Wartune Unveils Knight Class

By Josh Wirtanen
Wartune Unveils Knight Class

Wartune, the strategy MMORPG from NGames, has just unveiled its newest class, the Knight.

The Knight is described by an official press release as having three major functions when it comes to battle. "First, they are loyal defenders, taking the brunt of enemy’s attacks to protect those more vulnerable. Driven by the sheer will of ‘fight or die’, it is their sole aim to shield both nation and faith."

Additionally, they posses much skill at handling a sword: "But so, too, are they formidable swordsmen, leading enemies to their doom with immeasurable power. Knights dominate the battlefield as the core of the team; as the single strongest force known throughout the land."

And lastly, "these valiant warriors are fearless vanguards, unleashing physically attacks that make even powerful enemies tremble. Knights wield great swords without effort; weapons that can be utilized for both attack and defense."

To summarize, the Knight's skill set includes "brute force, dependable protection and immense attacks." Does this combat powerhouse sound like like your cup of tea? It's settled then; you must roll a Knight.

Wartune is currently in version 1.66 and is free to play.


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