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Are mmo auction houses necessary?
Ever since mmorpg games figuratively crawled out of the primordial MUD, a certain number of features have become standard. There are the usual culprits of classes, levels, and crafting, but there is one that many players have come to rely upon, and which has been in the news for the last few years. What I'm talking about is the mmo auction house, where players can buy and sell on a combination virtual flea market and stock exchange. Fortunes can ...
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Aug 31 2014
MMO inspirations
Everyone likes to believe that they are totally unique individuals that have not been impacted by the views or actions of others. Each man is an island, so they say, but the reality is that every person is shaped to some extent by others. We learn many of our cues on how to interact with people and the nature of right and wrong by watching our parents. Our friends early in our life influence us through peer pressure. The point that I'm trying to ...
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Aug 30 2014
Top 5 original mmos
It seems that every year I continue to hear the same complaints from gamers. Every new mmorpg coming out is just a carbon copy of World of Warcraft or some other game. The usual whines are heard across the spectrum of online gaming forums: everything is the same, there's nothing new, originality is dead, true gaming is dead and buried, and so on. The truth of the matter is that while many online games feature the same mechanics and gameplay, ther...
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Aug 29 2014
DDO versus Neverwinter
Dungeons and Dragons has been around for forty years, and I was first introduced to the pen-and-paper roleplaying game way back in 1981. I was hooked and I've been gaming ever since. The mechanics of the game and its various settings have intrigued me, and I've played nearly all of them. I played through the first four editions, and my gaming group is getting ready to try the latest Fifth Edition rules in a few weeks. The settings for D&D hav...
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Aug 28 2014
Guild Wars 2 The Dragon's Reach Part 2 review
The forces of the newly awakened dragon, Mordremoth, continue to attack across Tyria as the season two Living World storyline progresses in Guild Wars 2. In the last chapter, the player traveled throughout several zones to shore up support for a grand conference to address this latest danger. As is normally the case in mmorpg games, the player has to prove his point by killing a whole bunch of bad guys. Despite getting nominal guarantees for the ...
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Aug 27 2014
Exclusive King of Wushu interview
When Suzhou Snail Electronic created the martial arts-themed Age of Wushu, they took the world of mmorpg games by storm. Players were enthralled with the various schools that players could belong to, the intricate crafting system, and the richly detailed setting. The developers are building upon the foundation that they created in Age of Wushu to develop a new moba where players can focus on intense matches against other players: King of Wushu. T...
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Aug 26 2014
Top five mmo genres
Players of mmorpg games are a study in contradictions. Most of us advocate that we want truly original online games to play. If such a game is created and released, we try it out for a bit and then usually run back to one of the standard mmos that we've been playing for years. The truth is that most online games fit into one of a number of different genres. Some of these are more popular than others, but the truth is that most players tend to sti...
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Aug 25 2014
MMO Rage: Games shutting down
While we gamers love to play online games, it's a reality that such experiences can have a negative side. Just as roses have thorns, so to do mmorpg games have areas that can greatly irritate a player and drive them into a rage. These rage-inducing situations can never truly be avoided as all players are unique and want different things from the mmos that they play. Some players want nothing but PvP combat while others want a richly detailed back...
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Aug 24 2014
Rising profit of f2p mmos
There was once a time when f2p mmorpg games were considered lackluster games in comparison to subscription-based ones. When these free-to-play mmos were in their infancy, they were plagued by grinding gameplay and an economic model that essentially bled their players dry of any money that they had. Yet an amazing change in circumstance began to happen as the games began to improve both their revenue models and their gameplay. What was consid...
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Aug 23 2014
Can there be a perfect mmo?
There's always been something incredibly compelling about chasing the elusive dream of perfection. Whether it's about our career, family life, or just looking for that ideal movie to watch on the weekend, we always dream of achieving it all and entering into a state of perfection. This pursuit also applies to the mmorpg games that we love to play. Gamers are always looking for the next big thing to come along that will be the answer to all their ...
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Aug 22 2014