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Thread: Forum Rules: Please read it before posting

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    Exclamation Forum Rules: Please read it before posting

    Hello, and welcome to the MMO-Play forums! This thread will teach you what you need to do to use the forums.
    This forum rules are very general, Warning and Bans are not limited to theses rules.

    1. For a better use of the forums:

    Please search for your topic before posting. If you want to talk about something, make sure that a thread about that subject doesn't already exist. Please avoid spamming.

    2. Advertising

    Advertising and promote goods or services is not allowed.
    This includes spamming, referral links and using the forum, email, picture comments and private message systems to spam other members.

    We do not allow any topic, post or link related to private servers, illegal downloads and any other copywrited materials that is illegal to use nor to any offensive or nudity / sexual content.

    3. Moderation

    We do not tolerate rudeness, profanity, racism, insulting posts, personal attacks, trolling or flamming post. Our decision is final in these matters.

    Please keep in mind that our Community is intended to be international and open to all ages, therefore keep your speech simple and accessible to everyone. Take care of not offending any other people, as some common expression for you could be offensive for someone else.

    If you have any issue with moderation, please contact the Admins / Moderators using the private messages, we do not allow public post about moderation.

    If you see other users breaking these rules, please report them. We will investigate and take the proper measures.

    We reserve the right to remove unappropriate posts and to ban anyone who violates the forum rules.

    Sanctions :

    First Offence: Warning
    Second Offence: Temporary Ban.
    Third Offence: Longer Temporary Ban.
    Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban

    Temporary ban lengths are a minimum of 3 days. They can be lengthened based on the seriousness of the offence and whether or not this was the first or second temporary ban. We will send for each ban a private message with the reason of the ban.

    Community Team:

    Shevarash - MMO-Play Community Manager

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    I've moderated a popular forum for a few years now, its phpBB though. We still get a bunch of people selling viagra and weed and rubbish. Have to delete that stuff every day

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    hello . .

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