Yitien high kicks into open beta on April 9

By Michael Jamias
yitien open beta

The kung fu browser mmo takes a flying leap closer to launch.

Participants to the Yitien open beta will have to undergo intensive kung fu training to survive the thrilling battles in the fantasy historical mmorpg. In the main storyline, players enter a world that is ruled by the Yuan Dynasty and must seek to restore Han Chinese rule but not without strong resistance from the prevailing regime.

Aside from solo player campaigns, Yitien also puts player killing as a major conflict point in the game. Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, player combatants will fight one another to the death in the Grove of Valor event. There will be three brackets – Beginners (level 30-49), Intermediate (lvl 50 – 69) and Advanced (lvl 70+) – and the player who ends the session with the most points will earn huge XP and item rewards, and a special title to commemorate his or her glorious victory.

Both PvE and PvP features will be available for play test during the open beta, along with plenty of other fun features, including a marriage system that bestows stat bonuses to official couples, and minigames such as Checkpoint, which is a fun combat variation to Rock, Paper and Scissors.

Fans interested in signing up for the open beta can head over to the official Yitien game page. (Click the Play Now button on Yitien). Early birds to the open beta will snag lots of freebies through the dozen or so beta activities and promotions scheduled for the coming month, including free starter packs, XP and medals.


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