Zombies Ate My Pizza News

zombies ate my pizza ride system update
The alien busters in Zombies Ate My Pizza have finally found the keys to their Rides, which are vehicle mounts that can give you that extra firepower to repel the zombie scourge. Players can acquire a Ride to raise their combat stats and increase their battle supplies. Introduced in the latest update, this new Zombies Ate My Pizza Ride system becomes available once players hit level 45 in the shooter mmorpg and complete a quest that unlcoks ...
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Jun 20 2014
zombies ate my pizza pvp dungeons
It's nom, nom, nom time indeed as Zombies Ate My Pizza receives a smattering of flavorful features, including high-level PvP, new dungeons and weapon crafting through the newly released update. The post-apocalyptic shooter mmorpg unlocks these features for players level 30 and above, filling up the growling tummies of fans looking for more things to do when they log in. The Zombies Ate My Pizza 3v3 cross-server arena will be opened daily for tw...
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Apr 23 2014