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Is it worth finishing the main storyline in mmos?
There's a vast difference between playing a normal video game and an mmorpg. In a normal video game, there's a finite end to the game. This normally occurs when the main storyline reaches its climax, which usually finds the player battling a powerful evil for the fate of the entire world. Some video games are much more open ended, such as Skyrim, but the normal progression is to fulfill the various story arcs, save the day, and sit back and watch...
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Aug 01 2014
Looking forward to Survive the Nights
Zombie games have become all the rage in the last few years, pushed by the success of shows like The Walking Dead. Yet there has always been a component of zombie movies where the viewers have pondered how well they would fare in a zombie apocalypse. There are many zombie games on the market that attempt to answer such questions, but very few games have attempted to depict such a scenario in a highly realistic manner. This is where Survive the Ni...
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Jul 31 2014
Neverwinter Protector's Jubilee review
It's hard to believe that it's been a full year since the Neverwinter mmorpg was released. Since the game has launched, many D&D fans have eagerly ventured into the Forgotten Realms to slay many a monster and gather plenty of loot in this action-heavy game. To celebrate the game's first anniversary, Cryptic has instituted a weeklong event named the Protector's Jubilee. Heralding the festivities is the mightiest wizard of the realm, Elmin...
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Jul 30 2014
Top five mmos based upon older games
Inspiration for mmo games can come from many different sources. There are games based upon hit movies or a popular book series. Quite a few mmos boast an original setting and concept that was dreamed up by the game's developers. One area that serves to inspire online gaming development is games themselves. We have to remember that the people creating the games that we love to play are gamers too. They come from a background where they've been exp...
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Jul 29 2014
Neverwinter Sword Coast Adventures review
One of the things that I greatly enjoy about playing mmorpg games is coming across something unexpected. Sometimes it can be an unusual ruin in a hidden corner of a game's zone or an unusual quest that you have to actually go looking for. I came across something in the last few weeks that has captivated me to some extent, and it has helped me enjoy playing the Neverwinter online game even when I'm unable to actually log in and play. I'm talk...
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Jul 28 2014
Pros and cons of mmo permadeath
Online gaming has evolved over the decades, and some of these changes have been good and some of them not so good. There is one feature on gaming that has increasingly fallen by the wayside as time has gone on, but even the mention of it is sure to spark heated debate across mmo forums everywhere. I've talking about permadeath. Yep, that state where if the player's character dies in the game, that character is gone forever. There have been a...
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Jul 27 2014
MMO Rage: Hackers
One thing about mmorpg games that many players forget from time to time is that they're supposed to be a game, which means that playing them should be fun. Most of the time, this sentiment is true as gamers such as myself love to lose ourselves in a virtual world of make-believe. Yet there are times when events conspire to short-circuit that enjoyment and we gamers are sent into an almost murderous rage. Sometimes it can be as simple as losi...
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Jul 26 2014
Importance of ambience in mmos
Whenever a new online rpg is being touted by its developers, they always talk about how immersive the game will be. The ability of an online game to draw a player deep into its virtual world is an important consideration when creating the game in question. The reason why this is so is that players need to forge an emotional connection to the game that they're playing. This connection ensures that the gamer becomes invested in the storylines ...
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Jul 25 2014
Do f2p mmos have a half-life?
One facet of online games that I've always been fascinated with is the thought and design choices that went into their creation. As we mmorpg gamers know, the choice of a game being a subscription-based one or a free-to-play entity requires careful consideration, and the final decision upon the revenue mode impacts the game's overall design and how it is implemented. While f2p games have come to dominate the industry, there are voices that a...
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Jul 24 2014
Top 5 World War 2 mmos
There can be no doubt that the Second World War is the most popular historical conflict in terms of online gaming. Many different World War 2 mmo games abound, ranging all the way from first-person shooters to full-blown strategy games. It's no wonder that this conflict has become so popular with gamers over the last few decades in both video games and tabletop games. First, you have the epic scope of the conflict that raged from Europe to t...
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Jul 23 2014