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May 29 2016

Is Scott Hartsman right about mmo players and f2p games?

There's no doubt in the minds of mmo gamers that free-to-play is the dominant force in online gaming. Practically every subscription-based game has either folded or converted to the f2p model of revenue. Some of games that made the transition from subscription to f2p mmo games were successful, while others were far less so. RIFT, developed by Trion Worlds, is one of the more successful examples, and many f2p players said that the original free-to...
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May 27 2016

Is ArcheAge chat censorship right?

One aspect of mmorpg games that players tend to forget is that they're supposed to be fun. There's a reason why mmos are called games, and many players do log in to have a good time and escape the problems of the real world for a blessed few hours. Yet many games feature chat channels that are the equivalent of the WWE or UFC as players rage against one another on a variety of topics. Some games are considered worse than others...cough...League o...
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May 26 2016

Are mmo console ports necessary?

There has long been a debate on which platform is best for playing games upon, especially mmorpg games. This long-simmering debate usually focused upon the latest console of choice versus the desktop PC. One could argue the merits of both platforms, but the clear choice was the PC went it came to mmo games. Sports games and shooters found their place on consoles, but the PC ruled supreme with online games like World of Warcraft. Yet a shift has b...
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May 25 2016

Is era of AAA mmo games over?

One of the fascinating things about growing older is seeing how things change, and I'm not talking about how perfectly fine joints suddenly develop aches and pains when you hit forty. I was born in 1970, and I've seen a number of eras come to an end, despite the fact that everybody believed that such eras would last forever. Over the years, I've seen the rise and quick fall of disco, going from only having three channels on my TV (and having to u...
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May 24 2016

ASTA review

Like most Western gamers, my familiarity with fantasy is based upon traditional European folklore and the writings of notable authors, such as J.R.R. Tolkien. These influences shaped pen-and-paper rpgs like Dungeons and Dragons, which then went on to influence the development of the mmorpg games that we enjoy today. This is why I enjoy diving into an mmo imported from Asia as it offers something different in tone and texture. One game that caught...
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May 22 2016

Is WildStar shutting down a certainty?

The announcement of a new mmorpg being developed is greeted with feelings of promise and the hope that the game may bring something new to the online gaming table and prove itself a massive success. The developers want the game to succeed as it offers them an income, investors want the game to do well to make a solid return on their investment, and players want the new mmo to scratch that itch for innovative gameplay that is fun and immersive. A ...
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May 20 2016

Looking forward to Overwatch

The wait is finally almost over for mmofps players. Blizzard's latest offering, Overwatch, is set to invade computers and consoles in just a few days after having a massive media event held in movie theaters across the world. It's amazing to think that out of the ashes of the aborted game project that Blizzard spent years working on comes this polished shooter that represents a new franchise in the making. Let's lock and load for battle as we exp...
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May 19 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 opening chapter review

Few things are as crucial as that all-important first impression. Whether it's sitting down for a job interview or asking someone out on a first date, the initial impression that a person gets from someone else can have a huge impact upon any potential future contact. This same situation holds true for mmorpg games as well, which is why a lot of online games put a lot of work into crafting the starting area for new players. A bad or confusing exp...
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May 18 2016

Why Disney Infinity getting cancelled could be a good thing

A major shockwave was felt in the gaming industry recently when news that the Disney Infinity was cancelled. While most people argue over whether console games or computer mmorpg games will come on top, there are other types of electronic gaming out there that represent a lot of money. The toys-to-life genre of games has been pretty popular over the last few years, with Skylanders and Lego Dimensions being two other popular platforms. A lot of pl...
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May 17 2016

Closer look at the Crowfall international plans

The sheer amount of logistics for launching an online rpg in multiple countries can be staggering. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure a smooth gaming experience for the players. Some of these issues include: how are payments handled (and which currencies), will there be a different server for a region, how much localization will be needed, what legal issues need to be addressed, and will the game company have t...
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