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  • Zoomumba: catch

    Zoomumba: catch
    Catch wild animals to add to your zoo. Why are these penguins loose?...
    Zoomumba: catch

    Zoomumba: feed

    Zoomumba: feed
    Feed and clean your anmilas to keep them happy and healthy....
    Zoomumba: feed

    Zoomumba: expand

    Zoomumba: expand
    Expand your zoo to add new exhibits....
    Zoomumba: expand

    Zoomumba: new

    Zoomumba: new
    Add animals to new habitats in your zoo. Selecting a male and female will let you breed extra animals....
    Zoomumba: new

Zoomumba is another MMORPG from browser games giants Bigpoint. The game is a colorfully animated zoo simulation game where players take on the role of a zoo keeper and attempt to create the worlds greatest zoo. Zoomumba is free to play but players can purchase premium currency to buy special pets and habitats and as well as better food and other consumables. There are also a number of staff members you can recruit that help take care of your zoo while you're offline.

Zoomumba offers a great tutorial that can help players learn the basics, after working through the tutorial, players get given their very own land to expand their zoo. Players get full choice in regards to placing buildings and other objects, there's no limitations so you can create your zoo, the way you want it.

Zoomumba has a huge variety of animals, players can buy and care for Zebra, Parrots, Flamingos, Monkeys, Skunks, Rabbits, Meerkats and loads more. Each animal has their preferred habitat, with different habitats effecting each animal in their own way. Certain habitats will make your pets happy while others will make them less happy but offer more excitement for your visitors, it's up to you to decide how to look after your animals. Each animal also requires a certain food, players must stock up on the food from the store to ensure their animals are fed. Players must also maintain other aspects of their animals, making sure to play with them to keep them happy, ensuring their water is always full and even breeding them to create new animals.

There's also a huge amount of options to customize the zoo itself. Players can purchase various features to make their zoo look more attractive. You can purchase and place trees, rocks, ponds, statues and other aesthetic items.

By Rachel Rosen

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