Feb 24 2015
Can there be too much mmo immersion?
While some argue that there are many different gamer types in mmorpg games, it really boils down to just two factions for me. On one side you have those that really care about the lore of the world and want to be fully immersed in it, whilst the other faction looks at the lore as an unnecessary backdrop to questing and creating the perfect build. I'm firmly in the lore and immersion camp as I want to be transported out of my mundane world into on...
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Feb 22 2015