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The future of PC mmo games
Over the years, I've seen a number of gaming wars break out over platforms. There was originally the fight between Atari and Intellivsion, which then moved on to the Nintendo and Colecovision. Now we have Xbox and PlayStation, but the most interesting struggle is that between the PC and mobile games. This struggle is highlighted by the most recent quarterly report by NCSoft that shows the revenue from PC games dropping while those of mobile games...
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Sep 05 2017
How should mmo DDoS attacks be handled?
One of the banes of online gaming is the dreaded DDoS attack. Instead of sitting down and adventuring through the virtual worlds of your favorite games, you're instead stuck trying to log in or are getting continually disconnected. Making matters even worse is that such mmo DDoS attacks are normally done just for kicks by those looking to ruin the good times of others. However, there are cases where an mmo DDoS attack is followed by a ransom dema...
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Sep 04 2017
How will Edgar Davids League of Legends lawsuit impact mmo games?
The world of sports and mmorpg games rarely mix except in the case of sports games that make a licensing agreement with a specific sports league. However, Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends, found itself in a courtroom facing off against a retired soccer player, Edgar Davids. The reason for this showdown was that a League of Legends lawsuit was filed by Davids over the sale of the Striker Lucian skin that Davids claimed was based upon his...
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Aug 31 2017
Top five mmo TV shows we want
The genesis of a TV show can come from many different sources. Some come from the mind of a showrunner while others are based upon movies or books. However, we're now entering a time period where an online rpg can serve as the basis of a TV show. It was recently announced that The Secret World is being adapted for television. Producer Gudrun Giddings says, "It’s one of the most character driven and well developed games I know of and naturally len...
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Aug 29 2017
Marvel Heroes Omega Defenders event review
Marvel Heroes Omega offers up a regular dose of superhero-themed action. While this is a great thing, one of the coolest features of the free mmo is that it works to tie itself into any new Marvel movie or TV show that is released. The latest Marvel media project is the long-anticipated Defenders series that finally sees Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Daredevil team up. (If you haven't watch the show yet, do yourself a favor and do so!)...
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Aug 25 2017
Top five funny mmo videos
The virtual worlds of online games offer a lot of things to players: epic quests, fearsome monsters to fight, and hordes of glittering treasure. One feature that many mmo games do not regularly offer is humor. To be sure, there can be some amusing quests or NPCs that the player may come across, but a regular dose of laugh-out-loud humor is often missing. There are some valid reasons for this. One, humor is not universal as what's funny in one cul...
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Aug 22 2017
How did the Pokemon Go Fest go wrong?
A lot of anticipation had built up for the recent Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago. Players from around the world booked flights and bought tickets to attend the one day event to celebrate the massive success that the mobile game had enjoyed over the last year. Help whetting the appetites of avid trainers was the sparkling lure of being able to capture the legendary Lugia during the event. Plus, there was the added bonus of rubbing shoulders with thous...
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Aug 18 2017
Secret World Legends review
One of the most intriguing mmo games released over the last ten years was The Secret World. There was a lot of interest in Funcom's game as it eschewed the typical fantasy setting prevalent in online games. Instead of travelling through wooded glades to fight dragons, players in The Secret World belonged to a secret society and delved into a dark reflection of the world that was populated by conspiracies, myths, legends, and horrors. While the ga...
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Aug 15 2017
How will RuneScape Mobile impact mmos?
RuneScape has long been the most popular browser mmo on the market. Millions of players have spent countless hours playing the online game ever since it launched way back in 2001. The game's developer, Jagex, has kept the game relevant over the years by upgrading the game periodically but have also kept their original fans happy by launching Old School RuneScape. A lot of players and developers look at RuneScape as one of the old dogs of the onli...
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Aug 08 2017
Star Trek Online Season 13.5 review
There's nothing like the virtual equivalent of that new car smell. In the case of mmorpg games, this comes in the form of fresh new content for players to sink their teeth into. Star Trek Online Season 13.5 kicked off a few weeks ago with a new featured episode (Brushfire), a new Admiralty campaign (Ferengi), and the new Endeavor System. Will this new half-season be worthy of wagering buckets of quatloos on? Find out in our Star Trek Online Seaso...
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Aug 04 2017