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Top five influential mmos
There have been quite a number of mmorpg games that have come and gone over the years. Some of them have been quite good, a majority of them average, and a number of them mind-numbingly awful. Yet gamers have cheerfully logged into these games in the hope of high adventure and immersion in a digital fantasy world. While most online games have provided some nice memories and enjoyable gameplay, there are those games that have had a major impact up...
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Sep 30 2014
Troll Gamer
Whenever you sign up to a new game, you suddenly become super creative about your username. I am sure there is a scientific law that explains this overpowerful excitement coming from nowhere which makes your brain work at 99.9% of its bullshit capacity.Here is a selection of the worst troll gamertags found in MMO games:                                   &nbs...
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Sep 29 2014
Why not pushing mmo technology is smart
As consumers, we've been programmed to worship the newest and greatest thing. Just witness the near-hysteria as people stand in lines for days just to get the latest iPhone. We've been constantly told that newer and high-tech is the only way to go. "Look! My new cell phone is five percent smaller and has a camera that's ten percent better than the one in my old phone! Woot!" Older technology is portrayed as just dull, stodgy, and no fun at all. T...
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Sep 28 2014
Internet rage and Minecraft's Markus Persson
There's an undeniable part of the human psyche that seeks to destroy what we once loved. This is true across the broad spectrum of human existence, and such a reality has been further cemented with the ease of communication afforded by the internet today. It seems that internet rage can break out of nowhere, swelling to tsunami levels as it seeks to sweep across its prey and destroy them. One area that this has become prevalent is in the world of...
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Sep 27 2014
Guild Wars 2 September 2014 Feature Pack review
As a content junkie, I have to admit that I'm kind of bummed this month in Guild Wars 2. I've been vastly enjoying the season two updates that the mmorpg had been releasing as part of their Living World storyline. ArenaNet has stated that the next Living World update won't hit until early November, but they did release the September 2014 Feature Pack for the game. This release serves as a quality-of-life update for the game, tweaking certain feat...
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Sep 26 2014
Top five mmos we miss the most
One aspect of playing mmorpg games that can really grab players is how immersed a player can become in the game. Many of us have made lifelong friends playing online games, and there's just something that's so compelling about having shared adventures with others. In a perfect world, the mmos that we love to play would last forever, but that is seldom the case. It seems that the games we care about the most and pour our hearts into are the ones t...
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Sep 25 2014
Exclusive Survive the Nights interview
Zombie mania has been running full steam for several years now, encompassing everything from movies to tv to online gaming. There are several zombie-themed games in development, and one of the most intriguing is Survive the Nights. This mmofps recently concluded a very successful Kickstarter campaign. In order to learn more details about the game, the developers of the game, a2z(Interactive), were gracious enough to give MMO-Play an exclusive Sur...
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Sep 24 2014
League of Boobs
Check out the comic that reveals the true story behind League of Angels: ...
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Sep 24 2014
Top five most irritating mmo player types
One thing that continually fascinates me when playing mmorpg games is the gamers playing the game. I've always found it amusing that every person assumes that every other person playing the game will play it exactly the way that they do and have the same goals. This will never happen, of course, because each player is unique, and, as such, we all have different needs and wants from the online games that we love to play. It would be nice to say th...
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Sep 23 2014
MMO games have always been known for teasing noobs and gamers picking on one another. We’ve all had at some point a good laugh when someone cracked a funny joke in the chat. As that happens pretty often, we’ve decided to select some of the funniest lines we’ve ever heard. 10. You can't play an MMORPG, go try Tetris instead. 9. You’re so noob; you thought the level cap was a wearable item. 8. I and 5 friends are doing raids solo together... 7....
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Sep 22 2014