Wings of Destiny expansion opens up war-torn Moonlight Island

By Michael Jamias
wings of destiny moonlight island expansion

Wings of Destiny players will join the battle for Moonlight Island and control for its secrets hidden underground.

“The King has sent out a call for the heroes of Galensya to set sail for the north and bring peace to the once-tranquil Moonlight Island,” said, which develops and publishes Wings of Destiny as well as other free mmorpg games through its website platform.

The unveiling of Moonlight Island is part of the third phase of the new expansion, Vestiges of the Empire, designed to bring in more content and customization. The Costume Fusing feature will allow players to raise the level and bonus attributes of their favorite costume pieces through combining two or more items.

“Not only will you maximize on your hottest look with this brand new feature, none of your old gear will ever go to waste again,” the developers said.

Wings of Destiny pets also receive a combat upgrade with the new Pet skills. Soon pets can be trained to make them not only cute adventuring companions, but also powerful allies in battle.

PvP also gets some due attention. The Elevation system “will turn up some serious heat” in arenas, which will allow Transcended heroes to enhance their equipment to higher levels than previously possible in the no download mmorpg.


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