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  • Yitien: classes

    Yitien: classes
    Choose from one of 3 classes in Yitien: The healer is a healer, the warrior is a 'tank' and the sword dancer is more of a melee dp...
    Yitien: classes

    Yitien: tree

    Yitien: tree
    Specialize your character by picking skills in the skill tree. You can upgrade these skills as you progress....
    Yitien: tree

    Yitien: battle

    Yitien: battle
    Battle resembles other turn based tactical games. Your character and his allies take turns battling enemies. You can use speical a...
    Yitien: battle

    Yitien: pet

    Yitien: pet
    As you play, you will find pets to follow you around. The panda, the first ally, helps by punching people. Remember to refresh the...
    Yitien: pet

Yitien Gameplay First Look

Yitien Gameplay First Look

Yitien Chronicles is an oriental fantasy free no download MMORPG developed by Teamtop Games and published by R2Games Entertainment. The story is based on the legend of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. It takes place in China during the Yuan Dynasty. These two powerful artifacts contain scrolls that one can use to become an unmatched Kung Fu fighter. The wielder of these swords also has the power to restore peace and once again bring prosperity to these lands. He or she must end the conflict between several houses fighting for power. Yitien has PvE and PvP content. Combat is turn based. It has 2.5D graphics.

There are many Yitien activities so players won’t get bored too fast. Grove of Valor is a PvP event that takes place at precise hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. There are 3 level ranges so players are matched according to their level. Grove of Valor is an arena event where players fight in 1 vs. 1 matches. Players win points for victory and lose points for unsuccessful matches. The player with most points wins the Grove of Valor tournament and gets some really nice rewards. Kunlun Mountains is a mixed PvP/PvE event. It takes place daily. The goal is easy: kill certain mobs. The trick is that all participating players are disguised as said mobs. The only way to tell the difference is by entering combat. Checkpoint is another Yitien event that mixes PvP events with rock-scissors-paper mechanics. Yitien is one of the MMORPG games that allow players to gain XP in various ways. One way is to donate certain tokens. There is a system that keeps track of donated tokens per server. When certain thresholds are met, rare bosses spawn. Players kill these bosses for superior rewards. Heavenly Peak is a group event. Players must kill incoming waves of mobs and bosses. It’s even possible for players to become bosses. For those players that prefer non combat activities there are casual events like fishing contests.

There are 3 playable Yitien classes. Warriors have very good HP, defense and their favorite weapons are sabers. Sword Dancers are great damage dealers and masters at sword fighting. Healers use fans to support the party with buffs and healing spells. Intimacy is a Yitien stat that measures the in game friendship. Players can increase intimacy by chatting and by taking part in Yitien activities together. Intimacy provides attack buffs. This is a good system to encourage Yitien MMO players to team up. There are other character stats that can be increased by using the Meridian system. Players get items while playing the game but the Mystery Shop has rare Yitien items.

By Rachel Rosen


Yitien high kicks into open beta on April 9

The kung fu browser mmo takes a flying leap closer to launch. Participants to the Yitien open beta will have to undergo intensive...
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