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Xhunter is an anime no download MMORPG developed and published by UniGame. As the name suggests, the game is inspired by the Hunter x Hunter manga. Players that are familiar with the manga or the anime series, will find the setting, story and some of the NPCs familiar. Xhunter campaign has numerous quests based on the events from the manga. Players will find out who Gon is and uncover his story. The fictional game world works according to hunter laws and rules. Players discover more about this anime world as they complete story quests. Xhunter gameplay requires players to become leaders of a party of hunters. Companion heroes are famous characters from the manga. Together with their heroes, players will train for the Hunter Exam and embark on an exciting adventure.

A squad can have up to six heroes. They are arranged in rows according to the chosen formation. Xhunter players will change team formation quite often as each boss fights after its own rules. There are bosses who attack heroes in the first row, others choose the lowest HP character or a random hero. Companions have combat roles just like MMORPG characters. Players recruit tanks, damage dealers, healers and support champions. Hero position determines his location and performed role when placed in that position. Players can spend hours customizing their teams as Xhunter has lots of available heroes. Players gain XP by completing daily quests. New players objective is to reach level 20 as soon as possible to unlock guilds. When players join a guild they get access to guild dungeons, special guild heroes, shop and tech. The last feature is a stats boosts system. The friends system is also unlocked at level 20. Friends help each other with vitality gifts. Players speed up the leveling process by using XP scrolls that are obtained when completing Hero's Trial. Raise Hero is an Xhunter hero improvement system. Heroes can practice, evolve, upgrade and advance.

Combat is turn based. Ultimate spells and abilities are cast using Fury, a combat resource that accumulates over time. Xhunter is a free no download MMORPG that supports auto battles. Speed Up combat option makes things go faster. Another Xhunter useful feature is the recycle system that allows players to obtain useful items from unwanted ones. Activities like quests, world bosses or the Sky Arena keep players busy. The Sky Arena is a dungeon with multiple floors where bosses of various difficulties can be found. The goal is to defeat them all on the highest difficulty. Nen Tower is unlocked at level 50. Players obtain Nen pills and gear from bosses located in this dungeon. Xhunter premium features give players the chance to obtain more rewards and to progress faster in exchange for real money.

By Rachel Rosen

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