Zombies Ate My Pizza serves up high-level PvP and dungeons

By Michael Jamias
zombies ate my pizza pvp dungeons

It's nom, nom, nom time indeed as Zombies Ate My Pizza receives a smattering of flavorful features, including high-level PvP, new dungeons and weapon crafting through the newly released update.

The post-apocalyptic shooter mmorpg unlocks these features for players level 30 and above, filling up the growling tummies of fans looking for more things to do when they log in.

The Zombies Ate My Pizza 3v3 cross-server arena will be opened daily for two hours during noon (12:00-14:00) and evening (18:00-20:00) for you to team up with two other random players to fight another trio.

Zombies Ate My Pizza 3v3 arena screenshot

If you want to group up with buddies, you can also impose a password protection during the selection so only your friends can join your 3-man group. It's going to be a battle to the death until the countdown ends, so you better hope for or choose the strongest allies.

Meanwhile, new Zombies Ate My Pizza dungeons include the Militia Meatwall, where you can kill monsters to earn farm Gold and Honor bounty rewards, among other cards and items.

The latest update for the no download mmorpg shooter even rolls out two new weapon crafting systems, namely the convert and refine systems. With these, you can upgrade your weapons by boosting their attributes. Slap on these newly enhanced weapons to either obliterate your PvP or PvE enemies.


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