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League of Legends smart to stay away from consoles
There are times when it seems that certain mmo games want to conquer the world. They are released to great acclaim on the PC and eventually work their way over to the Mac. Gamers are playing the game nonstop and revenue is rolling in, but people begin to ask when the game is going to be ported over to consoles or mobile devices. Surely, such a move will only enhance the success that the game has enjoyed so far. The last year or two have seen many...
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Mar 29 2015
Is motion capture the future of mmos?
The use of motion capture has been increasingly dramatically over the last few years in both movies and in video games. Who could have predicted the realism demonstrated by Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies or of the aliens in Avatar? While normal video games have been impacted by the development of motion capture for quite some time, the process is now infiltrating mmorpg games as well. How will the use of motion capture impact the world of...
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Mar 28 2015
Why we're looking forward to Crowfall
There was a time when a newly announced mmorpg would get me excited. I would follow the game's development, read all the developer interviews, and try to get into the game's beta. That's not the case any more as I've become somewhat jaded and cynical when it comes to new games. It seems to me that most games are just a minor variation on the games that came before, and there's usually nothing about them that grabs my attention and won't let go. Y...
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Mar 27 2015
Can Star Citizen live up to the hype?
Few online games have reached the level of hype that Star Citizen has. In a way, it's almost a trip back in time when mmo games were normally hyped to a fever pitch. This was especially true when every new game coming out was always described to be the one that would topple World of Warcraft. Those days have long passed, and most games released today come with far lower expectations. However, Star Citizen is bucking that trend as its crowdfunding...
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Mar 26 2015
Closer look at crafting in Crowfall
There was a time in mmorpg games where a crafter was as revered just as much as a stout warrior or a fast-casting healer. The best items were only attainable by having players create those items and sell them to a player base that was hungry for them. Crafting was not some minor facet of a character or something to do just to earn a little bit of extra coin. Crafters in games like Star Wars Galaxies or Ultima Online were necessary for guilds to g...
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Mar 25 2015
Triad Wars closed beta impressions
The most common feature in most mmo games is that the gamer is the hero. They're fighting against the forces of darkness and are doing their best to bring light back into the world as well as handing out cuddly puppies to all and sundry. While I enjoy playing the good guy on a regular basis, there are times when it's incredibly fun to step out as the bad guy. I got the chance when I managed to get into the closed beta for Triad Wars, the online g...
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Mar 24 2015
Looking forward to Star Trek Online Delta Recruitment
Things are starting to heat up in Star Trek Online. The drums of war are pounding as the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans are all preparing for the upcoming Iconian War. The expanse into the Delta Quadrant is leading to a massive conflict, and the online rpg is encouraging players to create some new characters to take part in the conflict. During the Delta Recruitment event, any new characters created will be considered Delta Recruits, and thes...
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Mar 22 2015
Perils of intellectual property in mmos
Every gamer has a wish list of TV shows, books, movies, or even action figures that they would love to see be made into an mmorpg. It can get pretty frustrating when you know that the intellectual property of a specific franchise is popular around the world, but it seems that the powers that be have decided that an online game is not part of the picture. Even if an intellectual property is licensed to an mmo developer, there can still be issues. ...
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Mar 21 2015
Top 10 characters that should be in Infinite Crisis
One of the joys of superhero comic books is seeing mighty heroes and villains engaging in epic battles. This mayhem has crossed over into the Infinite Crisis moba where DC characters throw down against one another in brutal matches. The free mmo has some interesting heroes and villains already in the game, but there are literally thousands of such characters that exist in the DC universe that could be added. We offer our list of the top ten DC he...
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Mar 20 2015
Intrigued by Skyforge guild system
One of the most important facets of mmorpg games is the interaction of players with one another. The most basic method is for players to add other players to their friends list so as to easily keep in contact and group together, but the best method of player interaction and cooperation is the guild. There's nothing quite like having a large number of people working together to achieve some common goals and to lend a hand in support of one another...
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Mar 19 2015