Wings of Destiny News

wings of destiny moonlight island expansion
Wings of Destiny players will join the battle for Moonlight Island and control for its secrets hidden underground. “The King has sent out a call for the heroes of Galensya to set sail for the north and bring peace to the once-tranquil Moonlight Island,” said, which develops and publishes Wings of Destiny as well as other free mmorpg games through its website platform. The unveiling of Moonlight Island is part of the third phase of the n...
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Dec 31 2012
wings of destiny mounts
Attribute-boosting mounts are coming to Wings of Destiny, and can be improved further through cash shop enhancements. The fantasy free no download mmorpg now has nine available mounts, including the Cavalry Steed, Jungle Cub and Cerberus Pup. But compared to other mmorpg games, Wings of Destiny allows each mount to passively contribute their attribute bonuses to stack – the more you collect, the more combat boosts for your character. “It doesn’...
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Dec 06 2012