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  • Wewaii: building

    Wewaii: building
    Your hotel starts as nothing but an empty bit of property. You need to build up to a massive resort....
    Wewaii: building

    Wewaii: agent

    Wewaii: agent
    Work with travel agents to attact new guests....
    Wewaii: agent

    Wewaii: quest

    Wewaii: quest
    Complete quests for rewards as you learn the basics of Wewaii....
    Wewaii: quest

    Wewaii: animation

    Wewaii: animation
    Animation signs can perform various actions. This sign tries to attract visitors to different activities....
    Wewaii: animation

Wewaii is a browser games multi-award winning free to play hotel simulation that has received both browser game of the year 2009 and more recently again in 2011.

Players take on the role of a hotel manager. You get full control over every aspect of your island, with the general goal of trying to attract and please tourists. Constructing your very own holiday paradise has never been so easy, players get full choice of what buildings they construct and where to place them. They can also add various decorations and plants to increase the aesthetic value of their resort. Every building has various color schemes and styles, meaning you can have the exact same buildings as your friends, but with a totally different appearance.

Tourist come to your resort in a variety of ways, you can make reservations for certain tourists and bring them to your island, or you can travel to the airport and choose them yourself. Each tourist has a unique personality, with their own sets of likes and dislikes. As hotel manager it is your responsibility to make sure you choose tourists that your resort can entertain. This allows players to construct their island to meet a certain type of tourists needs, such as building large pools and party rooms to cater to a teenage crowd.

Your hotel rating grows as you please more tourists, the higher your hotel rating, the more options you have in terms of buildings and facilities. If you're able to keep your prices low and your facilities in repair, you're tourists will likely return again increasing your income and your hotel rating. Your friends can also visit your hotel, rate it and even send their own tourists over to visit.

In Wewaii, the more actions you perform, the quicker you level. Leveling up allows you to add some really great features to your hotel, such as beautifully crafted parks and attractions.

By Rachel Rosen

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