Post-apocalyptic multiplayer strategy Year 0 launches

By Michael Jamias
year 0 launches

Looking for another intense strategy game to keep you occupied? Try Year 0, the newest multiplayer title from Legendary Games, which is now live and playable via Internet browsers and Facebook.

Set after The War, a devastating conflict that brought Earth to ruthless anarchy in the span of a decade, Year 0 starts just after the culminating cataclysm that wiped out most of the known world. Now, at Year 0, the survivors race and compete for limited resources, and again fight for control -- at least for the precious little that's left.

Accessibility seems to be one of the biggest selling points for Year 0. The no download MMORPG takes advantage of the latest HTML 5 technology, so you can play it on any device with Internet connection, from the PC to smart phones to even Kindles.

With the Year 0 launch, Legendary Games explained the long road that it took to take the game into release, and why it's choice in using the Goo Technologies was critical to the final product.

β€œThe enhanced 3D version of our game had become a pipe dream for us and we were preparing to launch in isometric 2D until we came across Goo,” says Ewan Lamont, CEO of Legendary Games.

"It took us a couple of months to switch engine and we are certainly moving more than double the speed we were with the artists having loads more control and input.”

"The tool and feature set was so good, and the engine so easy to work with, that we made the decision that it would be quicker and easier to switch development to Goo, as we were again running into difficulties with animation support. With Goo, our animations worked correctly without needing modification.”

The Year 0 release also marks what is planned to be a series of next-generation browser games using Goo Technologies.


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