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  • Zombies Ate My Pizza: combat

    Zombies Ate My Pizza: combat
    Zombies Ate My Pizza has fast paced combat. Click to move and shoot and hotkeys for abilities are used to negotiate the missions....
    Zombies Ate My Pizza: combat

    Zombies Ate My Pizza: upgrades

    Zombies Ate My Pizza: upgrades
    Upgrade your guns for souls which are collected from zombies....
    Zombies Ate My Pizza: upgrades

    Zombies Ate My Pizza: bosses

    Zombies Ate My Pizza: bosses
    Boss fights are longer, harder, and involve special mechanics to avoid....
    Zombies Ate My Pizza: bosses

    Zombies Ate My Pizza: quests

    Zombies Ate My Pizza: quests
    Each area has a pool of quests to complete before the player moves on....
    Zombies Ate My Pizza: quests

Zombies Ate My Pizza Gameplay First Look - HD

Zombies Ate My Pizza Gameplay First Look - HD

Fight for humanity and tasty, tasty pizzas in Zombies Ate My Pizza, the browser mmo developed by Funova Technology. Players resist a zombie scourge brought on by aliens in this action-packed shooter. The action is relentless in this anime-themed post-apocalypse mmo. An alien race has infected the human race with a vicious virus that turns them into ravenous monsters that need to be destroyed. Players will have to fight through hordes of zombies and defeat the alien overlords if mankind is to survive in this tongue-in-cheek game.

Zombies Ate My Pizza is all about non-stop combat against mindless hordes of zombies. When the game begins in this free no download mmorpg, you choose to play one of two classes: commando or bomber. Each has higher ratings in specific stats that relate to a player's specific gameplay. Commandos have a higher defense rating and can more easily inflict extra damage to enemies. Bombers are better able to crit enemies and have a higher resistance to being critted themselves. As the players level up, you gain access to new skills, which are broken into three categories: attack, defense, and support. Skills are able to be upgraded over time to become more powerful. A player can have four active skills at one time and the various combinations can result in some intriguing strategies. For example, you can use Black Hole to suck all the monsters on the screen onto one spot and then use Grenade to wipe them all out in one fell swoop.

Players travel around the world in Zombies Ate My Pizza to various locations, each of which has several dungeons to be completed. The Airship zone includes dungeons such as Lost Post, Base Perimeter, and Depot Gate whilst the Military Base zone includes Central Station, Comms Center, Gym, and Power Plant. Each dungeon is a short, action packed area full of zombies and usually a boss monster. At the end, the player is graded on his time and kills and receives a loot chest. If you choose to do so, you can go back and play each dungeon again as you wish to see if you can beat your previous high scores.

To be the best zombie killer ever, players in Zombies Ate My Pizza have a variety of equipment and guns. As players level, they can spend honor to purchase more powerful weapons to fight off the hordes. Guns and equipment can be upgraded as well to become even stronger. Players will even be able to equip weapons that fire automatically at enemies when the players stops shooting his main weapon. Guns use ammo that are used up as the player unloads on the monster hordes but will regenerate over time.

The action is quick to get into in this anime-styled zombie shooter. Zombies Ate My Pizza is a no download mmorpg that promises loads of arcade-style combat wrapped in a humorous crust. Just hold the anchovies!

By Jeff Francis


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