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    year 0: interface
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Year 0 Gameplay First Look - HD

Year 0 Gameplay First Look - HD

Survive in a harsh post-apocalyptic world in Year 0, the browser mmo developed by Legendary Games. Players will strike out and conquer territories for supply in this turn-based strategy game. After a global war has ravaged the planet, most of the survivors were forced underground. Now the nuclear winter is over and the survivors have emerged to build a new world, but sadly, even though the global war is over, it is still an age of battle.

The goal of Year 0 is to expand your power by exploring new territories and bringing them under your control. To do this, you'll need to send in armed forces to take command if the territory is unguarded or to forcibly seize it from those who currently occupy the land. To survive and keep your forces equipped, you'll need to scavenge everything possible from the scarred ruins of the planet. This no download mmorpg will have you creating armies comprised of various units and engage in turn-based combat.

There are quite a few unit types to be found in Year 0. Players can gain scavengers, infantry, jet troops, trucks, APCs, rockets, tanks, artillery, probes, helicopters, and combat drones. Each unit has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, infantry is strong against combat drones, scavengers, and probes, but weak against artillery, jet troops, tanks, and helicopters. Combat drones are strong against rockets, scavengers, and probes, but weak against infantry and trucks. Units have their own unique characteristics and can be upgraded to make them stronger. In order to have more forces, you'll need territories to produce such resources needed. Once on the battlefield, terrain plays a major part in the turn-based combat. Examples include rubble that slows down all units that cross it and is impassable to most vehicles and buildings which foot soldiers can use to hide in. Every action you use requires the expenditure of power, so you'll need to use strategy to succeed.

Once a player has control of a territory in this free no download mmorpg, they can build it up by building various structures. They can build farms, settlements, and energy farms to increase resource production. However, players of Year 0 can invade other players' territories, so a wise  player will build up his defenses. Players can build defensive walls, emplacements for infantry, tank traps, and mines in order to safeguard their territory. If you're having trouble taking a territory or are defending your own, you can send out a distress call to your friends who are playing to have them come and aid you. Players will also need to research the various items that they wish to build. This can be done in two ways: the first is to expend a lot of energy and research it right away or the alternative is to use wreckage of that item found while exploring to research it more cheaply.

Year 0 provides post-apocalyptic turn-based battles for those seeking to rebuild the world as they see fit. Will you emerge as the victor?

By Jeff Francis


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