Wings of Destiny flies in the mounts

By Michael Jamias
wings of destiny mounts

Attribute-boosting mounts are coming to Wings of Destiny, and can be improved further through cash shop enhancements.

The fantasy free no download mmorpg now has nine available mounts, including the Cavalry Steed, Jungle Cub and Cerberus Pup. But compared to other mmorpg games, Wings of Destiny allows each mount to passively contribute their attribute bonuses to stack – the more you collect, the more combat boosts for your character.

“It doesn’t matter if you ride your mount or not; any mount in your stable adds its attribute bonuses to your character. The only attribute that will be affected by the mount you choose to ride is your Movement Speed bonus. So ride the fastest mount you’ve got and depend on the rest to lend you their power,” said publisher IGG in a release.

Wings of Destiny Mounts can be enhanced with a Mount Catalyst and some cash shop Coins. At +2 and +5 levels, mounts evolve to a new appearance. For example, the Cavalry Steed upgrades to an armored Warhorse at +2 then to a blazing Flamehoof at +5.

It can be quite costly though to evolve each mount, requiring between 10 to 100 enhancements to level up a mount, so players should consider whether to focus on raising a single max level mount or amass an equally powerful rotation of lower level mounts.


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