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Jul 27 2016

Pros and cons of the Defiance Exchange shutting down

There are a number of features that online gamers take for granted, and one of these is the mmo auction house. A major part of the in-game economy of mmo games is the auction house, where players can buy needed gear or sell items to amass a virtual fortune. Yet not every game boasts this feature. The Defiance mmofps recently added an auction house in the form of their Exchange system, but in a surprising move, Trion Worlds has just announced the ...
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Jul 26 2016

Can the Crowfall Trusted Trader program work?

Game developers have to contend with a lot of issues when creating the mmorpg games we love to play. There are plenty of basic features that need to be addressed, such as combat mechanics, the rarity of loot drops, and how far to push class balance. All the best laid plans of developers usually go flying out the window when hordes of gamers pour into the game, prodding, poking, and seeing how far they can push different systems and find out what ...
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Jul 24 2016

Should Overwatch remove the Symmetra Devi skin?

One of the key joys of playing mmo games is that they represent a welcome escape from reality. It's great to throw off stress from work, school, or family and just dive into some virtual adventures. However, the real world and the online world do collide from time to time, and the main culprits are usually politics or religion. In a recent situation, some religious ire has been raised over a skin in the Overwatch shooter by Blizzard. A Hindu orga...
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Jul 22 2016

Have online games become too big to have a great mmo community?

It's absolutely amazing to see how big online games have become. In ye olden days of yore, an online rpg was considered phenomenally successful if it had a few hundred thousand subscribers. Such numbers in this modern era would mean that an online game was a complete and utter flop. World of Warcraft was considered the pinnacle of mmo games when it had over 12 million subscribers, but those numbers pale in comparison to the over 70 million that p...
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Jul 21 2016

Guild Wars 2 Season 3 pros and cons

There were quite a few features that lured me into playing Guild Wars 2. The overall design of the classes and how abilities were tied into weapons was intriguing, and I really liked how most quests were essentially small hubs that featured a number of different activities that could be done to complete them. However, the main draw was the promise of regular new content in the form of the Guild Wars 2 Living World storyline. I'm a content junkie ...
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Jul 20 2016

Is Valve promoting mmo gambling?

Wherever you have sports, you'll also have sports gambling. While sports leagues, such as the NBA and NFL, rake in a ton of revenue on a yearly basis, gambling sites rake in even more as everyday people regularly bet on the outcome of games. This gambling is also burgeoning in the realm of eSports, especially for games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Just like regular sports, players will engage in mmo gambling by betting on the outcome of...
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Jul 19 2016

Do linked server groups help mmo faction balance?

Factions in mmo games have long been both a blessing and a curse. An mmorpg faction does help create a sense of identity for players, but the biggest drawback has always been for the game to maintain a balance between multiple factions. If one faction is too strong, then gameplay can become stale as the weaker faction begins to check out over time as getting repeatedly beat is no fun. Developers often work hard to ensure that there is an overall ...
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Jul 18 2016

Will Pokemon Go revolutionize mobile games?

It's pretty rare to see a major cultural phenomenon unfold right before your eyes. I've personally been front and center for a few such happenings in my lifetime, which were the original release of Star Wars, the rise of the personal computer, the birth of cable TV, and the creation of the internet. Out of all of these events, Star Wars was the one that hit with a sudden impact that nobody saw coming, and it now appears that something similar may...
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Jul 15 2016

MMO revenue models pros and cons

It's amazing to think how little the standard gameplay of online games has changed over the years. Players still pick up quests from NPCs, venture out to do battle against monsters and other foes, and increase their abilities by leveling up. Yet one facet of mmorpg games has changed dramatically over the last decade, and that is how gamers pay for playing said online games. Most players today would freak out about the earliest days of online gami...
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Jul 14 2016

Does the Turbine layoffs mean the end of DDO and LotRO?

If there's one characteristic of the world of online games, it's that they're always in a constant state of flux. New mmo games are developed and released while older games gradually fade away. What was once considered standard, such as a monthly subscription, is replaced by a different model, such as free-to-play, entirely. Game companies rise and fall, and it appears that Turbine is about set to make a major transition. The company has made two...
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