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Do f2p mmos have a half-life?
One facet of online games that I've always been fascinated with is the thought and design choices that went into their creation. As we mmorpg gamers know, the choice of a game being a subscription-based one or a free-to-play entity requires careful consideration, and the final decision upon the revenue mode impacts the game's overall design and how it is implemented. While f2p games have come to dominate the industry, there are voices that a...
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Jul 24 2014
Top 5 World War 2 mmos
There can be no doubt that the Second World War is the most popular historical conflict in terms of online gaming. Many different World War 2 mmo games abound, ranging all the way from first-person shooters to full-blown strategy games. It's no wonder that this conflict has become so popular with gamers over the last few decades in both video games and tabletop games. First, you have the epic scope of the conflict that raged from Europe to t...
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Jul 23 2014
Subscription mmos making a comeback
Anyone who's played mmorpg games over the last five years has noticed that a huge shift has occurred in online gaming. At one time, subscription mmos were kings of the land while free-to-play mmos were considered second-rate games at best. Most f2p mmos at that time offered lackluster and grinding gameplay coupled with forcing players to buy even the most basic necessities to play the game, such as healing potions to recoup lost hit points. ...
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Jul 22 2014
Neverwinter Call to Arms: Gate Crashers review
One of the features that I love most about the Neverwinter mmorpg is the ease to which players can get into the thick of action. Many online games force players to travel to distant zones or do a number of introductory quests in order to get the ball rolling, but Neverwinter just has the player simply queue up for battle. The game regularly releases new skirmishes for players to participate in, and the latest one requires the help of gamers ...
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Jul 21 2014
Why don't more mmos emulate the immersion of Star Citizen?
There's always one facet of online gaming that developers love to talk about and promote: immersion. The process of getting the player to feel that not only that they're playing in a virtual world, but that they're also connected to it in some primal, emotional way. The reality is that most mmorpg games promise immersion, but they rarely deliver upon that promise. However, some game companies manage to get it right, and one current example i...
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Jul 20 2014
Does the mmo journey ever end?
Growing up, I always heard people talk about life as a journey. They said that it wasn't the destination that was important, but rather the journey it took to get there. Such a sentiment is pretty true about life in general, but it can also be true of mmorpg games as well. Playing an online game is a long journey of exploration and questing, but many players wonder if there's a definite end to such a journey. This leads us to ask a simple qu...
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Jul 19 2014
Sexism in mmos
Women have come a long way in society in the last hundred years. They fought for the right to vote, they have become an integral part of the workforce, and they even face danger working as the police or the military. Yet there is an area where women still fight for equality, and that's not to be objectified solely as sex objects. As mmorpg games are a part of geek culture, we have to admit that many of the things that we enjoy as geeks, such...
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Jul 18 2014
Pros and cons of mmo apps
Back in ye olden times when I first started playing mmorpg games, the only way to interact with the game and it's virtual world was by manually logging in from your massive desktop computer using a slow, slow modem. As time went on, high speed internet became more available and eventually wireless. This led to gamers being able to play their favorite mmos at cafes and other locations that offered wireless internet. These were the dark days (in th...
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Jul 17 2014
Why you should be playing Luvinia World
Far too often, the mmorpg games of today tend to focus more on being gritty and depicting a shell-shocked world of apocalyptic devastation. That's why I found it a pleasant surprise when I tried out Luvinia World, the fantasy-themed mmo published by SOA Games. There are a number of Luvinia World features that put a smile on my face as I wandered across the game's landscapes fulfilling quests. Let's put on our happy anime face as we examine w...
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Jul 16 2014
Top 5 Dungeons and Dragons Online zones
One of the great things about mmorpg games, especially fantasy-themed ones, is that the developers can craft interesting and unique zones for players to adventure in. The settings can be almost anything that people can imagine, from a wind-swept frozen tundra to a hellish dimension populated by demons. One online game that has a number of interesting zones to explore and conquer is Dungeons and Dragons Online. There have been a number of areas th...
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Jul 15 2014