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Thread: Recruit playmates for a new mmorpg

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    icon14 Recruit playmates for a new mmorpg

    Recently, I joined a beta test of a new mmorpg: Rage in Sky.
    As a 2D game, its graphics are quite cool, a little bit similar with that of diablo, but systems in the game are totally different. Rage in Sky's great feature is PK. It means you can kill other players and win some loots under specified rules.
    All in all, I think its game worth to play, so I want to find some playmates to play together.
    If you want to play, please contact me. My email is [email protected] and my skype name is desmond00b.
    As I know, the game will open to public soon. I wish we can fight together in the game!
    And you can visit its official website or their official facebook page for more details.

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    Never been a fan of PKing so I probably won't try it. Hated that crap in RS.

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    > recruiting playmates
    > talks about PKing as a great feature

    Recruiting fodder, maybe?

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    I never liked PKing either. The most PVP experience I had was playing with friends in versus games like MVC.

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