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Apr 29 2016

Are there any original mmo ideas left?

A common lament that I've often heard about mmo games over the years is that there's a decided lack of originality among them. This attitude was commonly expressed by gamers during the heyday of World of Warcraft where essentially every new game being released was scorned as another cookie-cutter version of WoW. To be honest, this accusation was somewhat true as every game company was looking to replicate the runaway success of Blizzard. However,...
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Apr 28 2016

Will WildStar on Steam help?

The life of an online rpg can be a rough one. While there are lots of different online games developed and released, very few reach the highest levels of success that their developers (and investors) dream of. Some games generate a tremendous amount of hype during their development process, promising a ton of innovative and fun features, but crash and burn upon release. One such game is WildStar, which was full of promise when the game was first ...
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Apr 27 2016

Should Blizzard create vanilla World of Warcraft servers?

One of the more powerful human emotions is nostalgia. We often look back at the elements of our youth through rose-colored glasses and sometimes wish we could return to those simpler times. Most people become very emotionally attached to their first experience of a particular item, such as music, anime, sci-fi movies, books, and even mmorpg games. I still long for the days when I first logged into a Doom 2 BBS to engage in multiplayer PvP for the...
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Apr 26 2016

Star Trek Online Temporal Front review

The time war is definitely heating up in the Star Trek Online free mmo. The current season of the game has featured the player working to protect the timeline from those who wish to alter it and destroy the Federation forever. On one hand, you have a scientist who blames the Federation and their allies for the death of his wife and unborn child, and then you have the Na'Kuhl, who are angry over the destruction of their world. The second half of S...
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Apr 24 2016

Why is there no Armored Warfare WH40K mmo?

While stalking across the mmofps battlefield as an assassin is fun, there's just something special by taking it up a few notches by engaging in some heavy metal warfare with armored vehicles. Tank warfare games have been extremely popular the last few years, with World of Tanks first bursting upon the scene. The one feature shared by almost all tank warfare games is that they're set during World War II, which makes sense as that was the last gold...
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Apr 22 2016

Crowfall development philosophy welcome change of pace

When it comes to mmo development, most players really just concern themselves with the final product. They may get excited about a feature or two while the online rpg is being developed, but they really just look for classes to be balanced, the ability to create some useful builds, and to have interesting quests to go on once the game officially launches. I, on the other hand, like to follow the ongoing development of an online game and see all t...
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Apr 21 2016

Rust gender and race debate

There are few things more exciting to mmo gamers than a raging controversy that erupts out of virtually nowhere. This leads to some great forum arguments where various sides try to argue why their side is right and all those who disagree with them are blathering idiots from the shallow end of the gene pool. A juicy debate has broken out concerning the race and gender of the player's character in Rust. The survival-themed game, which is still in d...
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Apr 20 2016

Why aren't superhero mmos not more popular?

The biggest genre in popular entertainment right now is the mighty superhero. Comic book-themed movies regularly achieve blockbuster status at the movie theaters, with some movies making over a billion dollars at the box office. There are numerous superhero TV shows on the air that get good ratings, and the Netflix series of Marvel characters have achieved universal acclaim. Go into any department store and you'll find tons of action figures and ...
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Apr 19 2016

Neverwinter Portobello's Campaign review

One of the coolest things that an online rpg can do is pay homage to the actual inspiration for the mmo, such as a TV show, movie, or previous game. In the case of Neverwinter, that inspiration is the tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. While a lot of players are focusing on the latest update, The Maze Engine, I've been captivated by their Portobello's Campaign event that is now in its third week. The developers of Neverwinter have ...
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Apr 17 2016

Can mmo gamers just get along?

One of the biggest benefits of playing online games is joining the ranks of the mmo community. When the virtual worlds of online games first exploded onto the scene long ago, they became a refuge for like-minded people to gather, explore, adventure, and even fight. Of course, it was easier to bond back then for mmorpg players as the size of the online gaming community was a great deal smaller. Yet as time went on, the bonds of the mmo community b...
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