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Feb 12 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 War Machine review

The funny thing about reading comics is that while most non-readers assume that you're familiar with every character and their exploits, the reality is that comic book readers tend to fall into a niche. A personal example is that while I started collecting Marvel comics decades ago, I usually concentrated on the mutant titles (Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, Excalibur, X-Factor, and Alpha Flight). I was not a particular fan of the Avengers and the ot...
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Feb 11 2016

What gamers can learn from the Ant Simulator cancellation

There are a number of ways that the development of a video game comes crashing down in flaming ruins. The most common reason is that all the money has been spent on developing the game and investors refuse to toss good money after bad. In the online rpg market, developers may have had goals that were too lofty and could never be reasonably achieved. Perhaps a competitor beat a company to the punch and released a similar game first. Then there's t...
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Feb 10 2016

DC Universe Online review

Where superheroes once conquered nefarious villains, they have now conquered popular culture. It used to be that comic book superheroes were derided as childish, and most movie and TV adaptations had that wink at the camera that just said, "Isn't this silly?" Well, that isn't the case any more. Superheroes are ruling the roost at the movies and on TV. The DC heroes have been killing it on TV with five shows currently airing, and fans are eagerly ...
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Feb 09 2016

Roleplaying in Star Trek Online

There are a number of facets of online games that most gamers consider vitally important, such as an action-based combat system or an intriguing class selection. One particular component that is becoming increasingly overlooked is the ability to roleplay within the mmo. It warms my heart that a sizable number of gamers still wish to roleplay within the virtual worlds of online games, but I have to admit that some games are better suited for it th...
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Feb 07 2016

Is buying mmo help right or wrong?

No matter what new product is created and sold on the open market, it seems that there's always a secondary market attached to it. A perfect example of this is the toy arena. A manufacturer creates and manufactures a toy, and then ships that toy to various retail outlets. Then the consumer visits such retail establishments, purchases the toy, and joy abounds for all the parties involved. However, another market exists for such toys. Some toys hav...
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Feb 05 2016

developers vets newbs

It's a problem that exists in any mmo with a few years under its belt - who should a developer cater towards more with their mmo? The new players? Or, the veterans? It feels like every time an expansion launches, for a popular mmorpg, the same "RIP - This Game" comments from veterans come along with it. "They're only catering to new players", "They don't respect their veterans", "I've been playing this game for X years now and this is the apprec...
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Feb 04 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 Kitty Pryde review

The Uncanny X-Men have been iconic superheroes ever since they debuted back in the 1960s. The most popular member of the team has been the rough and rowdy Wolverine, but Kitty Pryde has always been a fan favorite since she entered the comic back in 1980. As luck would have it, that was roughly the same time I began collecting comics, and the teenage Kitty Pryde served as a conduit to mutant adventures for myself and thousands of other fans. She m...
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Feb 03 2016

Skyforge review

The crux of most mmo games is that the player is a mighty hero, usually with the fate of the world hanging upon their shoulders. While it's always nice to play as a powerful hero that strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies, the Skyforge mmo has decidedly upped the ante. In their world, the player is a hero that seeks to ascend to power as an immortal god, and I have to admit that this is a potent hook to lure gamers in. I decided to take m...
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Feb 02 2016

Looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild DLC

There are a number of fantasy archetypes that are prevalent in the mmorpg games that we love to play. There's the mighty warrior, wading into the thick of battle with his plate armor whilst swinging his deadly blade. Then there's the powerful wizard, slinging spells of doom and summoning creatures from the abyss to do his bidding. There's the heroic cleric, healing the wounds of her party and curing all sorts of maladies. Then there's the shadowy...
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Jan 30 2016

Can the Minecraft Education Edition lead the way for other mmos?

There has always been a long running argument on the topic of whether video games can be educational or not. Such a debate has raged from when kids began to spend hours playing Pong decades ago up to today where parents have to almost literally pry their children off their favorite mobile games. There is no denying that Minecraft has sparked a revolution in online gaming, but it has also sparked one for education as well. Educators have been usin...
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