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Our top 5 favorite mmo features
An mmorpg, just like everything else, can be described as more than just the sum of its parts. Yet it's those individual parts, those specific features, that help ensure that an online game can soar to majestic heights or fail spectacularly in a fiery crash. Every gamer is different, and, as such, we do want different mmo features that appeal to our preferred style of gaming. Still, in the broadest possible terms, there are certain features that ...
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Oct 30 2014
Top five colorful mmos
There are a number of senses a person uses when playing mmorpg games. There's the sense of touch as you use the keyboard and mouse to navigate your way through the game. Then there's the sense of hearing as you listen to the clash of combat and the lilting strains of music as you explore the landscape. However, the most important sense is that of sight as playing online games is a visual medium. You have to see what's going on in order to play th...
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Oct 29 2014
MMO Halloween event roundup 2014
One of the great joys of playing mmorpg games is that most of them celebrate special times of the year with seasonal events. Most gamers look forward to October as Halloween ensures that many online games put on a scary face and do their best to frighten you or to have enjoyable trick-or-treat romps. This year is no exception as games have pulled out all the stops to pay homage to creepies, crawlies, and things that go bump in the night. Without ...
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Oct 27 2014
Pros and cons of mmo cosmetic items
When gamers play mmorpg games, they pour themselves into them. Players identify with the character that they're playing, and those online characters become an extension (albeit an heroic one) of them. Every player wants their particular character to be as unique as possible. This is done by selecting different races, classes, and builds. Another aspect that can impact the unique aspect of an online character is through the use of cosmetic items. ...
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Oct 26 2014
Looking forward to SMITE world championships
It's going to be a hot time in Atlanta during the heart of winter when the SMITE world championships rolls into town. Players of the moba have been devouring every scrap of news that is released by Hi-Rez Studios about the upcoming tournament, and it's easy to see why. There are a number of compelling reasons why the world championships of this new mmorpg is a good thing and why every online gamer, whether they play the game or not, should be hap...
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Oct 24 2014
Top five spooky mmos
It's that time of year when creepy crawlies and malicious spirits prowl the countryside at night. October is the creepiest month of the year as Halloween takes center stage. It's the season for turning off the lights and watching some scary monster movies to get a good shiver down the spine. You can enjoy this ghoulish time of year in a variety of ways, ranging from trick-or-treating or visiting a haunted house attraction. Another option that i e...
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Oct 23 2014
Does the Turbine layoffs mean the end of Lord of the Rings Online?
One area of online gaming that players hate to face is the matter of mortality. I'm not talking about the players themselves, but rather the mmorpg games that we love to play. It's inevitable that a game will not be around forever. In fact, it's natural that a game follow the normal life cycle of being born, rising to maturity, and then fading away to nothingness. As gamers pour their emotions and years of time into an mmo, just the thought of th...
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Oct 22 2014
Why are there so few horror mmos?
October is one of my favorite months of the year, and the sole reason for this is Halloween. I've been a lifelong fan of monster and horror movies, so this time of year is especially enjoyable as there's plenty of horror movies playing on tv and in the movie theater. Seeing kids (and adults) dress up as classic monsters is also a blast to see. Horror has become big business, especially zombies, as many horror-themed tv shows have become runaway h...
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Oct 21 2014
The troubled launch of ArcheAge
The launch of an online game is a curious blend of excitement, relief, and trepidation. Excitement comes in the form of developers and players alike ecstatic that the game is finally launching. Developers have some unease as they're normally working feverishly to ensure that all the major and most of the minor bugs have been eliminated. Finally, the developers are relieved that a project that they've spent years working on and have poured so much...
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Oct 20 2014
Can there be too much mmo character customization?
One of the biggest lures of mmo games is the ability of the player to become emotionally involved in the game. This emotional attachment allows the player to greatly enjoy any success that they have in the game as well as suffer crushing blows. Online games use a variety of means to get players connected to the game, and one of the more common means is through the use of mmo character customization. Gamers love to have their onscreen personas be ...
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Oct 19 2014