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Feb 24 2017

Top five eSports

Over the years, video games have become a huge business. Tens of millions of players fire up their consoles or computers every day to play everything from single-player rpgs to mmofps games. In fact, hit games now generate more revenue than the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. The rise of eSports is another important component in this massive surge of popularity and sales. It seems every week features another major eSports tournament where the pri...
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Feb 22 2017

Blizzard mmo games cross-play brilliance

For a long time now, Blizzard has been the king of the hill when it comes to the virtual world of online games. Unlike other game companies that operate a hugely popular mmo, Blizzard actually has an entire stable of online games that have proven to be highly profitable. The company was known for a long time due to the singular success of World of Warcraft, but the last few years have seen other major games released: Heroes of the Storm, Hearthst...
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Feb 17 2017

Top five features of Conan Exiles religion system

In most online rpg games, deities and the worship of them just serve as background fluff. Clerics don't do anything to promote their faith as they just serve to dispense healing during combat. Such is not the case with Conan Exiles, the survival sandbox game by Funcom that is in early access and their follow-up to Age of Conan. The Conan Exiles religion system has the worship of the gods as one of the key features of the game, and devout followin...
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Feb 16 2017

How mmos are catering to quick gameplay

The speed with which people interact with the world has increased dramatically over the last century. Where once people rode horses, they now zoom around in cars. Waiting all week for a favorite TV show to come on the air has been replaced with binge watching through online streaming. This same change of pace from slow to fast has also occurred in the virtual worlds of online gaming. Players want to jump into the action quickly, and developers ha...
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Feb 14 2017

ZeniMax gets Elder Scrolls Online player housing right

Player housing is often an online rpg feature that can divide players. Some players consider player housing to be nothing but fluff while others consider it an integral part of their gameplay experience. Personally, I'm a big proponent of player housing in online games as I think players deserver their own slice of virtual real estate to call home and just be able to relax. The new Elder Scrolls Online Homestead update is adding player housing to...
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Feb 10 2017

Looking forward to Neverwinter The Cloaked Ascendancy

In just a few weeks, Neverwinter players will have a new module to dive into: The Cloaked Ascendancy. Unlike the last few updates to the fantasy online rpg, players won't have to brave the freezing cold to complete quests as the upcoming module is set in one of the districts of the city of Neverwinter itself. Hardened adventurers will be tasked by Lord Neverember with reclaiming the River District. Strap on your armor and sword as we examine the ...
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Feb 09 2017

How Star Trek Online features maximize Trekkie fandom

One of the joys of being part of a major fandom is sharing your love of that particular franchise with others. This is normally done via social media, online forums, and at conventions. However, there are some great mmorpg games that allow fans of a franchise to have adventures within that franchise's universe. Two of these are Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but an absolute favorite of mine is Star Trek Online. There ar...
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Feb 07 2017

Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice review

The Storm King's Thunder expansion for the Neverwinter online rpg brought more icy adventures for players to undertake. New zones in Icewind Dale were introduced as well as the storyline featuring the frost giant Jarl Storvald planning on using the Ring of Winter to bring an icy doom to the Forgotten Realms. The fight against the frost giants continues in the follow-up expansion, Sea of Moving Ice, that opens up another frigid zone for players to...
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Feb 03 2017

Crowfall interview with J Todd Coleman

The vast majority of mmorpg games out on the market today seem to be carbon copies of one another, offering almost the exact same gameplay with some minor cosmetic differences. Which is why following the development of Crowfall has been so refreshing as it offers an interesting twist upon the online game. The number of unique Crowfall features, such as the campaign worlds, offer a compelling challenge for gamers looking for something more. We wer...
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Feb 02 2017

Top five console mmo ports

There was once a time where there was a definite line between PCs and consoles, especially in regards to mmorpg games. The PC was the exclusive domain for mmos while consoles were the realm of shooters and single-player rpgs. Another snag was that consoles were leery of offering free-to-play games on their platforms when players had already shown their willingness to shell out $50-60 a pop for a game. However, that line has been blurred and prett...
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